Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcoming in 2011

Wishing you all a very prosperous New year!

Happy 2011
Gaius & rosa xx

Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Starter Avatars, replace Ruth on Inworldz!

Ele had been wanting to do this, since forever, but couldnt quite manage it..... Then 2 days ago it came to her & she figured out how to code the Avatars in for new Residents so they no longer appear in that awful default Avatar known as Ruth :P

We had already done starter avatar packs when she 1st called for them, so when we were asked for skins, shapes & clothes etc... we already had some set up for her, but we changed the clothing on them at the last moment to something we had recently designed. Keeping both Female & Male avies the same....

So here are the New Residents of Inworldz.... Full Perms too ;)
The Teals as they have become known Inworldz ;)

We were delighted to have been approached & be able to help out with the New Avatars

Merry Xmas All....
Gaius & rosa ;)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Inworldz vs Secondlife...

We dont go in SL very often any more, mainly only to collect things from our huge inventories that we have forgotten, thats if its still there in our inventories of course, as SL are always losing things :P

However when we do go in ... I am finding it to be more & more frustrating & so glad we found IW which we can now call home ;) Firstly in SL now... I dont know wtf is going on, but whenever we log in, my collar is either on my shoulder or my ass... it is never on my neck/spine where I have always had it & where it is supposedly locked into place, just as it is in IW. I have actually given up re-attaching it now as it always ends up somewhere else :(

Another frustrating thing with attachments that i have discovered in SL is .... I am finding things attaching as huds when they should attach to my feet or pelvis or something, so then i have to bloody re-attach everything & in SL now with its lag, that can be a nightmare :(

New Residents in IW often complain about some of the known bugs we still have in Inworldz, but ya know... we are finding SL to be far more laggy & buggy then IW has ever been... As for Inventory loss, well if we lose it in IW its no big deal as it only cost us time to upload it, but if we have lost things in SL & I have lost loads of my own textures in SL from the clothing I have created..... textures that cost me a damn fortune to upload over the years, i might add.... I cant even begin to imagine that cost *rolls eyes

Yesterday I was adding up the cost of IW compared to SL, cost to us personnally for what we now own in IW..... I tell ya we almost died when we saw what the tiers in SL would be costing us for the amount of sims we now own in IW, & that was without the cost of purcahse & set up.... it would be an impossibility for us to achieve our dreams over there... I am so glad we are no longer lining SL's greedy pockets

All in all, when you look everything over & compare.... Inworldz comes out on top for us ;) Yes our community is still small in comparison, but hey we have something inworldz that we have never known in SL... we have a community that cares.... that along with Founders who listen & go out of their way to help in any way they can do... well what more could we need?

and on that note I leave you all with our Blessings for a Wonderful Christmas & new years.... we know ours is going to be a great one with all we have planned ;)

Big hugs to yas
Rosa ;)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Busy times

Havent posted here in a couple of weeks, we have just been so busy with things so today while he is away I am doing a catchup ;)

Been reading some blogs, Ele did an Inworldz History which we both found very interesting, sometimes we miss those early days when we were very few & our world was very peaceful... last xmas the founders created Christmas Island & the snow tranq did was awesome!

Christmas Island ~ Inworldz 2009

This is a time I suppose when most of us think back & reflect.... our thoughts are with those we have loved & lost... Christmas from long ago in our past that just seem to come right back to us as we pull out the tree & tinsel & those memories come flooding back, sometimes they make us smile, sometimes they make us cry & sometimes they make us laugh out loud, but without them where would we be?

Inworldz we have been so busy that i have hardly had time to get any xmas stock done, but its no big deal because in this world we can take it easy, there is no mad rush to sell, sell, sell... if ppl buy then thats great, if they dont, then thats ok too, we cant all produce what the average Avatar would like to wear ;)

Most of our time these days is taken up with our rental business, we enjoy creating new enviroments where ppl may want to live or conduct their business... sometimes we get it right, sometimes we dont, but we get to do what we want to do & we enjoy doing it.

We mostly have a laid back attitude to most things & try not to worry too much overall... I think we compliment each other in being that way.

Thats all from me this time
See you Inworldz
Rosa ;)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Being Thankful....

Well I am a Brit, so we dont have a Thanks giving day, but after reading Ele's Blog I decided to name some things I am Thankful for.

My Family.... I count my Blessings each & every day for my 4 kids, all grown up now & were a Nightmare to raise, although I dont so much remember the nightmare days, I seem to gloss over those as I recall them being young. Then there are their kids to be thankful for, 9 grandkids & probably more to come ... eeekkk. Without my Family I really do not know where I would be today.

