Sunday, November 28, 2010

Being Thankful....

Well I am a Brit, so we dont have a Thanks giving day, but after reading Ele's Blog I decided to name some things I am Thankful for.

My Family.... I count my Blessings each & every day for my 4 kids, all grown up now & were a Nightmare to raise, although I dont so much remember the nightmare days, I seem to gloss over those as I recall them being young. Then there are their kids to be thankful for, 9 grandkids & probably more to come ... eeekkk. Without my Family I really do not know where I would be today.

Now I also have my puppy whom I include as part of my Family, even though the kids dislike him a lot lol... Pongo is 7 months old, he has destroyed every pair of shoes I own, destroyed my bedding, is more trouble than he is actually worth, but I love him to death & at the end of the day He is always there to Love me unconditionally, so long as i keep on feeding him haha

I am grateful for Inworldz without this grid, I may never have come to know the True Happiness that is He... I may never have come to believe oncemore that there are more good People in this world than there are bad... The Community we see here in Inworldz has strengthened that Belief.

I am grateful for my Online friends whom I have never actually met face to face, but whose spirits have touched me many times over. Not everyone hides their True self online.

Last but certainly never least.... is my Partner. I am thankful for having His Love, His guidance, His protection, His friendship... we may not have met face to face as yet, that is in our future plans... but He has touched my Soul in a way no other has He lights up my Life & fills my days & nights with all that is He. He is the reason I wake up smiling & looking forward to my days in our world, together, as we should be.

and on that note I leave you with this same Question Ele posed...
Until I see you InWorldz... what are some of the things you're thankful for?


  1. Thank you for writing this I believe I should too speak of the things I'm so thankful for. Since we share this blog together I'll post Mine right here.

    I too am thankful for the wonderful son I was blessed with now just over 3 and a half years ago now. Not to mention his cousin My niece that now lives here too who is just over 5 years. Together they can be the best pair or the worst depending on the day. Though they are 2 people that I'm pleased to have in My life.

    Like My girl above I'm thankful for her. We met over 3 years ago now and since then have grown together from being friends to being so much more. While she feels I'm worthy of being called her Master I feel she deserves all I do and more. I love her for all that she is and ever will be. Unconditionally. I'm thankful each and every day that she came into My life. I for one know the day we meet in real life will be one of the greatest days in our lives. Thank you for being you!

    I'm thankful for InWorldz and all the wonderfully nice and generous people within it. The Founders that do actually listen to all of us and our needs as well as our wants. I'm thankful that even with the times we have that may seem to bring us down. We all rally around each other and allow the community spirit to always shine through. Thank you to each and every one of you!

    As rosa stated before Me I'll leave with the same Question Ele posed... Until I see you InWorldz... what are some of the things you're thankful for?

  2. Great Post! I will do a short one too =)

  3. My answer: