Old Resident Meeting Transcripts

 Residents Meeting January 9th 2010

[15:57] Bladax Kharg: i saw 10 on when i logged jsut now
[15:58] Elenia Llewellyn: I have tried to overload the script engine for days
[15:58] Elenia Llewellyn: it doesn't
[15:58] Elenia Llewellyn: damn him for doing his job so well lmao
[15:58] Legion Hienrichs: Haha
[15:58] Bladax Kharg: u want it breoke i could help
[15:58] Rosa Dagostino: scripts off
[15:59] Legion Hienrichs: Hello Gaius and Rosa
[15:59] Elenia Llewellyn: yeah ever since some idiot decided to flat iron our terrain over the build
[15:59] Elenia Llewellyn: I turned off scripts
[15:59] Rosa Dagostino: ele i got no sexy walk what you doin to me
[15:59] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haah
[15:59] Bladax Kharg: hi u2 great 2 cu
[15:59] Elenia Llewellyn: I think it's safe while we're all here though heheeh
[15:59] Legion Hienrichs: Hello Cosmo
[15:59] Elenia Llewellyn: Hiyas Cosmo
[15:59] Rosa Dagostino: hi Blad hows you
[15:59] Bladax Kharg: great
[16:00] Cosmo Darken: hello everyone *smiles*
[16:00] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Greetings
[16:00] Lecktor Hannibal: I would like to just take a quick moment to say
[16:00] Lecktor Hannibal: ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!
[16:00] Lecktor Hannibal: ok done
[16:00] Legion Hienrichs: Haha
[16:00] Cosmo Darken: lol
[16:00] Lecktor Hannibal: hi everybody
[16:00] Rosa Dagostino: hi cosmo
[16:00] Elenia Llewellyn: ok I'm working on the tp's right now
[16:00] Elenia Llewellyn: uno mo
[16:00] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Good to see you Leck
[16:00] Lecktor Hannibal: same here thanks
[16:00] Cosmo Darken: too funny Lecktor
[16:00] Elenia Llewellyn: and hiya Rosa and Giaus
[16:00] Elenia Llewellyn: scripts should work btw
[16:00] Rosa Dagostino: hey leck
[16:00] Elenia Llewellyn: detach/reattach
[16:01] Rosa Dagostino: hiyas
[16:01] Legion Hienrichs: Hey Jim
[16:01] Lecktor Hannibal: hey there Rosa <3
[16:01] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Look Elenia must be getting old she's gone to wearing hats lol
[16:01] Jim Smart: hi All
[16:01] Elenia Llewellyn: It's a kick butt hat though
[16:01] Elenia Llewellyn: it suits me
[16:01] Lecktor Hannibal: indeed
[16:01] Elenia Llewellyn: old my arse =P
[16:01] Bladax Kharg: hey hey jim cosmo'
[16:01] Legion Hienrichs: Hello Jo
[16:01] Lecktor Hannibal: I was admiring it
[16:01] Elenia Llewellyn: and hiya Jim :)
[16:01] Bladax Kharg: jo
[16:01] Rosa Dagostino: hi jim
[16:01] Legion Hienrichs: Hello Poppy..
[16:01] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: If you say so Elenia
[16:01] Rosa Dagostino: and jo
[16:01] Jo Smart: hi all
[16:01] Elenia Llewellyn: Pffft
[16:01] Elenia Llewellyn: what would you know =P
[16:01] Lecktor Hannibal: hehe
[16:01] Poppy Levenque: hi all
[16:02] Rosa Dagostino: hey poppy
[16:02] Lecktor Hannibal: hello Poppy
[16:02] Cosmo Darken: hi poppy
[16:02] Elenia Llewellyn: Hiyas Poppy! :)
[16:02] Jo Smart: hey Poppy
[16:02] Poppy Levenque: hi mom
[16:02] Cosmo Darken: thanks Jo
[16:02] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Depends on who's asking and the subject Elenia lmao
[16:02] Lecktor Hannibal: haha somebody knows my alter ego eh?
[16:02] Lecktor Hannibal: hehe
[16:02] Elenia Llewellyn: ROFL!
[16:03] Jo Smart: yw :)
[16:03] Elenia Llewellyn: How is everyone tonight? My apologies for the lateness of the meeting, but I try to bounce them around to get more people
[16:03] Legion Hienrichs: Ele is mom here.. :)
[16:03] Elenia Llewellyn: Is Tim on? someone should TP him
[16:03] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I'm well and just pleased to have be here :)
[16:03] Rosa Dagostino: I gave the times to mertal too
[16:03] Cosmo Darken: thanks for the invite Elenia, had forgotten it was today :)
[16:04] Rosa Dagostino: so did someone else but im not saying nothin :P
[16:04] Elenia Llewellyn: I sorta figured ;)
[16:04] Elenia Llewellyn: let me get Kip
[16:04] Cosmo Darken: grins
[16:04] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: ha
[16:04] Bladax Kharg: got kip and tim
[16:04] Elenia Llewellyn: oh nvm, he's here
[16:04] Poppy Levenque: i justdid :)
[16:04] Elenia Llewellyn: ok great
[16:04] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I didn't forget it was today just the time
[16:04] Elenia Llewellyn: thanks Blad
[16:04] Elenia Llewellyn: and Poppy
[16:04] Rosa Dagostino: hi kip nice to meet you at last
[16:04] Legion Hienrichs: Hey Kip
[16:05] Kip Restless: Thanks poppy
[16:05] Elenia Llewellyn: I would do intro's, but we'd be here too long
[16:05] Kip Restless: Hi rosa
[16:05] Kip Restless: hi guys
[16:05] Cosmo Darken: hey Kip
[16:05] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Greetings
[16:05] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Kip
[16:05] Elenia Llewellyn: Okies so let's get this party rolling, ruh roh there went Lek
[16:05] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[16:05] Lecktor Hannibal is Online
[16:05] Legion Hienrichs: wb Leck
[16:05] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: He's back :)
[16:05] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: -o)|(o-↘✰☻⌘*:::* WELCOME BACK *:::*⌘☻✰↙-o)|(o-
[16:05] Rosa Dagostino: -o)|(o-↘✰☻⌘*:::* WELCOME BACK *:::*⌘☻✰↙-o)|(o-
[16:05] Lecktor Hannibal: thanks, that was splendid hehe
[16:06] Jo Smart: hi Tim
[16:06] Tim Christian: hello jo
[16:06] Cosmo Darken: *smiles*
[16:06] Elenia Llewellyn: ➩-o)|(o-↘✰☻⌘*:::* WELCOME BACK *:::*⌘☻✰↙-o)|(o-
[16:06] Elenia Llewellyn: Lek
[16:06] Elenia Llewellyn: mem is running really high
[16:06] Tim Christian: and everyone else
[16:06] Elenia Llewellyn: so we may have some people crash
[16:06] Elenia Llewellyn: but user services are holding really well
[16:06] Legion Hienrichs: Thought we were over that?
[16:06] Elenia Llewellyn: which is a good thing
[16:06] Elenia Llewellyn: no
[16:06] Elenia Llewellyn: mem is mem
[16:06] Lecktor Hannibal: I had music on and went to look at a profile when it borked
[16:06] Jim Smart: Hi Tim
[16:06] Elenia Llewellyn: ooo someone has a bad profile!
[16:07] Lecktor Hannibal: heh
[16:07] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[16:07] Elenia Llewellyn: *bet she can find them*
[16:07] Lecktor Hannibal: actually it was yours
[16:07] Lecktor Hannibal: LOL
[16:07] Poppy Levenque is Online
[16:07] Elenia Llewellyn: mine?
[16:07] Lecktor Hannibal: yup
[16:07] Tim Christian: hey jim,
[16:07] Elenia Llewellyn: mine is good I keep mine clean
[16:07] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: :P
[16:07] Elenia Llewellyn: hrmmpf
[16:07] Lecktor Hannibal: hehe
[16:07] Elenia Llewellyn: ah well, okies meeting time!
[16:07] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Funny
[16:07] Kip Restless: bugger i bet its me
[16:07] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Notice how she just went right past that Leck lol
[16:07] Lecktor Hannibal: lol
[16:07] Lecktor Hannibal: yup
[16:07] Elenia Llewellyn: Okies so for those of you who have put up with what feels like a 1000 patches this last week
[16:07] Elenia Llewellyn: well of course I did, not stupid =P
[16:07] Elenia Llewellyn: you guys have patience, I mean it :)
[16:07] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Matter of opinion ;)
[16:08] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Though no you're not stupid
[16:08] Elenia Llewellyn: I hope you all have noticed a big difference in the scripts
[16:08] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Yes their off here lol
[16:08] Elenia Llewellyn: besides that
[16:08] Rosa Dagostino: haha
[16:08] Elenia Llewellyn: and no they aren't
[16:08] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: :P
[16:08] Elenia Llewellyn: if you look up top
[16:08] Elenia Llewellyn: they are on
[16:08] Rosa Dagostino: they are to me
[16:08] Elenia Llewellyn: and you're a mentor, they work for mentors
[16:08] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Not on My viewer
[16:08] Legion Hienrichs: So.. everyone turn on their ao's and radar.. :P
[16:08] Legion Hienrichs: Hehe
[16:09] Cosmo Darken: did you say mentor? or mental?
[16:09] Rosa Dagostino: no still off
[16:09] Elenia Llewellyn: well I'm mental, I freely admit it
[16:09] Bladax Kharg: boyhj
[16:09] Bladax Kharg: boyh
[16:09] Elenia Llewellyn: okies so script engine
[16:09] Jo Smart: off for me too
[16:09] Elenia Llewellyn: huge changes were made, and more are being made
[16:09] Rosa Dagostino: I bet we need to relog to see the changes
[16:09] Elenia Llewellyn: not exactly in a sense of LSL implementations yet, more in the way scripts work such as timers and sleeps
[16:10] Lecktor Hannibal is Online
[16:10] Legion Hienrichs: Ouch
[16:10] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Oh is sleep our friend now? lol
[16:10] Elenia Llewellyn: which if any of you have spent alot of time in os grids, know those are a huge issue
[16:10] Elenia Llewellyn: not quite yet, but close
[16:10] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[16:10] Cosmo Darken: ah....bummer
[16:10] Cosmo Darken: rl
[16:10] Elenia Llewellyn: Aww wokies Cosmo
[16:10] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I wish you well
[16:10] Cosmo Darken: not crashing, take notes *grins*
[16:11] Cosmo Darken is Offline
[16:11] Elenia Llewellyn: hehehe
[16:11] Kip Restless: bye cosmo
[16:11] Elenia Llewellyn: so timers in the beta grid are working superbly, lots was done on them again after our last patch
[16:11] Elenia Llewellyn: sleep is the only bugger in the mix an dTranq is working his way through that one
[16:12] Elenia Llewellyn: Our next patch is also going to include something a few of you are not going to be happy over
[16:12] Elenia Llewellyn: *coughs*Gaius*coughs*
[16:12] Legion Hienrichs: Hehe
[16:12] Elenia Llewellyn: Emerald viewer is going to officially be banned from our grid
[16:12] Lecktor Hannibal: /clap
[16:12] Rosa Dagostino: we dont use it
[16:12] Legion Hienrichs: I tried contacting them over a week ago
[16:12] Poppy Levenque: yay!
[16:12] Legion Hienrichs: and they never responded
[16:12] Elenia Llewellyn: Tranq is fairly sure he can fix the issues with Emerald, however, my other concern on it
[16:12] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Why does that not surprise Me Legion lol
[16:13] Elenia Llewellyn: is the lag it induces with it's 3 seconds region says
[16:13] Elenia Llewellyn: as it stands right now, the user service being crashed is not good already
[16:13] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: We don't use it here any longer since the last time lol
[16:13] Legion Hienrichs: Well.. you would think they would want to talk.. I offered them our beta grid, and sandboxes to test on
[16:13] Elenia Llewellyn: we are working on stability the last thing we need is a viewer to induce lag on regions
[16:13] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I agree with you both
[16:13] Elenia Llewellyn: NOW
[16:14] Elenia Llewellyn: if at some point in the future
[16:14] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: It is a shame their like that though most likely too busy with just having it work in SL
[16:14] Elenia Llewellyn: we fix our issues on our end with the Emerald viewer we may reconsider
[16:14] Elenia Llewellyn: but only if we don't get a LInux and MAC version available
[16:14] Bladax Kharg: any timeline for those viewers
[16:15] Legion Hienrichs: We need a dev
[16:15] Elenia Llewellyn: when I get a viewer dev yeah we can get a timeline :)
[16:15] Elenia Llewellyn: until then, nope
[16:15] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: It's not like it's necessary there are other viewers with RLV even hippo has it now
[16:15] Legion Hienrichs: Hehe
[16:15] Bladax Kharg: ok
[16:15] Legion Hienrichs: Meerkat works just fine
[16:15] Elenia Llewellyn: any questions so far?
[16:15] Legion Hienrichs: and has the prim backup, and most of the features in my viewer
[16:15] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Yes Meerkat has it as well
[16:16] Bladax Kharg: ok will tell newbies merrkat
[16:16] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: :)
[16:16] Kip Restless: he he
[16:16] Poppy Levenque: i believe meerkat uses the region say radar too :(
[16:16] Elenia Llewellyn: But it's not constant
[16:16] Legion Hienrichs: Yes
[16:16] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: That's what I was looking for something to use to test RLV functions
[16:16] Legion Hienrichs: but it doesn't crash
[16:16] Elenia Llewellyn: I think you have to activate it don't you?
[16:16] Elenia Llewellyn: adn did I mention I'm FREEZING right now?
[16:16] Poppy Levenque: i think it's an option in prefs
[16:16] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Yes it has to be activated in preferences
[16:16] Elenia Llewellyn: kk
[16:17] Elenia Llewellyn: okies so next... web site
[16:17] Elenia Llewellyn: there was quite a bit worked on this week
[16:17] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus likes the new site :)
[16:17] Lecktor Hannibal: yus looks great
[16:17] Elenia Llewellyn: I really sat down to figure out why the site wasn't updating renewals and all that
[16:17] Lecktor Hannibal: I went ooh ahhhhh!
[16:17] Elenia Llewellyn: realize, we completely rewrote teh site
[16:17] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[16:17] Elenia Llewellyn: from ground up
[16:17] Legion Hienrichs: Heh.. thanks
[16:17] Elenia Llewellyn: adn thanks Lek ;)
[16:17] Elenia Llewellyn: and Gaius :)
[16:17] Lecktor Hannibal: :)
[16:17] Elenia Llewellyn: so there are DEF bugs in there
[16:17] Elenia Llewellyn: and any that have been brought to my attention thus far I've tried squashing
[16:18] Elenia Llewellyn: so don't be afraid to say ELE!
[16:18] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I'm certain though it worked for Me to pay which was all I wanted at that time lol
[16:18] Elenia Llewellyn: heavens knows Legion does it enough
[16:18] Elenia Llewellyn: well it did yes Gaius, but it wasn't being automated for my end
[16:18] Legion Hienrichs: Heh.. that's my job
[16:18] Elenia Llewellyn: to update renewal dates from when you paid
[16:18] Elenia Llewellyn: that should be fixed now, I know it is under the Shopping Cart
[16:19] Elenia Llewellyn: so those of you who don't use the SC, please let me know if it fails
[16:19] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I didn't even pay attention I know I paid and unlike another place I know you won't cheat Me :)
[16:19] Elenia Llewellyn: LOL wow scarey!
[16:19] Lecktor Hannibal: :-p
[16:19] Elenia Llewellyn: the other thing
[16:19] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[16:19] Elenia Llewellyn: I'm working on the Events Calendar right now
[16:19] Elenia Llewellyn: You can't add, delete or edit them yet
[16:19] Elenia Llewellyn: but it is working on
[16:20] Elenia Llewellyn: I have a few test things in there and the Residents meeting posted
[16:20] Elenia Llewellyn: you can go take a look if you'd like
[16:20] Bladax Kharg: ok by
[16:20] Legion Hienrichs: Hehe
[16:20] Elenia Llewellyn: and give me feedback if there's anything in particular you want
[16:20] Elenia Llewellyn: the other thing Legion and I discussed
[16:20] Elenia Llewellyn: well 2 things
[16:20] Elenia Llewellyn: spamming the events board... it drove me crazy in SL
[16:21] Elenia Llewellyn: I don't want to see that here, so I'm kickign around a limitation on how many events one can post
[16:21] Bladax Kharg: and is a sale an event?
[16:21] Elenia Llewellyn: And the second part of that, is an I'z amount on Events taht are marketing directed
[16:21] Elenia Llewellyn: yes Blad
[16:21] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: It is if it's a limited time sale I believe
[16:22] Elenia Llewellyn: so you'd be able to post 5 or 10 events
[16:22] Elenia Llewellyn: I haven't decided on final number
[16:22] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: How many do we need per day?
[16:22] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: 10 seems like a lot
[16:22] Elenia Llewellyn: what I DO NOT want to see is posts of shopping ad's fore EVERY day of the week
[16:22] Elenia Llewellyn: no it's a straight limit Gaius
[16:22] Bladax Kharg: good
[16:22] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Shopping as aren't events lol
[16:22] Bladax Kharg: set guiidlines
[16:22] Elenia Llewellyn: but have you seen the SL events board under Shopping?
[16:23] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: If you want that make an classified
[16:23] Elenia Llewellyn: people don't
[16:23] Elenia Llewellyn: it's free advertising
[16:23] Elenia Llewellyn: so they spam the event boards with it
[16:23] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Then charge a fee for events
[16:23] Elenia Llewellyn: That's the other part
[16:23] Elenia Llewellyn: we are actually considering just that
[16:23] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I would that will help a few things
[16:23] Elenia Llewellyn: well limit of 10 entries per person
[16:24] Elenia Llewellyn: will help too
[16:24] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: One thing I truly don't want to see is uploads be charged for though anything else I'm fairly open to
[16:24] Elenia Llewellyn: you can do them al for one day
[16:24] Elenia Llewellyn: or one week
[16:24] Elenia Llewellyn: or one month
[16:24] Elenia Llewellyn: don't care
[16:24] Legion Hienrichs: Heya Nox and Mortus
[16:24] Noxluna Eclipse: hey
[16:24] Elenia Llewellyn: but you put in 10 entries, you won't have a free one til one of them wears off
[16:24] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Greetings
[16:24] Legion Hienrichs: Ok.. we bumped Mortus.. :)
[16:24] Elenia Llewellyn: Hiyas Nox and Mortus
[16:24] Noxluna Eclipse: heya
[16:24] Rosa Dagostino: hiyas
[16:24] Lecktor Hannibal: Hey you guys!
[16:24] Noxluna Eclipse: lektor!
[16:24] Lecktor Hannibal: great to see ya
[16:24] Legion Hienrichs: Heh
[16:24] Noxluna Eclipse: you as well
[16:24] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: So events are listed at a limit only until one ends?
[16:25] Elenia Llewellyn: everyone all good with that or have other thoughts?
[16:25] Mortus Eclipse: Hey Leckor.
[16:25] Elenia Llewellyn: well Gaius, if you put in 10 events let's say in a week
[16:25] Bladax Kharg: sounds good
[16:25] Lecktor Hannibal: those ideas sound wonderful to me
[16:25] Kip Restless: Hi Nox hi mortus
[16:25] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I still think 5 is plenty 10 seems like a lot
[16:25] Noxluna Eclipse: hi kip
[16:25] Elenia Llewellyn: when the first one passes, then you'll have 1 avialable again
[16:25] Elenia Llewellyn: or if you let them all go past
[16:25] Elenia Llewellyn: you'll get all 10 back to post again with
[16:25] Elenia Llewellyn: for charging we'd only do the commercial categories
[16:25] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Either that or make it 7 that gives at least 1 a day if they use them that way
[16:26] Elenia Llewellyn: you wanna have a party for your rez day, go for it you shouldn't have to pay for a single event that's not marketing
[16:26] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I agree
[16:26] Elenia Llewellyn: my point Gaius, I don't care what they use them for, or how fast they do
[16:26] Bladax Kharg: could we say different ones fo r10 not freebie day 10 times
[16:26] Elenia Llewellyn: they can't do any more til one is past
[16:26] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: How long is the timer good for?
[16:26] Lecktor Hannibal: ahh yes that sounds reasonable
[16:26] Jo Smart: your saying 10 for a month unless on wears out?
[16:26] Elenia Llewellyn: it's not a timer
[16:27] Elenia Llewellyn: let me be really clear here
[16:27] Elenia Llewellyn: you put in 10 events for ONE day
[16:27] Kip Restless: so once we used our limit it will be a case of having ilegal raves
[16:27] Elenia Llewellyn: it's timestamped
[16:27] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Isn't there a limit to them even in SL?
[16:27] Elenia Llewellyn: you can not enter a new one until the first timestamp is past
[16:27] Noxluna Eclipse: yes there is gaius
[16:27] Jo Smart: can have 5 every 24 hrs
[16:27] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: That's a lot lol
[16:27] Elenia Llewellyn: yes and it gets pretty abused
[16:28] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I like the idea much better. That's why I rarely visit the events log in SL lol
[16:28] Kip Restless: i think i would struglle to have 1 a week let alone 5 a day
[16:28] Lecktor Hannibal: hehe
[16:28] Lecktor Hannibal: true
[16:28] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I agree Kep
[16:28] Elenia Llewellyn: so would I, but those large stores
[16:28] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Kip even
[16:28] Elenia Llewellyn: use them up
[16:28] Legion Hienrichs: Never underestimate.. :)
[16:28] Elenia Llewellyn: yuppers
[16:28] Elenia Llewellyn: now
[16:28] Elenia Llewellyn: realize
[16:28] Noxluna Eclipse: or for instance, strip clubs open 24/7 in sl
[16:28] Lecktor Hannibal: certainly could be revisited later with growth though
[16:28] Elenia Llewellyn: you will have power to delete your own events
[16:28] Jo Smart: so if you put 10 events in for say Friday at 10 a.m. you will be able to 10 more in after 10am on saturday?
[16:28] Noxluna Eclipse: use them up
[16:28] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: We have a store in SL and don't use it
[16:29] Elenia Llewellyn: and edit them
[16:29] Elenia Llewellyn: Yes Jo
[16:29] Elenia Llewellyn: wel ont 10 no
[16:29] Elenia Llewellyn: depends on how you did the first 10
[16:29] Elenia Llewellyn: if you put them an hour apart
[16:29] Elenia Llewellyn: they will only free up every hour the next day
[16:29] Elenia Llewellyn: 1 at a time
[16:29] Legion Hienrichs: You will only be able to have 10 concurrent events listed at any given time
[16:29] Rosa Dagostino: only coz i cant now on vista for some reason
[16:29] Elenia Llewellyn: Yes there you go Legion
[16:30] Jo Smart: just know club owners post all 5 of theirs usually for 10 event
[16:30] Jo Smart: 1 event lol
[16:30] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Question Elenia
[16:30] Elenia Llewellyn: Yeah exactly
[16:30] Elenia Llewellyn: hmmm?
[16:30] Mortus Eclipse: That should be fin for most places, 10 events for a club will usually cover 20 hours.
[16:30] Kip Restless: true didnt think of that
[16:31] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: As there seems a way around that to a degree
[16:31] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: How do you stop a group of people from posting the same ad?
[16:31] Elenia Llewellyn: That I can't do
[16:31] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Just curious
[16:31] Kip Restless: the event police
[16:31] Poppy Levenque: lol
[16:31] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I know it's how that happens in one group I'm in
[16:31] Elenia Llewellyn: there's no way to really truly match it all they have to do is change a few characters
[16:31] Noxluna Eclipse: since i missed most of the convo>?
[16:31] Kip Restless: volunteers lol
[16:31] Legion Hienrichs: Well.. yes, as you were going to limit who could post, right?
[16:31] Noxluna Eclipse: is the ad limit per person or per club?
[16:31] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: They send out the same notice by 4 - 5 people
[16:32] Elenia Llewellyn: we were talking about script engine Nox
[16:32] Noxluna Eclipse: store etc/
[16:32] Elenia Llewellyn: per person Nox, although I could do it per region
[16:32] Noxluna Eclipse: because that is how it gets abused in sl
[16:32] Elenia Llewellyn: I like per person though for now
[16:32] Noxluna Eclipse: one club has the hosts for the event post thei event
[16:32] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Yes I'd do it Region or parcel anyway
[16:32] Elenia Llewellyn: Okies
[16:32] Elenia Llewellyn: I will give that some thought
[16:32] Noxluna Eclipse: smiles
[16:32] Elenia Llewellyn: see if I figure out a good fair way to balance
[16:33] Noxluna Eclipse: a place with 10 employees could get a lot of events posted
[16:33] Elenia Llewellyn: Yeah very true
[16:33] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Only due to more then one abusing it if you do per person Elenia if that's what you're avoiding
[16:33] Elenia Llewellyn: It is
[16:33] Kip Restless: there would need to be 10 people here at onece
[16:33] Elenia Llewellyn: Nothing wrong with posting your events
[16:33] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Parcel is the best
[16:33] Elenia Llewellyn: just don't want it abused
[16:33] Rosa Dagostino: problem per region is if your the landlord & rent it off
[16:33] Elenia Llewellyn: AHHH!
[16:33] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: That's why I said parcel
[16:33] Elenia Llewellyn: wait
[16:33] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Not Region
[16:33] Elenia Llewellyn: hold that thought!
[16:33] Mortus Eclipse: I would say to limit it you could prevent duplicate times per parcel.
[16:34] Bladax Kharg: we seem to be flexible here try it or change it use us a guinny pigs
[16:34] Elenia Llewellyn: Events will also allow parcel owners, estate managers, region owners
[16:34] Elenia Llewellyn: to all do events for their areas
[16:34] Elenia Llewellyn: it will check, as SL does for your parcels/ regions you have access to
[16:34] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: It should be down to the parcel for limits then for certain
[16:34] Rosa Dagostino: im saying nothing about estate managers :P
[16:34] Legion Hienrichs: Hehe
[16:35] Legion Hienrichs: Well.. since estate manager, group editing, and allowing someone to edit your prims work..
[16:35] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[16:35] Rosa Dagostino: coughs
[16:35] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Not
[16:35] Elenia Llewellyn: Yeah you all do know now that friends can edit your stuff right?
[16:35] Bladax Kharg: oh yes wortks great thank u
[16:35] Rosa Dagostino: not for us it doesnt
[16:35] Elenia Llewellyn: if you give them permissions
[16:35] Elenia Llewellyn: well Rosa, you two haven't been on since that patch
[16:35] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: We haven't tried today :)
[16:35] Elenia Llewellyn: exactly ;)
[16:35] Legion Hienrichs: Hello Elliott
[16:35] Elenia Llewellyn: Greetings Elliott :)
[16:35] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: We will give that a try Elenia thank you
[16:35] Mortus Eclipse: Hey Elliott.
[16:35] Rosa Dagostino: thats true will let you off though blame his damn weather not me :P
[16:36] Elliott Eldrich: Hello everyone.
[16:36] Elenia Llewellyn: (`'·.¸(`'·.¸ * ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)
[16:36] Elenia Llewellyn: « Welcome to Inworldz!!! »
[16:36] Elenia Llewellyn: (¸.·'´(¸.·'´ * `'·.¸)`'·.¸)
[16:36] Elenia Llewellyn: You are very :)
[16:36] Tim Christian: permissions dont work ,tryed it last night
[16:36] Bladax Kharg: give it a few minutes and when u first do it u might need to select the prim i found
[16:36] Elliott Eldrich: AAACCCCCKKK... I'm RUTHED
[16:36] Elenia Llewellyn: permissions?
[16:36] Rosa Dagostino: hi elliot
[16:36] Noxluna Eclipse: elliot!
[16:36] Elenia Llewellyn: LOL yes you are Elliott
[16:36] Noxluna Eclipse: sec lemme get me
[16:36] Jo Smart: ours work
[16:36] Elliott Eldrich: Ack ack ack ack ack ack ack
[16:36] Elenia Llewellyn: who can give Elliott a hand
[16:36] Noxluna Eclipse: i'm on it
[16:36] Elliott Eldrich: Something, anything... a furry, a tiny... a floating tray of jello....