Now I also have my puppy whom I include as part of my Family, even though the kids dislike him a lot lol... Pongo is 7 months old, he has destroyed every pair of shoes I own, destroyed my bedding, is more trouble than he is actually worth, but I love him to death & at the end of the day He is always there to Love me unconditionally, so long as i keep on feeding him haha

I am grateful for Inworldz without this grid, I may never have come to know the True Happiness that is He... I may never have come to believe oncemore that there are more good People in this world than there are bad... The Community we see here in Inworldz has strengthened that Belief.

I am grateful for my Online friends whom I have never actually met face to face, but whose spirits have touched me many times over. Not everyone hides their True self online.

Last but certainly never least.... is my Partner. I am thankful for having His Love, His guidance, His protection, His friendship... we may not have met face to face as yet, that is in our future plans... but He has touched my Soul in a way no other has He lights up my Life & fills my days & nights with all that is He. He is the reason I wake up smiling & looking forward to my days in our world, together, as we should be.

and on that note I leave you with this same Question Ele posed...
Until I see you InWorldz... what are some of the things you're thankful for?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Beta Testers

This week we saw the Residents rally to the call for testers on the beta grid, this is where Tranq & co do all the testing for any code changes they have made before uploading them onto the main grid. This was a test for Networking & there was also a new beta viewer to test with it.

We downloaded the New Beta viewer & went into the beta grid but couldnt remain because He couldnt remain inworldz, He kept crashing & I was presumably techno swiss cheese, even though I saw myself ok :P So we could only report our findings of the Viewer, which were not very good.

Lots are still testing it on the Main grid I believe & helping to iron out the bugs, which is all good. We or rather I, wont be testing the new Beta viewer on the Grid simply because it doesnt have an RLV option & I like to use RLV, as do lots of our Residents now, if our collar sales are anything to go by, perhaps it will be something they will think about in future, being that they like to support All Residents & not having RLV as an Option in the Official viewer is sort of locking out a good percentage of the Residents who might want to use it... IMHO

The testing has been good for Tranq to iron out a few things, I am not sure when this latest update will be released on the Main grid, yet, but you can view its progress here

Hopes the day is finding you all well
Well Wishes
Rosa ;)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

What I Enjoy InWorld – The Whiskey Challenge #2

Hmm do I have to keep this clean? haha

When we are Inworldz we both enjoy creating on our regions, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a Region come to life with what you have in your head.. we have a few regions now we can play around with, our latest project New Moon Rising ~ True Gor, we are just putting the final touches too

Although we are quite capable of building ourselves we do tend to buy buildings for our projects now, just because its easier for us to do it that way & also because we like to support our fellow Residents.. most of the builds on this project were by Falconvale

Our day Inworldz is made up something like this... we log in, dress, coz we always go to bed in our vw home before we log off ;) Then we usually do a quick round up of the region rentals, sort out new boxes for new tenents etc... then we may do some creating of our own, that would be me clothes creating & Him creating some new toys or something, then we have a break, usually for a nap lol

Coming back we always try to do something for ourselves to relax & unwind so that could be a shopping trip, thats when I get the banker moaning in my ear about Him withdrawing the dosh haha Or we may go exploring, there are lots of exciting places to explore Inworldz now, now & again we may make it to an event, its very rare because we are normally just too busy, but we do try ;) Or we may go & have one of our Adventures *winks

We just enjoy everything about this world, from the ppl we meet to the places we visit... its our Home & it is a beautiful Home ;)

Blessed be
Rosa ;)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Frighteningly thought provoking Movie

We found this on Jims Blog  and were totally blown away!

It really makes you think about Your Virtual Reality..

Can we Ever Truely know the person behind the screen?

That Avatar that we seem to tell our whole lives too ... who are they really? Do You know? A lot of ppl, like the Avatar in this movie, just see virtual worlds as a game that they play... it doesnt touch their real lives. They log on, chat with friends, perhaps be with their virtual partner/husband/wife.... and every word they say to each other is not real, its just a game they play to while away the hours of perhaps their boring real lives. They never even think of the other Avatars as being real ppl, with real emotions & real feelings. You hear so many stories these days of ppl being 'duped' by someone online.. and this Movie takes it that one step further by showing what could be a reality.
You will watch this open mouthed, we did ....

Rosa ;)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Whiskeys Blog Challenge

I have been looking at the blogs that have joined this challenge & I got to thinking well what can I add to that?

Since my 1st day in Inworldz I have been singing its praises, back then I was alone inworldz, just me & my store... working all hours & not really thinking too far ahead. I was also in SL then too, thats where most of my business was. Inworldz was peaceful, a place where I could go to chill out & just enjoy creating... we were few then, so it was rare you got an IM but lovely when you did lol. My 1st feeling of the community came just a few days in, although we were few, everyone was very helpful, nothing was too much trouble. As time has gone on our little world has grown, but that sense of community has grown with it... I have to put that down to Elenia, she wanted every Resident who came into Inworldz to be met by someone & welcomed into the community... that still goes on today with the Mentors Group. Although we are no longer Mentors ourselves, due to us having just too much to do Inworldz ourselves now, it doesnt stop of us from helping anyone that needs our help.

Inworldz is unlike any grid we have ever been in, I believe thats because most of us who have made that crossing from SL have done so because we needed something more...

For me personally now the best thing about Inworldz has to be my partner. He is the reason I look forward to living everyday... Inworldz is where we have built our Home & our Business; & where we will reside, come what may.... Inworldz is our future. We enjoy meeting every Resident who comes our way, exploring other Regions, seeing what other creators are doing & generally just being in a world of friendly people...

We wish you well
Rosa ;)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Treet TV Interview

Last night saw the Founders being Interviewed by treet tv

and Inworldz Residents turned up to support them & filled the place!
It was a really good Interview with Ele & Tranq being as transparent as they always are.... no hidden agendas which in & of itself is very refreshing & sort of what is making our World become so popular.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Content Creators of Inworldz!

I have been reading some of the 'Review' blogs that have popped up recently & all I seem to be reading is about the content of so called 'Big Names' who may or may not be bringing their content to inworldz.

We have always seen Inworldz as a place where anyone can create, if they wanted to, where ppl can learn things that perhaps they never could in other grids because no one was ever forthcoming with the information needed or it wasnt readily available, ppl had to go hunt it down.

I do believe the dreams of the founders were to build a grid were every Resident would be able to realise their dreams & not just a selected few that could afford it. There is so much talent in Inworldz from Residents who had perhaps never even tried to build in other grids because everything was so readily available at a price. Here, not everything is readily available so Residents have been learning new skills & I must say we have some wonderful New creators here. There are a number of creators who maybe didnt quite 'make the grade' in other grids, but their creations are wonderful. There are quite a few big names coming to inworldz now, not all are staying, because we still have bugs to sort out & for whatever reason they decide that its just not ready for them yet.. but thats fine, they will come back eventually. In the mean time we have creators in Inworldz that need our support... Merchants seem to be setting up on a daily basis, we have bought a lot of their products for our regions so I am going to start doing a review on what we have purchased, so everyone can see just how good the creators of Inworldz are.... These will not just be fashion reviews, these will be reviews on just about everything that can now be purchased in Inworldz.

Content Creators of Inworldz!  please take a look & follow if you can & lets start showing off our own Creators!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Divine Intuition @ Pisces!

If anyone remembers the old ICR at ning then you may remember the group we ran there called Divine Intuition! Basically its a group for anyone wishing to find themselves or to learn about Spirituality.

We are in the process of  setting up a calm & peaceful place at Pisces, for Divine Intuition, there is also an inworld group you can join. We hope it will become a place where Residents can go to Meditate & learn about psychic developement, using such tools as Tarot cards. Learning how to contact spirit, use candle magic, learn about the Elements & what the Universe & Positive thought can do to enhance your life & Your well being.

There is already a place for meditation, & a group joiner so you can collect the information from the books provided.

There is a fun tarot card reader too...

So come on over to Pisces, you will find Divine Intuition just behind the shops on the corner of the Region, we welcome all & invite anyone who wishes to perhaps share their stories with us

Blessed be!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Out & About in Inworldz!

WOW this world of ours is really growing!

We went shopping recently & there is just so much to choose from now & more & more shops going up almost daily! I do still feel its more of a Content creators world at the moment... ie, we seem to have more creators than actual none creative residents, but I am sure those numbers will become more evened out as time goes on, especially once we have physics. Saying that though, personaly, we have seen our Residential Rentals rise recently & we do have more themed Residential sims coming soon.. Were growing to meet the demand... were also seeing more Lifestyle Residents joining Inworldz, which pleases us, personaly, no end, being Lifestylers ourselves ;)
Expect to see more Adult Orientated Creations popping up as this community grows... keeping the mainland PG means nothing Adult should be seen publicly, so any New residents coming to our world would have to go seeking that which they may desire.... which is as it should be in our opinion.

Were seeing more & more Events popping up too, so there is a lot going on Inworldz now... parties, clubs, Live Music, hunts, Art... I think the timing of some of these still need to be spread out a bit, to include more timezones, but it is getting better.

