Thursday, November 18, 2010

What I Enjoy InWorld – The Whiskey Challenge #2

Hmm do I have to keep this clean? haha

When we are Inworldz we both enjoy creating on our regions, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a Region come to life with what you have in your head.. we have a few regions now we can play around with, our latest project New Moon Rising ~ True Gor, we are just putting the final touches too

Although we are quite capable of building ourselves we do tend to buy buildings for our projects now, just because its easier for us to do it that way & also because we like to support our fellow Residents.. most of the builds on this project were by Falconvale

Our day Inworldz is made up something like this... we log in, dress, coz we always go to bed in our vw home before we log off ;) Then we usually do a quick round up of the region rentals, sort out new boxes for new tenents etc... then we may do some creating of our own, that would be me clothes creating & Him creating some new toys or something, then we have a break, usually for a nap lol

Coming back we always try to do something for ourselves to relax & unwind so that could be a shopping trip, thats when I get the banker moaning in my ear about Him withdrawing the dosh haha Or we may go exploring, there are lots of exciting places to explore Inworldz now, now & again we may make it to an event, its very rare because we are normally just too busy, but we do try ;) Or we may go & have one of our Adventures *winks

We just enjoy everything about this world, from the ppl we meet to the places we visit... its our Home & it is a beautiful Home ;)

Blessed be
Rosa ;)

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  1. well Rosa, you kept it clean...good for us :-), but being SIM owner you have to work as well