[16:36] Elenia Llewellyn: we're having a residents meeting Elliott, so you cam in at right time :)
[16:36] Elliott Eldrich: Helllllppp
[16:36] Noxluna Eclipse: hold on ellito
[16:36] Elenia Llewellyn: and I'll brb while anyone helps him out
[16:37] noxluna nightfire: i'm just a transfer alt gaius
[16:37] Tim Christian: nita sets hers to let me edit her things ,,but the check mark keets removing itself from the permision box
[16:37] Jo Smart: have you tried in last two days?
[16:37] Tim Christian: last night
[16:37] Jo Smart: hmm ours works great
[16:38] Tim Christian: your special
[16:38] Tim Christian: haha
[16:38] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Edit that prim rosa
[16:38] Tim Christian: prolly just a bug or sumthin
[16:38] Rosa Dagostino: yayyyyyy
[16:38] Legion Hienrichs: Hehe
[16:38] Poppy Levenque: jim and jo spend all their time playing with each others "prims"
[16:38] Rosa Dagostino: can go mad moving all his stuff now :P
[16:38] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: It's still the same lo
[16:38] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Split it
[16:38] Jo Smart: right Poppy lol
[16:39] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: :)
[16:39] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Works
[16:39] Legion Hienrichs: Ok.. so we'll have to check Tim's region
[16:39] Rosa Dagostino: i will have fun hehehe
[16:39] Legion Hienrichs: It SHOULD work for anyone
[16:39] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Seems to :)
[16:39] Rosa Dagostino: that is brilliant!
[16:39] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: What about the map feature for friends that give it?
[16:39] Rosa Dagostino: was peeing me off
[16:40] Legion Hienrichs: As do all your tabs on your profiles.. except maybe the notes
[16:40] Elenia Llewellyn: yup
[16:40] Elenia Llewellyn: all tabs work
[16:40] Jo Smart: my friends works on map
[16:40] Elenia Llewellyn: but there is a nasty bug I have NOT squashed that Kip brought ot my attention
[16:40] Elenia Llewellyn: if you try to blank out the None default of text I put in there
[16:40] Elenia Llewellyn: your profile will cause you to crash after that
[16:40] Elenia Llewellyn: so please either put something in there or leave it as None
[16:40] Rosa Dagostino: map dont work
[16:41] Elenia Llewellyn: heck you can even put in a 1 or a . or something
[16:41] Elenia Llewellyn: mine does about half for friends on the map
[16:41] Rosa Dagostino: ,maybe after a relog it might
[16:41] Elenia Llewellyn: okies, so what's going on and what are we planning
[16:42] Elenia Llewellyn: we're at that point
[16:42] Elenia Llewellyn: we had a meeting the other night in which Assets was the subject
[16:42] Jo Smart: anyone working on couple dances?
[16:42] Elenia Llewellyn: Many of you know I have long bemoaned the way assets are stored in our system
[16:42] Poppy Levenque: sometimes you don't see friends online unless they logged on after you or they relog. but only some people
[16:42] Elenia Llewellyn: It's stupid, it's bloated, and kludgy
[16:42] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: My inventory is still "busy" lol
[16:43] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Its loaded and stil showing busy lol
[16:43] Noxluna Eclipse: mortus are you here?
[16:43] Rosa Dagostino: mines fine it always is
[16:43] Mortus Eclipse: Yeah.
[16:43] Legion Hienrichs: We have 15 people here..
[16:43] Elenia Llewellyn: yeah we do :)
[16:43] Elenia Llewellyn: and very few crashes ;)
[16:43] Elenia Llewellyn: other than Lek at first
[16:43] Tim Christian: i have a ? for anyone here,, anyone here selling sit balls that actually work without having it 5 foot off the object?
[16:43] Legion Hienrichs: shhh
[16:43] Bladax Kharg: i took pictures others do 2
[16:43] Elenia Llewellyn: things seem to have stabilized nicely
[16:44] Elenia Llewellyn: Can we wait on personal items til the meeting is done so I don't lose my train of thought :)
[16:44] Poppy Levenque: justneed adjusting tim
[16:44] Bladax Kharg: me mke me
[16:44] Elenia Llewellyn: Blad is now singing
[16:44] Elenia Llewellyn: oh there went Mort
[16:44] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[16:44] Legion Hienrichs: oops
[16:44] Elenia Llewellyn: I HAD to say something
[16:44] Legion Hienrichs: See.. You crashed Mortus
[16:44] Elenia Llewellyn beats head on keyboard
[16:44] Elenia Llewellyn: well he's rewriting that too
[16:44] Rosa Dagostino: never count those chickens ele
[16:45] Tim Christian: sry ele, didnt meen to interupt ya .
[16:45] Elenia Llewellyn: already said as much as he's sick of counting the connections
[16:45] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Don't do that too hard Elenia you might lose the little brains you have left lol
[16:45] Elenia Llewellyn: it's ok
[16:45] Elenia Llewellyn: I deal with OS almost daily
[16:45] Elenia Llewellyn: I have very few left
[16:45] Legion Hienrichs: wb Mortus.. and Ele is sorry
[16:45] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[16:45] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: -o)|(o-↘✰☻⌘*:::* WELCOME BACK *:::*⌘☻✰↙-o)|(o-
[16:45] Lecktor Hannibal: lol
[16:45] Elenia Llewellyn: I really am Mort, I cursed you :)
[16:45] Elenia Llewellyn: sorry
[16:45] Elenia Llewellyn: ok so Assets!
[16:45] Elenia Llewellyn: back on track!
[16:45] Elenia Llewellyn: We are going to completely relayout the assets system
[16:45] Elenia Llewellyn: and rework it correctly
[16:46] Elenia Llewellyn: this is going to be a HUGE project
[16:46] Lecktor Hannibal: nice
[16:46] Elenia Llewellyn: I will not lie to you guys
[16:46] Legion Hienrichs: and we won't be deleting your stuff if it's over a year old
[16:46] Elenia Llewellyn: and it's going to take alot of testing by you guys
[16:46] Elenia Llewellyn: because our goal in this
[16:46] Elenia Llewellyn: is not only rewrite it, but to preserve yoru assets and convert them over easily
[16:46] Rosa Dagostino: whoah most of us havent been here a year yet
[16:46] Elenia Llewellyn: well easy fo ryou, maybe not so easy for us
[16:46] Elenia Llewellyn: but converted nonetheless
[16:46] Legion Hienrichs: Hehe
[16:47] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[16:47] Elenia Llewellyn: we're seeing glitches in the assets system now
[16:47] Poppy Levenque: but our inventories will be safe?
[16:47] Elenia Llewellyn: teh freeing up of resources for the script engine is startign ot highlight real severe issues in the assets
[16:47] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I just said about Mine lol
[16:47] Elenia Llewellyn: yes Poppy that is 1 of 3 of our goals
[16:47] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: It's loaded and I till have the busy windows icon when it's open
[16:48] Elenia Llewellyn: We don't even have a layout of the best way to do this yet
[16:48] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: still even
[16:48] Elenia Llewellyn: we had a meeting on it the other day
[16:48] Elenia Llewellyn: so we need to lay it out adn look at our options
[16:48] Elenia Llewellyn: But it is now at the top of our list
[16:49] Elenia Llewellyn: We will work on minor things in meantime
[16:49] Legion Hienrichs: Hello Megz
[16:49] Elenia Llewellyn: hiya Megz
[16:49] Mortus Eclipse: Hello Megz.
[16:49] Elenia Llewellyn: so you guys get your shinies
[16:49] Lecktor Hannibal: Hiya Megz
[16:49] Elenia Llewellyn: but most of those are LSL implementations
[16:49] Megz Xevious: well good day this is as most persons as i have seen here so far hi everyone
[16:49] Elenia Llewellyn: minor tweaks
[16:49] Noxluna Eclipse: hi megz
[16:49] Megz Xevious: Lecktor hi
[16:49] Elenia Llewellyn: LOL yes it's a Residents meeting so feel free to join us
[16:49] Megz Xevious: Noxluna
[16:49] Tim Christian: hi megz
[16:49] Megz Xevious: oh good
[16:49] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Greetings
[16:50] Megz Xevious: sorry for the ruthish look only 4th login had two bad hard drives this week and just recoviering
[16:50] Elenia Llewellyn: we have scheduled LLInstantmessage to work correctly
[16:50] Elenia Llewellyn: it works if you're online, but not across servers
[16:50] Elenia Llewellyn: and it doesn't offline you as it should
[16:50] Megz Xevious: so i went and got a raptor drive a lot more price but maybe longer lasting
[16:50] Elenia Llewellyn: gratz :)
[16:51] Elenia Llewellyn: we will not look at physics for a while yet, I'm givin ga fair warning
[16:51] Megz Xevious: Elenia hi good to see you today thanks for the information earlier today when i was here you were idle away
[16:51] Elenia Llewellyn: it's a shiney that needs lots of love and it's going to be time consuming to do it and do it right
[16:51] Elenia Llewellyn: heheh sorry
[16:51] Elenia Llewellyn: yeah did you get my message back?
[16:51] Megz Xevious: i did yes
[16:51] Poppy Levenque is Online
[16:51] Elenia Llewellyn: Great
[16:51] Megz Xevious accepted your inventory offer.
