Monday, September 13, 2010

Changes within Our World

We knew it would happen once the grid began to grow, we hoped & still hope, that the community Spirit we all felt when we 1st rezzed in can be sustained throughout our lives in there so it never becomes the unfriendly, greedy place that SL became. But already we see wars going on within our community... Residents being afraid to speak their mind on the forums for fear of being trolled, or worse still ... discovering their content being 'copied' & offered at rediculously low prices...They may not be direct copies, but they are being made to look similar, even named similar & then offered either freely or for next to nothing by creators who should know better.Why has this war taken place you might wonder? Because of pricing... most residents feel, ourselves included... that there is not a need for creators from SL to bring their content here & double the price tag, which is exactly what a lot of them have been doing. That is their right of course, it wasnt a You Must not do this it was more of a Why do you do this.. when there is no need. There are no real overheads in IW, uploading is completely free, tiers are a fraction of what they cost in SL. I know its harder to bring out content here... I know because I have been doing it since April 2009! I have my work arounds which I have passed along to new creators coming in, but that shouldnt make for a hefty price ticket.. should it? All of what has been said has been Advise only, yet one creator has taken this whole thing personaly & saw it as a direct attack upon themselves, which simply isnt true... but what they are now doing is completely underhanded in our opinion and will not only hurt them as creators in IW but will hurt IW itself because of the messege this creator is sending out in her SL profile.

We do want other creators & more residents to come & make IW their Home... we ourselves have invited many creators in, offered them shops & advise... I say again Advise on pricing, work arounds, etc etc But at the end of the day it is thier own customer base that will debate if they are too high in their pricing or not... if they feel its too high, they simply wont buy & sales will stop... so that is when any good & wise creator will take a good look at the world they are in & make the adjustments needed to please their customers within THAT world... not start a war amongst your competitors & troll them because of Advise they gave.

So to all VW creators out there we assure You that You are very welcome here in Inworldz The Founders are the best you will ever come across... the community is still growing & thriving in spite of what some trolls are trying to do... best thing to do with trolls is ignore them & eventually they will get the messege

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Grid Offline for Maintenance...

The grid will be offline today for around 6hrs while they do some Maintenance & an update... time to catch up on those things we have all neglected while being in our favorite Virtual World... Inworldz!

I am catching up on stuff I need to get done in paint like posters etc & updating our blog ;) What will you be doing?