Sunday, November 28, 2010

Being Thankful....

Well I am a Brit, so we dont have a Thanks giving day, but after reading Ele's Blog I decided to name some things I am Thankful for.

My Family.... I count my Blessings each & every day for my 4 kids, all grown up now & were a Nightmare to raise, although I dont so much remember the nightmare days, I seem to gloss over those as I recall them being young. Then there are their kids to be thankful for, 9 grandkids & probably more to come ... eeekkk. Without my Family I really do not know where I would be today.

Now I also have my puppy whom I include as part of my Family, even though the kids dislike him a lot lol... Pongo is 7 months old, he has destroyed every pair of shoes I own, destroyed my bedding, is more trouble than he is actually worth, but I love him to death & at the end of the day He is always there to Love me unconditionally, so long as i keep on feeding him haha

I am grateful for Inworldz without this grid, I may never have come to know the True Happiness that is He... I may never have come to believe oncemore that there are more good People in this world than there are bad... The Community we see here in Inworldz has strengthened that Belief.

I am grateful for my Online friends whom I have never actually met face to face, but whose spirits have touched me many times over. Not everyone hides their True self online.

Last but certainly never least.... is my Partner. I am thankful for having His Love, His guidance, His protection, His friendship... we may not have met face to face as yet, that is in our future plans... but He has touched my Soul in a way no other has He lights up my Life & fills my days & nights with all that is He. He is the reason I wake up smiling & looking forward to my days in our world, together, as we should be.

and on that note I leave you with this same Question Ele posed...
Until I see you InWorldz... what are some of the things you're thankful for?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Beta Testers

This week we saw the Residents rally to the call for testers on the beta grid, this is where Tranq & co do all the testing for any code changes they have made before uploading them onto the main grid. This was a test for Networking & there was also a new beta viewer to test with it.

We downloaded the New Beta viewer & went into the beta grid but couldnt remain because He couldnt remain inworldz, He kept crashing & I was presumably techno swiss cheese, even though I saw myself ok :P So we could only report our findings of the Viewer, which were not very good.

Lots are still testing it on the Main grid I believe & helping to iron out the bugs, which is all good. We or rather I, wont be testing the new Beta viewer on the Grid simply because it doesnt have an RLV option & I like to use RLV, as do lots of our Residents now, if our collar sales are anything to go by, perhaps it will be something they will think about in future, being that they like to support All Residents & not having RLV as an Option in the Official viewer is sort of locking out a good percentage of the Residents who might want to use it... IMHO

The testing has been good for Tranq to iron out a few things, I am not sure when this latest update will be released on the Main grid, yet, but you can view its progress here

Hopes the day is finding you all well
Well Wishes
Rosa ;)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

What I Enjoy InWorld – The Whiskey Challenge #2

Hmm do I have to keep this clean? haha

When we are Inworldz we both enjoy creating on our regions, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a Region come to life with what you have in your head.. we have a few regions now we can play around with, our latest project New Moon Rising ~ True Gor, we are just putting the final touches too

Although we are quite capable of building ourselves we do tend to buy buildings for our projects now, just because its easier for us to do it that way & also because we like to support our fellow Residents.. most of the builds on this project were by Falconvale

Our day Inworldz is made up something like this... we log in, dress, coz we always go to bed in our vw home before we log off ;) Then we usually do a quick round up of the region rentals, sort out new boxes for new tenents etc... then we may do some creating of our own, that would be me clothes creating & Him creating some new toys or something, then we have a break, usually for a nap lol

Coming back we always try to do something for ourselves to relax & unwind so that could be a shopping trip, thats when I get the banker moaning in my ear about Him withdrawing the dosh haha Or we may go exploring, there are lots of exciting places to explore Inworldz now, now & again we may make it to an event, its very rare because we are normally just too busy, but we do try ;) Or we may go & have one of our Adventures *winks

We just enjoy everything about this world, from the ppl we meet to the places we visit... its our Home & it is a beautiful Home ;)

Blessed be
Rosa ;)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Frighteningly thought provoking Movie

We found this on Jims Blog  and were totally blown away!

It really makes you think about Your Virtual Reality..

Can we Ever Truely know the person behind the screen?

That Avatar that we seem to tell our whole lives too ... who are they really? Do You know? A lot of ppl, like the Avatar in this movie, just see virtual worlds as a game that they play... it doesnt touch their real lives. They log on, chat with friends, perhaps be with their virtual partner/husband/wife.... and every word they say to each other is not real, its just a game they play to while away the hours of perhaps their boring real lives. They never even think of the other Avatars as being real ppl, with real emotions & real feelings. You hear so many stories these days of ppl being 'duped' by someone online.. and this Movie takes it that one step further by showing what could be a reality.
You will watch this open mouthed, we did ....

Rosa ;)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Whiskeys Blog Challenge

I have been looking at the blogs that have joined this challenge & I got to thinking well what can I add to that?

Since my 1st day in Inworldz I have been singing its praises, back then I was alone inworldz, just me & my store... working all hours & not really thinking too far ahead. I was also in SL then too, thats where most of my business was. Inworldz was peaceful, a place where I could go to chill out & just enjoy creating... we were few then, so it was rare you got an IM but lovely when you did lol. My 1st feeling of the community came just a few days in, although we were few, everyone was very helpful, nothing was too much trouble. As time has gone on our little world has grown, but that sense of community has grown with it... I have to put that down to Elenia, she wanted every Resident who came into Inworldz to be met by someone & welcomed into the community... that still goes on today with the Mentors Group. Although we are no longer Mentors ourselves, due to us having just too much to do Inworldz ourselves now, it doesnt stop of us from helping anyone that needs our help.

Inworldz is unlike any grid we have ever been in, I believe thats because most of us who have made that crossing from SL have done so because we needed something more...

For me personally now the best thing about Inworldz has to be my partner. He is the reason I look forward to living everyday... Inworldz is where we have built our Home & our Business; & where we will reside, come what may.... Inworldz is our future. We enjoy meeting every Resident who comes our way, exploring other Regions, seeing what other creators are doing & generally just being in a world of friendly people...

We wish you well
Rosa ;)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Treet TV Interview

Last night saw the Founders being Interviewed by treet tv

and Inworldz Residents turned up to support them & filled the place!
It was a really good Interview with Ele & Tranq being as transparent as they always are.... no hidden agendas which in & of itself is very refreshing & sort of what is making our World become so popular.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Content Creators of Inworldz!

I have been reading some of the 'Review' blogs that have popped up recently & all I seem to be reading is about the content of so called 'Big Names' who may or may not be bringing their content to inworldz.

We have always seen Inworldz as a place where anyone can create, if they wanted to, where ppl can learn things that perhaps they never could in other grids because no one was ever forthcoming with the information needed or it wasnt readily available, ppl had to go hunt it down.

I do believe the dreams of the founders were to build a grid were every Resident would be able to realise their dreams & not just a selected few that could afford it. There is so much talent in Inworldz from Residents who had perhaps never even tried to build in other grids because everything was so readily available at a price. Here, not everything is readily available so Residents have been learning new skills & I must say we have some wonderful New creators here. There are a number of creators who maybe didnt quite 'make the grade' in other grids, but their creations are wonderful. There are quite a few big names coming to inworldz now, not all are staying, because we still have bugs to sort out & for whatever reason they decide that its just not ready for them yet.. but thats fine, they will come back eventually. In the mean time we have creators in Inworldz that need our support... Merchants seem to be setting up on a daily basis, we have bought a lot of their products for our regions so I am going to start doing a review on what we have purchased, so everyone can see just how good the creators of Inworldz are.... These will not just be fashion reviews, these will be reviews on just about everything that can now be purchased in Inworldz.

Content Creators of Inworldz!  please take a look & follow if you can & lets start showing off our own Creators!