[16:51] Megz Xevious: thanks for the gift Rosa
[16:52] Rosa Dagostino: yvw
[16:52] Megz Xevious: i have been roaming around many nice areas
[16:52] Elenia Llewellyn: Aighty any questions?
[16:52] Mortus Eclipse: Well Ele as much as I would love a Yacht to explore the InWolrds waterways, I would hate to do it at the expense of falling off the edge of the world becuase something else crashed the sim. ;)
[16:52] Legion Hienrichs: Hehe
[16:52] Megz Xevious: my son says he wants to goto the movie so hes rushing me out
[16:52] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[16:52] Elenia Llewellyn: LOL so very true
[16:53] Elenia Llewellyn: okies by Megz :)
[16:53] Noxluna Eclipse: aww by megz
[16:53] Megz Xevious: thanks for all the friends i hope i can be back more later
[16:53] Legion Hienrichs: bye Meg
[16:53] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I wish you well
[16:53] Noxluna Eclipse: nice meeting you
[16:53] Rosa Dagostino: Well wishes
[16:53] Legion Hienrichs: z
[16:53] Lecktor Hannibal: see you be well
[16:53] Elenia Llewellyn: yes that's another thing too Mortus
[16:53] Elenia Llewellyn: we're looking at teh script region crossign issue with the assets
[16:53] Bladax Kharg: need to wait longer for boaTS AND CARS TO MOVE MORTUS
[16:53] Elenia Llewellyn: they are all tied together
[16:54] Elenia Llewellyn: so we need to make sure we do this right
[16:54] Mortus Eclipse: I know.
[16:54] Noxluna Eclipse: yeah, that would be a preference
[16:54] Mortus Eclipse: Was my point.
[16:54] Noxluna Eclipse: (doing it right)
[16:54] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Do have a question totally unrelated to physics lol
[16:54] Elenia Llewellyn: go for it
[16:54] Elenia Llewellyn: (and completely on a tangent, we have looked at other physics engines btw)
[16:54] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Uploads? Just curious if they're going to remain free or not eventually
[16:55] Elenia Llewellyn: yes, we'd FAR rather charge for other things
[16:55] Elenia Llewellyn: not tp's or such
[16:55] Elenia Llewellyn: but events
[16:55] Elenia Llewellyn: classifieds
[16:55] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[16:55] Elenia Llewellyn: things like that
[16:55] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: If we charge for teleports that will be worse then uploads lol
[16:55] Elenia Llewellyn: yeah exactly
[16:55] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Too funny
[16:55] Elenia Llewellyn: but things that make sense to charge for
[16:55] Elenia Llewellyn: we dont' want to stifle creativity
[16:55] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I only ask as I use that as a selling point
[16:55] Rosa Dagostino: thats great news Ele
[16:55] Elenia Llewellyn: Ohhh one other thing!
[16:56] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I hate to tell someone they're free always will be and it change
[16:56] Mortus Eclipse: Hell I would support a nominal fee per Events post.
[16:56] Elenia Llewellyn: omgs completely slipped my mind
[16:56] Legion Hienrichs: If there comes a time when we do charge.. we will let everyone know a long time in advance we're going to make the change.
[16:56] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: As would I Mortus
[16:56] Elenia Llewellyn: Some of you know we have created an Inworldz Community Starter neighborhood
[16:56] Legion Hienrichs: But.. our plans don't call for it
[16:56] Elenia Llewellyn: thanks to Poppy and Blad they have REALLY built it up very nicely so thank you guys
[16:56] Bladax Kharg: been fun
[16:56] Elenia Llewellyn: our goal with this, as I think I need to let everyone know our plans on this
[16:56] Poppy Levenque: our pleasure :)
[16:57] Elenia Llewellyn: we realized something during the end of December
[16:57] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: That is an idea Elenia if you want to be a landlord as well as run the Grid lol
[16:57] Elenia Llewellyn: which is alot of people have been burned hard by the other VW's
[16:57] Elenia Llewellyn: bring people in here
[16:57] Elenia Llewellyn: has been difficult when they don't see immediately the differences between us and other VW's
[16:57] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I was serious even if laughing it's not a bad idea
[16:57] Elenia Llewellyn: alot of us know exactly what I mean by the burn
[16:58] Elenia Llewellyn: so what we came up with
[16:58] Noxluna Eclipse: yeah
[16:58] Elenia Llewellyn: was putting our reputation on th eline
[16:58] Elenia Llewellyn: to create this starter neighborhood
[16:58] Elenia Llewellyn: NOW unlike Land of Hand
[16:58] Elenia Llewellyn: people get their parcel
[16:58] Elenia Llewellyn: they get 938 prims on it
[16:58] Elenia Llewellyn: it's COMPLETELY residential only
[16:58] Elenia Llewellyn: they don't have to keep teh house on there
[16:58] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: :)
[16:58] Elenia Llewellyn: but they can
[16:58] Elenia Llewellyn: it's $10 a month for them to have that
[16:58] Elenia Llewellyn: they want more or bigger, go talk to our landlords
[16:58] Lecktor Hannibal: nice
[16:59] Legion Hienrichs: Right.
[16:59] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: That is a good idea
[16:59] Noxluna Eclipse: yes it is
[16:59] Legion Hienrichs: So.. you all who rent.. post your rentals in the forums
[16:59] Noxluna Eclipse: very smark marketing
[16:59] Noxluna Eclipse: smart
[16:59] Legion Hienrichs: or make sure to let us know you're there.
[16:59] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: How big is the actual parcel they're paying for?
[16:59] Lecktor Hannibal: very smart
[16:59] Bladax Kharg: and ask kip what he did he built then wanted more and bought a region
[16:59] Rosa Dagostino: sounds great will have to add that to our greeter note
[16:59] Elenia Llewellyn: 2048
[16:59] Bladax Kharg: gets there feet wet
[16:59] Lecktor Hannibal: :-)
[16:59] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: That's a good size
[16:59] Elenia Llewellyn: It is
[16:59] Elenia Llewellyn: and
[17:00] Elenia Llewellyn: it's NOT laggy
[17:00] Elenia Llewellyn: to all end
[17:00] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Most on the SL forum are begging for 1024 not 512 and we al knwo LL won't budge lol
[17:00] Elenia Llewellyn: Blad built a great pool on it
[17:00] Elenia Llewellyn: it's got nice landscaping but not too over the top
[17:00] Lecktor Hannibal: where is this neighborhood?
[17:00] Elenia Llewellyn: and you can do your own thing
[17:00] Lecktor Hannibal: very nice idea
[17:00] Elenia Llewellyn: here Lek got an LM on me
[17:00] Noxluna Eclipse: ruby shores
[17:00] Legion Hienrichs: Ruby Shores
[17:00] Bladax Kharg: blad and poppy built the pool
[17:00] Noxluna Eclipse: beat ya legion
[17:00] Elliott Eldrich: The only thing a 512 lot is good for is making you desperately desire a bigger lot. I'd say 2048 is about as small as anyone would want to have.
[17:00] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[17:00] Lecktor Hannibal: very cool
[17:00] Mortus Eclipse: Nox and I have a house there. It's nice.
[17:00] Legion Hienrichs: Yah.. I typed Sores and had to correct it..
[17:00] Elenia Llewellyn: and it let's people meet their neighborhood
 [17:01] Noxluna Eclipse: yes elliot its a good starter size
[17:01] Elenia Llewellyn: adn get friends right away
[17:01] Legion Hienrichs: I don't think people want to rent on Ruby Sores
[17:01] Elenia Llewellyn: LMAO
[17:01] Elenia Llewellyn: no
[17:01] Elenia Llewellyn: and most of the lots
[17:01] Elenia Llewellyn: are on water
[17:01] Elenia Llewellyn: but not all
[17:01] Elenia Llewellyn: while a couple are completely on water
[17:01] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: They are if they pay the 10 a month aren't they?
[17:01] Mortus Eclipse: Elliot should know, he builds homes in SL.
[17:01] Legion Hienrichs: We don't want to compete with the landlords. We want to draw people in, and then let them grow bigger
[17:01] Elenia Llewellyn: Yup
[17:01] Elenia Llewellyn: that's our ONLY goal
[17:01] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: It's not compitition as I see it
[17:02] Elenia Llewellyn: and the way we can do it is to bank on our reputation for support
[17:02] Legion Hienrichs: You are giving I'z too, with that, correct?
[17:02] Elenia Llewellyn: and so on
[17:02] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: It is a way to get them aclimated
[17:02] Elenia Llewellyn: Yes, 1000 a month
[17:02] Lecktor Hannibal: very nice
[17:02] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[17:02] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I want one!
[17:02] Elenia Llewellyn: ROFL
[17:02] Legion Hienrichs: Hehe
[17:02] Elliott Eldrich: People like space, they like prims, they like to have a zillion gizmos with a crapload of scripts in them, they like waterfront, and they like their pixel boom-boom.
[17:02] Lecktor Hannibal: hehe you'll have to beat me over there
[17:02] Lecktor Hannibal: hehe
[17:02] Elenia Llewellyn: Yes they do Elliott!
[17:02] Elenia Llewellyn: there's PLENTY of lots everyone!
[17:02] Elenia Llewellyn: rofl
[17:02] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Money is good :)
[17:02] Legion Hienrichs: So.. we bring them in.. then we pass them to the landowners who are renting when they are ready.
[17:02] Elenia Llewellyn: Yup
[17:02] Bladax Kharg: didnt know aboput cash
[17:03] Elenia Llewellyn: we won't do doubles
[17:03] Elenia Llewellyn: we won't let them get multiple parcels or anything
[17:03] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Why not 250 a week though instead just curious?