Ele is about to open a Land exchange this will be Regions that have lapsed into arrears, its a good idea I think for anyone wishing to expand. Set up fees have already been paid on them so your saving 75$... actually take away the 25$ fee for renaming & moving & your still saving 50$

Its all Good in Inworldz ;)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Changes within Our World

We knew it would happen once the grid began to grow, we hoped & still hope, that the community Spirit we all felt when we 1st rezzed in can be sustained throughout our lives in there so it never becomes the unfriendly, greedy place that SL became. But already we see wars going on within our community... Residents being afraid to speak their mind on the forums for fear of being trolled, or worse still ... discovering their content being 'copied' & offered at rediculously low prices...They may not be direct copies, but they are being made to look similar, even named similar & then offered either freely or for next to nothing by creators who should know better.Why has this war taken place you might wonder? Because of pricing... most residents feel, ourselves included... that there is not a need for creators from SL to bring their content here & double the price tag, which is exactly what a lot of them have been doing. That is their right of course, it wasnt a You Must not do this it was more of a Why do you do this.. when there is no need. There are no real overheads in IW, uploading is completely free, tiers are a fraction of what they cost in SL. I know its harder to bring out content here... I know because I have been doing it since April 2009! I have my work arounds which I have passed along to new creators coming in, but that shouldnt make for a hefty price ticket.. should it? All of what has been said has been Advise only, yet one creator has taken this whole thing personaly & saw it as a direct attack upon themselves, which simply isnt true... but what they are now doing is completely underhanded in our opinion and will not only hurt them as creators in IW but will hurt IW itself because of the messege this creator is sending out in her SL profile.

We do want other creators & more residents to come & make IW their Home... we ourselves have invited many creators in, offered them shops & advise... I say again Advise on pricing, work arounds, etc etc But at the end of the day it is thier own customer base that will debate if they are too high in their pricing or not... if they feel its too high, they simply wont buy & sales will stop... so that is when any good & wise creator will take a good look at the world they are in & make the adjustments needed to please their customers within THAT world... not start a war amongst your competitors & troll them because of Advise they gave.

So to all VW creators out there we assure You that You are very welcome here in Inworldz The Founders are the best you will ever come across... the community is still growing & thriving in spite of what some trolls are trying to do... best thing to do with trolls is ignore them & eventually they will get the messege

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Grid Offline for Maintenance...

The grid will be offline today for around 6hrs while they do some Maintenance & an update... time to catch up on those things we have all neglected while being in our favorite Virtual World... Inworldz!

I am catching up on stuff I need to get done in paint like posters etc & updating our blog ;) What will you be doing?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Update: Servers Compromised

[quote="Elenia"]There are only a few more regions down at this point, 90% of the grid is up and operational, while Tranq and Legion finish off their parts they are working on. I've replaced the loginscreen to reflect that the grid is up and operational.

At this point, I see our support has been bombarded, heh, and will tackle that for a while here, then call it a night. SL transactions, will be processed in the morning, then I will tackle the last remaining regions that were on the fully compromised server and get them up and running again. During that time, I will start processing orders as well, as I know I'm over 48 hours behind on those, my sincere apologies everyone.

Hopefully, by tomorrow night, we'll be completely caught up in support, orders and regions. That's the goal anyways![/quote]

Well 5 out of 9 of our Regions were back online last night & all looking good ;) The community really rallied here to show support to each other & most especially to the founders.. I am sure a lot has been learnt from this, security has been made more secure so it all helps along the way. Inworldz has survived this latest attack & will come out a lot safer because of it... big round of applause to our Founders for acting so quickly!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Servers Compromised

[quote="Elenia"]Ok, so some information, or at least what we know at this point. InWorldz was targeted by a botnet which successfully compromised 1 server completely, and all the regions on it (I will list those out here). 5 other servers were accessed, but unsuccessful, as we got ahold of our provider and they shut down those servers and worked with us to block out the intruders.

No data was compromised for assets, inworld items, inventories or anything else, that is the good news. We have taken a backup already of those, in case something more happens, all passwords have been changed to the site, grid, our accounts and so on. We do highly recommend changing your passwords, as although we do not have any evidence they got to the database, and the passwords in there are encrypted, we'd rather our residents not take any chances.

We are evaluating the information and logs we have of what was done already, and will continue to do so, security precautions that are even tighter will be enforced tonight before we bring the grid back up.

That's as much as we know without boring you guys or compromising more information, and we'll give you a heads up when we're close to bringing the grid back up.[/quote]

Again Griefers have struck our lovely grid & tried to bring it to its knees... well I have a message for them.... It wont work! Instead of griefing IW why not just get on with improving your own god damn grid!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

What IW has done for me...

What IW has done for me...

Oh wow what it has done for me... us...

I came here alone, even though I already knew Him from OLG, we were dear friends for a long time...

Even had my own sim for a while ~ Cactus Flats

We would talk for hours here.. you couldnt do that in SL with all its 'noise' We were only a few then, but we kept close, had lots of meet ups with the founders as being few we could do that without crashing a sim lol. I remember the day we had 20 on IDI at once & thought wow this is good!

my 1st day here I made a palm tree & called it Ele, that tree is now planted at our office.. its a reminder of just how at Home I had felt on my 1st days here..

