Saturday, October 30, 2010

Divine Intuition @ Pisces!

If anyone remembers the old ICR at ning then you may remember the group we ran there called Divine Intuition! Basically its a group for anyone wishing to find themselves or to learn about Spirituality.

We are in the process of  setting up a calm & peaceful place at Pisces, for Divine Intuition, there is also an inworld group you can join. We hope it will become a place where Residents can go to Meditate & learn about psychic developement, using such tools as Tarot cards. Learning how to contact spirit, use candle magic, learn about the Elements & what the Universe & Positive thought can do to enhance your life & Your well being.

There is already a place for meditation, & a group joiner so you can collect the information from the books provided.

There is a fun tarot card reader too...

So come on over to Pisces, you will find Divine Intuition just behind the shops on the corner of the Region, we welcome all & invite anyone who wishes to perhaps share their stories with us

Blessed be!

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