Saturday, October 23, 2010

Out & About in Inworldz!

WOW this world of ours is really growing!

We went shopping recently & there is just so much to choose from now & more & more shops going up almost daily! I do still feel its more of a Content creators world at the moment... ie, we seem to have more creators than actual none creative residents, but I am sure those numbers will become more evened out as time goes on, especially once we have physics. Saying that though, personaly, we have seen our Residential Rentals rise recently & we do have more themed Residential sims coming soon.. Were growing to meet the demand... were also seeing more Lifestyle Residents joining Inworldz, which pleases us, personaly, no end, being Lifestylers ourselves ;)
Expect to see more Adult Orientated Creations popping up as this community grows... keeping the mainland PG means nothing Adult should be seen publicly, so any New residents coming to our world would have to go seeking that which they may desire.... which is as it should be in our opinion.

Were seeing more & more Events popping up too, so there is a lot going on Inworldz now... parties, clubs, Live Music, hunts, Art... I think the timing of some of these still need to be spread out a bit, to include more timezones, but it is getting better.

Ele is about to open a Land exchange this will be Regions that have lapsed into arrears, its a good idea I think for anyone wishing to expand. Set up fees have already been paid on them so your saving 75$... actually take away the 25$ fee for renaming & moving & your still saving 50$

Its all Good in Inworldz ;)


  1. Great job! Nicely and efficiently covered an update on several topics, and I agree with everything there.

    I think we're already *starting* to see more events in different TZs, but we sure do need more. Soror Nishi is having a DJ'd opening Sunday at 2pm, I have a rock event Sunday at 7pm, and I think as more and more people discover InWorldz, we'll see more and more of that. Even the content creators want to party now and then. :)

  2. Thanks Jim!

    I really need to remember to add links to these postings when doing them haha

    Have done now ;)