I have learnt so much from so many great ppl, such as mouser, & blad & Him of course ;)

Inworldz has given us back our dreams & right now we are living them out & very Happy to be here, we love the sense of a community here... we have some fantastic creators & even more fantastic residents ... Oh & of course we would have none of this had it not been for the dream that Ele, Legion & co 1st had, long ago on that soon (tm) grid.... they vowed to make it a better place & they have done exactly that!


:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!

We have been so busy with our own projects recently that I havent had much time to blog here... A lot has gone on over the last Month.... Our numbers are increasing... our community is growing... and thriving well. We now have a working MLP, thanks to Revision McCallan so we are also busy sorting that out to go with our furniture, that has been the only thing that has prevented us from selling our furniture up till now... We again had a griefer on the grid this week who did manage to do a lot of damage before the Founders discovered it.. so there was a hasty shut down to repair all that & now everything is back online again.

There is still a lot of work to be done to make this grid stable, but with the community spirit that is well present in most of our residents then I am sure the future of Inworldz is still looking very bright indeed!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Residents Alert!

We have already seen some conmen in our new world so its up to us the Residents to be aware..

 Don't give any money upfront unless they have an established business already in either Inworldz or SL that you can actually see & visit... Dont always believe what they tell you, conmen are very good at decieving ppl to get what they want... your money

We have already lost the New Resident gift of I'z due to greedy ppl taking advantage of it... I believe one registered over 700 accounts just to get the 50 I'z that were a free gift to every new resident.

So please be 'Conmen Aware' & if you do get taken in by one, just learn from it & move on... You can still find happiness in Inworldz Our community is thriving & growing daily

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Growing Pains!

This has been a week of growth & conflict as the population increases, so do the issues & conflicts that come with many people all coming together in one world. The difference in Inworldz is that we all came here for change... we dont want a clone of SecondLife... we want/need to learn from those mistakes & build a better world for everyone.

We believe in Inworldz we can have a better world, because the founders want a better world too.. they really do listen to their residents. We do have a real sense of a community spirit here... New Residents are met & welcomed into our World from the moment they 1st log in & if, for some reason, no one happens to be in our Welcome area then they have access to a list of Mentors who are online & can contact them directly.

The main conflict for the moment is arising from the welcome area being too close to the coffee shop were Residents like to hang out to relax & socialise. It can be hard for any Mentor working the Welcome area because there is so much chatter going on & although no one would wish to stop people hanging out at the coffee shop.. it is becoming a major headache for all. especially with the amount of new Residents we are getting on a daily basis.. we are almost at 6000 as I write this.

The welcome area has also seen an increase of Spammers who are spamming new residents as they log in.. this goes against the Tos for the welcome area. There is simply no need for this... IDI ~ Inworldz Desert Island aka the Welcome area... also has a Shop full of freebies that have been donated by Residents & Merchants to help our New residents get started in this world. each resident/ merchant can pop a notecard & landmark into those freebies.

The founders are busily working almost 24/7 to get this grid stable, we have some issues but knowing that if we report them, they are either dealt with & sorted or at least they are aknowledged & you get some sort of answer.. that in itself is a Major plus for this grid. The founders are active around the grid & in the forums & are easlily accessable..

So the growth goes on & Life is really beginning in this Lovely World that Inworldz brings to us...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Region Showcases

2 new region Showcases this week are Musica & Amethyst Isle

2 must see Regions!

Tinies Coming to Inworldz!!!

We met ELQ on the Inworldz sandbox yesterday & got a little surprise haha

He is working on Tiny Avatars, still has a way to go with it, but its a start!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Residents Group

Just made a new group in flickr for everyone to join in & get their snaps up for all to see just how great our New world is... hope you will all join & contribute

Thank you ;)

Residents Group

Friday, June 18, 2010

Busy times!!

The last 2 months have seen Inworldz growth bypass our expectations at this time. There is a lot of activity in our little world now & we have had our share of griefers too... sad ppl mainly who have nothing better to do with their time! The population is almost at 5000 it seems to be growing at the rapid rate of 1000 per week, users online has grown too I saw 80 the other day as i was logging in. I think there are 220 regions now so our world map is looking really good ;)

Of course we are still dogged by bugs from the bad OS coding but the team are working night & day to rewrite the grid code, making it its own. Inworldz is a growing & thriving world & business. Lots of creators are finding a new lease of life in Inworldz, a lot get engrossed with building though as it is such a dream to build in Inworldz.

Its nice to see it growing as it is, for our own faith in this grid to begin becoming a reality, We always knew it would succeed & now were seeing it happen. How could it not with founders who have such dedication & build this world for us the Residents.

So if you havent done so already... please come & take a look at Inworldz

You wont be sorry that you did ;)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mentors meeting June 5th 10

We gathered for the Mentors meeting over on IDI2, there were quite a few of us along with the founders Legion & Tranq although quite a few couldnt make it so i am posting the script for those to view at their leasure ;)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A growing & Thriving World!

Inworldz has grown tremendously over the past month, this is what we have waited & held on for, our world to grow. We always had faith in our founders & have all done our best to support them in any way we could do... now its beginning to pay off... smiles

In the beginnings mostly there would be only 1 or 2 of us online at once, sometimes no one at all, that would put off any new residents who ventured within , now when you go to log in there is a minimum of at least 16 online at once & that grows daily. A few weeks ago I did a double take when i noticed 49 online at once.. of course there are a lot more members now, we reached 2000 yesterday & were well on the way to 3000.

We have a lot of creators joining our world & that will all help us to grow even more. We know the future is looking bright, we have always felt that within Inworldz... never doubted or lost faith or had any cause for complaint against our Founders, they build this world for us.. the residents!

We know of all they have in mind for the features that will come once the grid is more stable... some mind blowing stuff is on its way & that is what W/we both work towards now, as well as creating for our residents we are looking towards the future & beyond

Its great to be a part of this world.. INWORLDZ!! Come join us, you wont be dissapointed, believe me ;)

Sept 4th 09 ~ Mentors

This week, along with other Residents of Inworldz, I took on the job of Mentor. Greeting & meeting new Residents coming into the Grid. We help them to get from Ruth to ruthless hehe. Give them information, like how to use SI etc & basically Welcome them to Inworldz! I have met some really lovely new people this week & we have had quite a few Register with us this week too. Inworldz is growing! Yayyyyy

As I have mainly been building around the Welcome island it has been quite easy for me to meet any new Residents coming in, as i am in the area & inworld for a lot of hours too.

I look forward to continuing on with this role in the coming weeks, giving as much time as I am able to, welcoming our New Residents.... its quite fulfilling.

Thank you Inworldz
Smiles & waves

August 23rd 09 ~ profile picks fixed

We all Love to have our picks on our profiles, we all use them for different things, I use mine to advertise my stores & also to let ppl know what I am thinking hehe

Now we can create our Picks on our profiles in Inworldz..... its all coming together, no big hallabaloo about things, no broken promises, no downtime just pop in & whoosh more coding work has been done to make our virtual lives better....

Well done Inworldz!!
Smiles & waves

July 5th 09 ~ Inworldz has currency!

My 1st sale in Inworldz ..... I am Happy, hopefully it will be the very 1st of many more to come.

Heres to Inworldz!!! 

 July 28th 09 ~ We now have a working ATM on the Inworldz Welcome Island & 2 in SL.... yes you got it, we can transfer L's to I'z & Vice versa

So your money is not going to be stuck in one world you can easily transfer money between them. Ideal for everyone

You can find one of the ATM's at my Store in SL Inworldz ATM

Happy Gridding..... smiles & waves

July 24th 09 ~ Search Fixed for Classifieds

Ele has fixed the Classifieds, we now have working Classifieds in Inworldz

Oh and thats the worn tab we now have on our inventory too.... smiles

Notes on Profiles is also working, not that i have ever used that feature hehe

So many things actually do work in Inworldz, creating my Fashions is so much easier than it was on other grids I tried, I am so glad I found this one.... Jeesh I better get back to stocking up my Huge store haha

July 21st 09 ~ Inworldz new Viewer

The new Inworldz Viewer 1.0.08 has so many new functions it will make your head spin!

Best one of all is..... You can transfer your creations (objects only) from SL using the Meerkat viewer to Download your creations to your Hard drive.... then using the New Inworldz Viewer, you upload the file & Wooosh! your object is right there in front of you..... a 50 prim flexi skirt on a spiked belt took just 2 seconds to build itself right in front of me....

This is far better than SI coz it protects the creators copyright....
This place is a creators dream

July 14th 09 ~ Inworldz Website

I have said a lot about the Inworldz grid, being stable, having currency et etc... yeah i know I go on about it, but I can't help it, this World just amazes me & in so short a time & after the bad experience I had in OL, well its simply the Best IMHO & that needs to be said!

Anyway it isnt just the grid thats fab, the website may not look much at the moment, but inside on my account I can access....

Check Transactions - from here I can check all transactions on my account.... its simple right now, but is being worked on ;)
Account Settings - Here I change password, join the Beta grid
Inventory - This is Brand new this week... I can access my inventory, move things about etc... without even being on the flippin grid! How fantastic is that???
Region Support - this gives me info on my region & allows me to pay for tier with 3 choices... pay month by month, pay 3 monthly, pay by subscription & it all updates automatic
Buy Currency - well obviously I can buy currency of course hehe... as far as i am aware we can only do this via our accounts for now, but I am sure this will be available by hitting the buy button on the viewer at some point in the future ;)
Partners - Yes you can partner here too ;)
View Support Tickets - You can view any support tickets you have sent in, but none of us really need to send in support tickets much as we rarely have anything to report :P
Bug Reports - this takes you to the Mantris, this is where we report any little findings, on the grid, on the website, in beta w/e... again not much to report :P
Download Viewer - from here you download the viewer obviously :P

You can also get to the forum via the website & if you do happen to report anything in there it is dealt with ASAP.... not Ignored :P

Friday, May 14, 2010

May 2nd 2009 ~ IW Journal

Day 1...

This Morning I logged in after hitting that pay button. I
have not really been in much over this weekend, as i have been
sorting some things out in SL for my store etc.... First i go to
the Forum, find a few new ppl have joined up & some more Land
has been sold, so its all looking good ... smiles. Inworld I find i
am bald & can't wear the Hair I normally wear, so i leave a
posting of this in the Forum, knowing Ele will pick it up as soon
as she logs on, being on different time zones, I know I will
probably wait a couple of hours for that, but thats ok as i know
she will see it & reply to it as soon as she does see it.
Anyway I messed around for a bit then logged out to go & do
some other things.... just logged back into inworldz & Ele has
not only replied to my post, but she has fixed the darn bug that
prevented me from attaching my hair.... jeeessh that woman works
fast! So I have my normal Hair back on my head..... Big Smiles
Oooeerrr apparently it was Loki who fixed it... so Big TY to
Loki.... smiles

Day 2... I didnt have any problems inworld today
infact i found a bonus! Something I can do in Inworldz, that i have
never, even now, been able to do in SL. I have had a few orders
come in for clothing in Inworldz so I am busy working on those for
my Customers... its all good so far. I have completed my Store so
now I will fill it with the clothing I feel will be ok in Inworldz,
I don't really want to start having to make lots of prim clothing
until things with attachments are a bit more.... stable. I have not
come across any major problems as yet though, but then I have only
made sculpty shoes, they seem to be attaching ok, but there is
still that zero rotation problem which seems to be an Opensim bug,
error whatever. So I am going to keep to mainly system clothing for
now, with maybe shoes & maybe a flexi skirt here & there. I
have now moved on to building opposite my store, this will be a
garden feature, with Butterflies & fairies, waterfalls &
fountains... a place of beauty & peaceful meditation.....

Day 3.... I was Inworld at about 1.30am GMT last night when I got
bumped & couldn't log back in to my sim, so had to log back in
to the sim next to it, walker lane (its handy to know the names of
the sims around you hehe) So landing on walkers lane, I looked at
the map & saw that my sim was looking unhealthy sort of Sick ~

alt="" width="400" height="250">

But I could fly into the region, no problems, once there
though I soon would crash out, so I reported it in the forum, then
logged for the night.

First thing I do before going inworld is go
to the forum every morning because with me being on a different
timezone I know there will have been some activity during the
night... ie: Ele will have replied my post ~ I cannot tell you how
refreshing that is after the nightmare of no communication at all
in OLG, but Ele knows all about that herself, so i am sure there
will always be a provision for making certain Customers niggles or
worries are at least answered. Sure enough Ele had replied a few
moments after I had logged for night actually, to say that the grid
had received a restart, so all should be well now. It was, I
managed to log back onto my sim, no problems, but 'oh what was
this' I had a view! Before, cactus Flats had been surrounded on 2
sides by a sheer wall from the Mountain terrain on the 2 adjacent
sims, but Mang had been busy during the night 'Moving Mountains'
hehehe well actually he just flattened em, but he did it soooo
well..... smiles. So cactus Flats now has an all round view.... I
wonder though if maybe it was the removal of the Mountains that
made my sim look sick on the Map??? I wouldn't know not being
techie, but all is well again now I am busy making my caves &
waterfalls... My Peaceful Haven... Bliss!

Day 5.... I was mainly busy in SL yesterday modelling my new releases.... oh a designers work is never done hehehe In Inworldz I created a new crystal Cave & I am now making up flowers & things for my Gardening
area. Prim flowers, sculpted flowers, sculpted mushrooms, flexi
flowers & trees, waterfalls.... I love creating. Once i have
completed all this I will move on to my Furniture & Furnishings
Today has been eventful LOL This morning around 6.30 grid went
offline so i went in SL for a bit till it was back. Then when I got
back in, I made some lovely new prim flowers & a prim water
lilly 92 prims.. as I was trying to link the lilly it wouldnt work,
so i figured I must have crashed & relogged..... when I got
back I found this
alt="" width="320" height="240">
A watery space were my once beautiful sim sat... so I relogged
again... still no sim & I couldnt move, Inventory wouldnt
load.... panic sets in..... contacts support via Forum..... waits
for a bit.... logs back in there is my sim, checks the forum... Ele
replies... apparently there was an error somewhere so she moved a
few things about to fix it or something, had done a grid restart
& all would be fine now..... ROFL Theres been a new CPU
installed so there are bound to be a few hiccups... I have crashed
quite a bit today, but I still crash in SL anyway so no difference
really. Except in Inworldz I can build to my Hearts content without
worrying about the prims..... Big Smiles

Day 6.... SAVE SAVE SAVE I MUST REMEMBER TO SAVE!! BOO HOO I get so carried away with what i
am building that sometimes i forget to save as i go & then i
crash, come back & have to start all over again... gggrrsssss
Is my own fault though for not saving!!!!

April 26th 2009 ~ Purchased Sim

Well I have done it!

I have finally Hit that pay button & bought me a Mainland Region in Inworldz, so my Lovely new Building will have a Home after all.

As for LCO well, I did like their set up & I do still have my store in their Main building... I think, but after the Simone affair I think it sort of killed them off a bit, as not many ppl go there........... I only had 1 sale in almost a Month from that grid, yet in OLG where my Store is still in Newstead I am getting sales every week, not much good to me as I can't get out my money, last lot I gave to a friend, the lot i had before that another friend cashed for me.... My region there expires on May 8th & I wont be renewing it, so I doubt I will ever have access to my money!

So I own a sim again, an affordable sim in a world where ppl know what they are doing & if you do report a bug they welcome it so they can fix it & that is how customers should be treated! Whether we pay or not we are all entitled to some customer service, in OLG you have none even if you own Land. In SL now I am not a landowner anymore, I have to wait it out & can only ask certain questions, which kinder sucks but that is SL for you............. its all about the Money with them.

Inworldz has a different 'Feel' to it... I like being in there & I am going to love building on my sim ( flat gound so much easier to play with ) so watch this space coz i intend to journal my pioneering days in there..... :P

Smiles & waves

April 22nd 2009 ~ New Store in IW

Built with all of my Heart & Soul, a fine Mansion/Castle to House all of my Designs!

Really proud of the Grand Staircase & French Doors that open & close because in SL I always had a problem with stairs & Doors. It is 2 stories High with roof top access, I can easily remodel this for a Large Home. Now all I need is my own sim to place it on so I can start placing in my Designs..... That should be accomplished very soon in Inworldz


April 18th 2009 ~ Building in IW

I have taken to Building again... I have a new Dream now in Inworldz & I think this is where I might settle on to Build my Dream. I have already begun my Building... its on Flat land so I dont have to navigate in or around hills & mountains, so much easier to build upon. I am getting a feel for the place I am in Building on & I like the feeling I am getting, so this will be the Sim I will purchase ~ just need to put everything in place ready before I hit that Pay button & commit to the subscriptions.

I believe Inworlds Could work because it has a Team of ppl dedicated to making it work. Foundations are already set in place... yes its beta, and there are bound to be Hiccups along the way, but I feel this Team will listen & will fix problems & bugs as they appear.

I feel deeply for my newfound friends in OLG who have already sunk too much in to that grid to just pull out now, so they go on hoping each day that things will change... I just do not feel that they will do anytime soon, that is why I pulled out, I only wish I had not just made my last tier payment the day before I made that decision. I had doubts before I paid, then decided to give it 1 more Month......... I should always listen to my own inner voice because it never guides me wrongly.

Now back to my New Dream

The Beginnings...

My Grand Staircase... always wanted to try building these, I have never been able to get stairs right before.... now look...

Fit for a Queen hehehe

Taking Shape

days end.... smiles with satisfaction!

April 14th 2009 ~ Prim hair

After so many times of trying to make prim Hair I have finally achieved it!

It isnt fantastic & is only prim, no flexi yet, but its a beginning & now I know I can do it I can begin perfecting it as I do with my Designs. I made it in this Light Auburn, a Light greyish black & a Black

I made it Inworldz... it is easy to build there.. very quiet, no hassles, no problems, clean air hehe

I realy do enjoy being in there!

April 13th 2009 ~ the beginning

I think I have already mention how impressed I am with LCO & their support, well I am realy impressed with Inworldz! at the moment. From a content creators point of view they seem to have things under control in this Brand new World. I have tried some light scripts & they seem fine. Making up clothes seems a lot easier, than in other new worlds. I am just making up a Bag of my Freebies to drop at their Welcome centre, which is beginning to look very good.

So well done to all of you techies over there!

me in Inworldz!