[17:03] Lecktor Hannibal: that was my next question
[17:03] Elliott Eldrich: And LORD do they like their scripted gizmos. Scripted houses, furniture, pets, gadgets, cars, decorations, you name it, they want it.
[17:03] Lecktor Hannibal: very good idea
[17:03] Elenia Llewellyn: cause I gotta dole out the money Gaius
[17:03] Rosa Dagostino: they get that size & no more you mean
[17:03] Elenia Llewellyn: I got enough going on to remember once a month :)
[17:03] Legion Hienrichs: Yes
[17:03] Elenia Llewellyn: Right Rosa
[17:03] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Understood
[17:03] Elenia Llewellyn: they want more
[17:03] Elenia Llewellyn: go talk to the landlords
[17:03] Lecktor Hannibal: excellent
[17:03] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Just seemed better it's why I asked
[17:03] Elenia Llewellyn: we happily give them LM's in fact
[17:03] Rosa Dagostino: its a great idea
[17:03] Noxluna Eclipse: or buy there own region
[17:04] Bladax Kharg: as kip did
[17:04] Kip Restless: yep i treid bribery it didnt work
[17:04] Elenia Llewellyn: So if you guys want to see it
[17:04] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: If that's what they get for 10.00 it's not bad though what happens when they leave this land for a Landlord?
[17:04] Tim Christian: so ele we can still post our parcels for rent in the forums?
[17:04] Elenia Llewellyn gave you InWorldz Community Starter, Ruby Shores (116, 125, 23).
[17:04] Elenia Llewellyn: Oh yes
[17:04] Tim Christian: cool
[17:04] Elliott Eldrich: By the way, is it just me, or does this current architecture on this platform have a built-in limit of about 80k avvies on at one time? It seems to be incapable of scaling much beyond that, regardless of what hardware you throw at it.
[17:04] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Not see I want a place to get the I'z!
[17:05] Elenia Llewellyn: Well probably cause the OS platform realy sucks in the codign Elliott :)
[17:05] Elliott Eldrich: Well, that goes without saying... but yet...
[17:05] Elenia Llewellyn: Ask my dev sometime wha the thinks of OS ;)
[17:05] Elenia Llewellyn: what he*
[17:05] Bladax Kharg: i dont know about giving l'z also ele
[17:05] Legion Hienrichs: Haha
[17:05] Elenia Llewellyn: and if you guys haven't seen HIS region
[17:05] Legion Hienrichs: just be ready for cursing
[17:05] Elenia Llewellyn: you should
[17:05] Elliott Eldrich: I really wonder about the fundamental concept of how it handles things.
[17:05] Elenia Llewellyn: it's beautiful, although sparse atm
[17:05] Elenia Llewellyn: stop by Tranquillity's pad
[17:05] Elenia Llewellyn: it's beautiful what he's done with it
[17:06] Elenia Llewellyn: There is no fundamental concept Elliott, it's why we stopped taking their releases 3 releases ago
[17:06] Legion Hienrichs: Just so you know.
[17:06] Elenia Llewellyn: which brings up another good point
[17:06] Elenia Llewellyn: if anyone asks, we are NOT releasing our source code
[17:06] Rosa Dagostino: we could do with a map here with tp's on it or something
[17:06] Elliott Eldrich: LOL! That explains a lot
[17:06] Legion Hienrichs: He was having script issues one night..
[17:06] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: My question was Elenia when they move on from the starter neighborhood do they still recieve the I'z payment monthly?
[17:06] Legion Hienrichs: He rebuilt the engine to be more stable that night.
[17:06] Elenia Llewellyn: Depends on if they keep paying the $10 a month
[17:06] Noxluna Eclipse: not if they are not paying the
[17:06] Elenia Llewellyn: which would be silly if they did
[17:06] Noxluna Eclipse: yep
[17:07] Elenia Llewellyn: cause that's a ripoff lol
[17:07] Elenia Llewellyn: so when they move on, that all ends
[17:07] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[17:07] Elenia Llewellyn: and you can bet more than likely if I know they've moved on
[17:07] Elenia Llewellyn: I cancel their monthly automatically
[17:07] Bladax Kharg: i question money at all except one time payment
[17:07] Kip Restless: yep
[17:07] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: That sort of sucks you need to make a primium membership then
[17:07] Elenia Llewellyn: it's not for you guys
[17:07] Elenia Llewellyn: it's GREAT for you guys
[17:07] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Great for Me yes
[17:07] Elenia Llewellyn: sure we get $10 a month
[17:07] Elenia Llewellyn: for that little parcel
[17:07] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Some like the idea
[17:07] Elenia Llewellyn: but eventually
[17:07] Elenia Llewellyn: they WILL move on
[17:08] Elenia Llewellyn: to landlords
[17:08] Elenia Llewellyn: or their own region
[17:08] Elenia Llewellyn: one way or another it trickles down
[17:08] Rosa Dagostino: its like a starter home
[17:08] Elenia Llewellyn: Yup
[17:08] Bladax Kharg: yes true it wopuld trickle
[17:08] Noxluna Eclipse: i went from a 512 in SL to ...over half a sim in a matter of months
[17:08] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: It's not free money just an idea that gets some wanting I'z and gets them to buy more
[17:08] Elenia Llewellyn: Yes it does
[17:08] Kip Restless: they are a good idea, it worked for me
[17:08] Elenia Llewellyn: See
[17:08] Tim Christian: i know when i was in sl we started with 4096sq,, got to small and went to sims lol
[17:08] Elenia Llewellyn: living proof lmao
[17:08] Elenia Llewellyn: again
[17:08] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[17:08] Elenia Llewellyn: it's the concept of "I want more"
[17:08] Legion Hienrichs: Well.. it also helps them to spend the I'z on things InWorld too
[17:08] Elenia Llewellyn: if people get treated right here
[17:09] Elenia Llewellyn: they suddenly see VW's are NOT horror stories they've heard
[17:09] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Years ago when I started in SL I right away learned the land business before LL changed it over night seemingly I had a Sim in short time then quit with that
[17:09] Elenia Llewellyn: we are truly banking on our support an din world time and getting things done and right
[17:09] Lecktor Hannibal: /applaud
[17:09] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: you do things great in My opinion
[17:10] Bladax Kharg: mine also applause
[17:10] Elenia Llewellyn: Thank you but it's not in everyone's opinion unless they spend time here
[17:10] Elenia Llewellyn: and see how all of us work together
[17:10] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Just thouht I'd offer the money idea since some already would be paying anyweay
[17:10] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: anyway even
[17:10] Elenia Llewellyn: hehehe
[17:10] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Anything is better then what LL offers it's paying members
[17:10] Noxluna Eclipse: unless one likes being shafted
[17:11] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Exactly
[17:11] Legion Hienrichs: RIght.. and we don't want to be SL
[17:11] Elliott Eldrich: Yeah. LL really kinda pooched the whole concept of "premium membership"
[17:11] Elenia Llewellyn: no we don't
[17:11] Elenia Llewellyn: and it's funny
[17:11] Elenia Llewellyn: I'm so mean
[17:11] Legion Hienrichs: We want SL to change because of what WE are doing..
[17:11] Lecktor Hannibal: well LL 's 10 bux gets you what? 512 and 117 prims and NO stipend any longer?
[17:11] Elenia Llewellyn: I took their idea and presented it to Legion
[17:11] Elenia Llewellyn: and said we can do it better
[17:11] Elenia Llewellyn: LOL
[17:11] Lecktor Hannibal: mmhmmmm
[17:11] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: They did Elliott and IW could make that better as well
[17:11] Legion Hienrichs: Or.. hell.. people can just come here.. where we're not woried about taking every cent they have
[17:11] Rosa Dagostino: they took the stipend away
[17:11] Lecktor Hannibal: long time ago
[17:11] Elenia Llewellyn: zomgs
[17:11] Mortus Eclipse: Stipend is still 300L a week.
[17:11] Elenia Llewellyn: all I used to get was 300L's outta it
[17:12] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Yes 300 now
[17:12] Poppy Levenque: you still get the stipend lecktor
[17:12] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: It's why I dont' bother
[17:12] Lecktor Hannibal: for a premium tho yes?
[17:12] Rosa Dagostino: yes i was getting that back in april
[17:12] Elenia Llewellyn: Ya
[17:12] Lecktor Hannibal: not the 9.95?
[17:12] Lecktor Hannibal: I haven't looked in years
[17:12] Kip Restless: its worked for me because it meant i came in more often , and foun that tuff ibuilt was still there, hadnt blown up, disapeared etc etc
[17:12] Elenia Llewellyn: No I was getting it on the 9.95
[17:12] Kip Restless: built confindence
[17:12] Rosa Dagostino: yes for 9.95 or 12$ for me being a brit
[17:12] Lecktor Hannibal: hmmm
[17:12] Lecktor Hannibal: ok still
[17:12] Lecktor Hannibal: LOL
[17:12] Legion Hienrichs: Oh no.. we don't like things blowing up
[17:12] Elenia Llewellyn: Good Kip, just don't ask Jo and Jim about their fountain *coughs*
[17:13] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[17:13] Noxluna Eclipse: yes, the stipend is still in effect
[17:13] Elenia Llewellyn: well it hasn't blown up
[17:13] Elenia Llewellyn: just has issues
[17:13] Elenia Llewellyn: which is why we're addressign assets now
[17:13] Lecktor Hannibal: used to be 500L
[17:13] Lecktor Hannibal: LOL
[17:13] Lecktor Hannibal: ahh well
[17:13] Poppy Levenque dig out the explode script
[17:13] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Other question Elenia
[17:13] Elenia Llewellyn: answer... 42!
[17:13] Lecktor Hannibal: 21
[17:13] Elenia Llewellyn: swallows!
[17:13] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Anything new on the modul idea?
[17:13] Lecktor Hannibal: doh
[17:13] Kip Restless: hi fellow brit
[17:14] Elenia Llewellyn: ahhhh
[17:14] Elenia Llewellyn: funny you should ask
[17:14] Rosa Dagostino: waves to kip
[17:14] Elenia Llewellyn: kinda funny story behind that too
[17:14] Elenia Llewellyn: but I'll skip the story
[17:14] Elenia Llewellyn: anyways
[17:14] Elenia Llewellyn: we are going to allow modules, but
[17:14] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: As I was looking to try and lure one of the game creators here though it all works on scripts as you know in SL
[17:14] Elenia Llewellyn: Tranq's idea is to create a binary overlay
[17:14] Elenia Llewellyn: they can plug in to to test their code
[17:14] Rosa Dagostino: whoosh
[17:14] Elenia Llewellyn: so we can keep our code proprietary
[17:15] Bladax Kharg: good
[17:15] Elenia Llewellyn: right now, Tranq has literally rewritten entire modules of code
[17:15] Elenia Llewellyn: and relicensed them
[17:15] Elenia Llewellyn: so they no longer fall under OS BSD domain
[17:15] Lecktor Hannibal: hah!
[17:15] Lecktor Hannibal: nice
[17:15] Elenia Llewellyn: :)
[17:15] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: What do they fall under then?
[17:15] Legion Hienrichs: Ours
[17:15] Bladax Kharg: getting it documented wonderful
[17:15] Elenia Llewellyn: Our own proprietary license
[17:15] Noxluna Eclipse: propietary
[17:15] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: How hard is it to use?
[17:15] Noxluna Eclipse: chat lag
[17:15] Elenia Llewellyn: wel lhe hasn't even GOTTEN to the binary overlay
[17:15] Elenia Llewellyn: it's something on his long list
[17:15] Elenia Llewellyn: but what will happen
[17:15] Legion Hienrichs: We're trying to lay things out
[17:15] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Of course just curious for future lol
[17:15] Jim Smart is Offline
[17:16] Elenia Llewellyn: is they can code it in C# as normal
[17:16] Elenia Llewellyn: then plug it into our overlay
[17:16] Elenia Llewellyn: to test
[17:16] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[17:16] Lecktor Hannibal: almost like
[17:16] Lecktor Hannibal: well
[17:16] Kip Restless: i think i can go get teat for this bit lol
[17:16] Lecktor Hannibal: what another vw promised
[17:16] Lecktor Hannibal: LOL
[17:16] Elenia Llewellyn: yup Kip
[17:16] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I'm no coder this is why I ask
[17:16] Elenia Llewellyn: LMAO yes
[17:16] Kip Restless: tea * lol
[17:16] Elenia Llewellyn: but Tranq actually knows how to do it ;)
[17:16] Lecktor Hannibal: hehheehhe
[17:16] Kip Restless: teat would be wrong
[17:16] Elenia Llewellyn: LOL Kip!
[17:16] Lecktor Hannibal: I'm crying here
[17:16] Lecktor Hannibal: laughing so hard
[17:16] Legion Hienrichs: Hehe
[17:16] Kip Restless: brb
[17:17] Elenia Llewellyn: The other thign he will most likely rewrite
[17:17] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I just want to be able to tell it what I want it to do and have it do it. That's not possible or will it be? lol
[17:17] Elenia Llewellyn: is the entire connection module
[17:17] Poppy Levenque: brb too
[17:17] Elenia Llewellyn: it will be Gaius
[17:17] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: :)
[17:17] Elenia Llewellyn: that is sooo def on our plate to do
[17:17] Elenia Llewellyn: it's a kick ass idea
[17:17] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Good that's why I ask questions
[17:17] Lecktor Hannibal: hehehhe
[17:17] Elenia Llewellyn: and would take SO many laggy scripts outta the game
[17:17] Elenia Llewellyn: like CCS
[17:17] Elenia Llewellyn: and so on
[17:17] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Yes
[17:17] Elenia Llewellyn: if they can plug into our binary
[17:17] Lecktor Hannibal: hahahhahaahahah
[17:17] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I'll be honest I was wanting to get the Bloodlines Creator here
[17:17] Elenia Llewellyn: uh oh Legion
[17:17] Jo Smart is Offline
[17:17] Elenia Llewellyn: I think Lek lost it
[17:17] Lecktor Hannibal: LMFAO
[17:17] Elliott Eldrich: Oh lord, as a landlord, I cannot TELL you how many horrible scripts I've seen in things people want to buy and place...
[17:18] Legion Hienrichs: Oh god.. Bloodlines..
[17:18] Legion Hienrichs: Heh
[17:18] Elenia Llewellyn: LOL Oh I can imagine Elliott, I deal with them alot
[17:18] Lecktor Hannibal: heh
[17:18] Elliott Eldrich: Simple sit scripts that chow .3ms BY THEMSELVES
[17:18] Lecktor Hannibal: this is awesome news
[17:18] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: We play it now in SL
[17:18] Legion Hienrichs: and.. Leck lost it long ago, Ele
[17:18] Elenia Llewellyn: True
[17:18] Lecktor Hannibal: indeed
[17:18] Elenia Llewellyn: good point
[17:18] Elenia Llewellyn: now one other point
[17:18] Elenia Llewellyn: before I forget
[17:18] Elenia Llewellyn: you notice we had 17 users online
[17:19] Elenia Llewellyn: something that is a thorn in my paw
[17:19] Elenia Llewellyn: is OS's stupid hardcoded db connections for users and inventory and assets and OMG all of it is hardcoded
[17:19] Elenia Llewellyn: most were set to a limit of 10
[17:19] Lecktor Hannibal: holy
[17:19] Elenia Llewellyn: I increased it 2 weeks to 20
[17:19] Elenia Llewellyn: now
[17:19] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: What the fuck?
[17:19] Lecktor Hannibal: a forum requires more than that
[17:19] Lecktor Hannibal: LOL
[17:19] Noxluna Eclipse: ok...question...if you allow bloodlines here
[17:19] Elenia Llewellyn: Tranq is going to rewrite it for flexible connections
[17:19] Mortus Eclipse: No offence Gaius, but there seems to be better Vamp RPs and RP systems out there.
[17:19] Elenia Llewellyn: so they will open and close as needed
[17:20] Noxluna Eclipse: i want people to be able to kill them if they are bitten by trickery
[17:20] Lecktor Hannibal: yus
[17:20] Elenia Llewellyn: so our only limits will be our hardware then
[17:20] Lecktor Hannibal: silver bullet
[17:20] Noxluna Eclipse: axe, hatchet i don't bloody care
[17:20] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I don't doubt it Mortus I just like that one eventhough I'll admit it's the first one we tried
[17:20] Noxluna Eclipse: as long as the little bastards
[17:20] Noxluna Eclipse: get it
[17:20] Lecktor Hannibal: shitake stake to the heart
[17:20] Elliott Eldrich: Meh, I think they eat silver bullets for lunch. I'd say kill them with drama.
[17:20] Noxluna Eclipse: i'm sorry did i say that outloud
[17:20] Mortus Eclipse: Was thinking more a modified MK211 round but that just me.
[17:20] Lecktor Hannibal: hahahahhaa
[17:20] Elenia Llewellyn: they love drama
[17:20] Elenia Llewellyn: I'd go with the non dying thing
[17:20] Tim Christian: blood lines here? ,,man it took me forever to get out of being a vamp in sl
[17:20] Elenia Llewellyn: it irritates them
[17:20] Rosa Dagostino: yes but if i read this correct nox, Ele plans for thjose things to only be played on the regions that have the plug in
[17:20] Elenia Llewellyn: nah Tim
[17:20] Elenia Llewellyn: it's not here
[17:20] Elenia Llewellyn: Yes
[17:21] Tim Christian: good
[17:21] Lecktor Hannibal: /nod
[17:21] Elenia Llewellyn: Vamp modules when written into modules
[17:21] Elenia Llewellyn: will ONLY be on regions paying to use that module
[17:21] Rosa Dagostino: so we wont have that issue grid wide
[17:21] Lecktor Hannibal: hawt
[17:21] Elenia Llewellyn: Yuppers
[17:21] Elliott Eldrich: Hey, good idea!
[17:21] Elenia Llewellyn: it may crop up before then
[17:21] Elenia Llewellyn: someone will ALWAYS try to push that limit
[17:21] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Question then as well again
[17:21] Noxluna Eclipse: still want the ability to kill them *mutters*
[17:21] Elenia Llewellyn: and we'll have to start policing it then
[17:21] Rosa Dagostino: we hate that ourselves & dont do it
[17:21] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Is it possible then to run more then one mod per Region?
[17:21] Mortus Eclipse: Good.
[17:21] Elenia Llewellyn: Yes
[17:21] Lecktor Hannibal: :)
[17:21] Elenia Llewellyn: as long as they don't conflict
[17:21] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Nice
[17:21] Elenia Llewellyn: but
[17:21] Elenia Llewellyn: mind you
[17:21] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[17:22] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: How will we know that until we do?
[17:22] Elenia Llewellyn: the region owner is going to pay extra for that
[17:22] Rosa Dagostino: theres that but
[17:22] Lecktor Hannibal: sawheet
[17:22] Elenia Llewellyn: as our support will have to make sure they are up and running
[17:22] Bladax Kharg: sorry gang going afk
[17:22] Elenia Llewellyn: kk Blad
[17:22] Lecktor Hannibal: what a business plan
[17:22] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Yes I don't care about buts just want to know
[17:22] Lecktor Hannibal: awesome
[17:22] Legion Hienrichs: Ok Blad
[17:22] Elenia Llewellyn: it's not you Gaius
[17:22] Lecktor Hannibal: see ya Blad
[17:22] Rosa Dagostino: that goes without saying ele
[17:22] Elenia Llewellyn: they will have to go through our approval systems first
[17:22] Noxluna Eclipse: bye blad
[17:22] Elenia Llewellyn: and we'll test to make sure of conflicts
[17:22] Elenia Llewellyn: if there are some
[17:22] Lecktor Hannibal: what a concept
[17:22] Lecktor Hannibal: hehe
[17:22] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I only ask due to knowing what I like lol
[17:22] Poppy Levenque: back
[17:22] Elenia Llewellyn: they will have ot fix them before releasing to the regions
[17:22] Legion Hienrichs: wb Poppy
[17:22] Noxluna Eclipse: wb
[17:22] Lecktor Hannibal: wb
[17:22] Rosa Dagostino: -o)|(o-↘✰☻⌘*:::* WELCOME BACK *:::*⌘☻✰↙-o)|(o-
[17:23] Elenia Llewellyn: we're not going to allow instability due to instability
[17:23] Elenia Llewellyn: and we would HOPE
[17:23] Poppy Levenque: ty
[17:23] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: -o)|(o-↘✰☻⌘*:::* WELCOME BACK *:::*⌘☻✰↙-o)|(o-
[17:23] Elenia Llewellyn: module makers would talk back and forth
[17:23] Elenia Llewellyn: so they don't have conflicts
[17:23] Mortus Eclipse: So, if bloodlines comes here in it's current form and it's vamps do spread out and cause trouble will they be banned?
[17:23] Legion Hienrichs: It would be in the best interests
[17:23] Noxluna Eclipse: and can we kill em first?
[17:23] Rosa Dagostino: rofl
[17:23] Legion Hienrichs: Haha
[17:23] Lecktor Hannibal: their system won't work here
[17:23] Elenia Llewellyn: not banned yet, no.... cause the region module plug ins are not enabled yet
[17:23] Lecktor Hannibal: and will have to be vetted
[17:23] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I would hope so Mortus though its set up where the person has to accept a bite now
[17:24] Elenia Llewellyn: I can't ban someone for doign something they do in Sl
[17:24] Tim Christian: im gonna set out a huge cross in middle of my sim lol
[17:24] Noxluna Eclipse whispers what about the killin part?
[17:24] Elenia Llewellyn: LOL Tim
[17:24] Lecktor Hannibal: LOL
[17:24] Elenia Llewellyn: kill em all you want Nox
[17:24] Elenia Llewellyn hands you a stake
[17:24] Legion Hienrichs: Haha.. that will keep them out Tim
[17:24] Elenia Llewellyn: have a blast
[17:24] Elliott Eldrich: You know, hardcoding RP scripts and building in various "sockets" for different RP systems to run on, into the basic sim server code, would go a LONG way towards a) running faster and better with less lag and b) making it possible to resolve code conflicts before they have a chance to get started.
[17:24] Rosa Dagostino: Nox is after blood
[17:24] Legion Hienrichs: Well.. the other point is, they need to respect what a Region owner wants
[17:24] Noxluna Eclipse: /makes a note to talk to tranq
[17:24] Elenia Llewellyn: Yup Elliott
[17:24] Elenia Llewellyn: we have that in thought too
[17:24] Elenia Llewellyn: one thing that OL promised and NEVER delivered on
[17:24] Elenia Llewellyn: that I LOVED
[17:24] Lecktor Hannibal: heheh
[17:24] Elenia Llewellyn: was variabled stats
[17:25] Lecktor Hannibal: I knew it
[17:25] Lecktor Hannibal: hehe
[17:25] Elenia Llewellyn: for RP's
[17:25] Elenia Llewellyn: LMAO I know
[17:25] Legion Hienrichs: OL promised a lot.. and never delivered
[17:25] Lecktor Hannibal: hehe
[17:25] Elenia Llewellyn: I"M SUCH a geek sometimes
[17:25] Noxluna Eclipse: only one thing they never delivered on?
[17:25] Elenia Llewellyn: ok one of MANY things
[17:25] Noxluna Eclipse: aye legion
[17:25] Lecktor Hannibal: me too and we talked about it way back
[17:25] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[17:25] Lecktor Hannibal: nice
[17:25] Elenia Llewellyn: well when we get some of these major issues resolved
[17:25] Elenia Llewellyn: these are things we're looking to put in place
[17:25] Legion Hienrichs: I would love a true D&D type roleplay
[17:25] Elenia Llewellyn: but gotta get to SL standard first
[17:25] Legion Hienrichs: go on quests
[17:25] Elenia Llewellyn: once we do that
[17:25] Legion Hienrichs: find weapons.. and gold
[17:25] Elenia Llewellyn: THEN we can start playing
[17:25] Elliott Eldrich: I mean, how many different variables are actually used for RP? So you build in all of those, and then leave about 20 or so "plain vanilla" variables all ready to use for anything someone might come up with, and you're good to go.
[17:25] Elenia Llewellyn: and adding in things
[17:26] Elenia Llewellyn: Yup Elliott, I know
[17:26] Elenia Llewellyn: they all are crossed basically
[17:26] Elenia Llewellyn: have you ever played with the NWN toolset Elliott?
[17:26] Kip Restless: back
[17:26] Legion Hienrichs: We are going to need a viewer dev
[17:26] Elliott Eldrich: No, I've not
[17:26] Elenia Llewellyn: how you can set up new variables and spec what they do
[17:26] Noxluna Eclipse: wb
[17:26] Legion Hienrichs: Hehe
[17:26] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: -o)|(o-↘✰☻⌘*:::* WELCOME BACK *:::*⌘☻✰↙-o)|(o-
[17:26] Elenia Llewellyn: it's GREAT
[17:26] Elenia Llewellyn: you give them options
[17:26] Elenia Llewellyn: for mana/energy
[17:26] Elliott Eldrich: I'm an old-time CAD guy, my script-fu is weak
[17:26] Elenia Llewellyn: and then what it does in reasonable format
[17:26] Elenia Llewellyn: CAD/CAM here ;)
[17:26] Legion Hienrichs: Definitely need to find someone that can write C++
[17:27] Elenia Llewellyn: oh stop before I dig out my rolling pin Legion
[17:27] Elenia Llewellyn: remember I made one just fo ryou
[17:27] Noxluna Eclipse: lol
[17:27] Legion Hienrichs: Hey!
[17:27] Legion Hienrichs: I'm just being rainman like..
[17:27] Elenia Llewellyn: you and the damn viewer dev sheesh
[17:27] Legion Hienrichs: Yah
[17:27] Legion Hienrichs: Because I want some things fixed.. :)
[17:27] Lecktor Hannibal: I'll poke around
[17:27] Elenia Llewellyn: that would be great
[17:27] Elenia Llewellyn: okies any other questions?
[17:28] Elenia Llewellyn: or general harassment people wanna throw at me?
[17:28] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Yes
[17:28] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: When can I buy a home in Ruby lol
[17:28] Rosa Dagostino: lol
[17:28] Legion Hienrichs: Haha
[17:28] Elenia Llewellyn: are you serious Gaius??
[17:28] Elenia Llewellyn: LMAO
[17:28] Lecktor Hannibal: me too
[17:28] Lecktor Hannibal: hhehe
[17:28] Elenia Llewellyn: yeah but he owns two regions Lek!
[17:28] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: No I always talk about a lie when it comes to My money!
[17:28] Lecktor Hannibal: oh
[17:28] Lecktor Hannibal: LOL
[17:29] Elenia Llewellyn: I think you should go wander the place first Gaius rofl
[17:29] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I will
[17:29] Elenia Llewellyn: then if you rEALLY REALLY want one
[17:29] Elenia Llewellyn: I'll invoice you
[17:29] Elenia Llewellyn: but I think I'll make you beg first =P
[17:29] Elenia Llewellyn: just cause I'm ebil tonight
[17:29] Lecktor Hannibal: aha
[17:29] Rosa Dagostino: omg
[17:29] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Then I'm going to pay My 10.00 and expect what comes with it lmao
[17:29] Lecktor Hannibal: lol
[17:29] Elenia Llewellyn: ROFL
[17:29] Tim Christian: and when ya get tired and want to move to larger,, come see me lol
[17:29] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[17:29] Elenia Llewellyn: he has two regions Tim
[17:29] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I already have that plan for growing actually :)
[17:30] Tim Christian: thats ok ill still cut him a deal lol
[17:30] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I had 6 once
[17:30] Legion Hienrichs: Haha
[17:30] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Want to get back to that some time soonish
[17:30] Legion Hienrichs: GOod.
[17:30] Tim Christian: 6 ouch?
[17:30] Rosa Dagostino: we have lots of plans
[17:30] Elenia Llewellyn: yeah he did
[17:30] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Yes want 12 care to help? lol
[17:30] Mortus Eclipse: Okay, Question Ele. What If say me and Nox decide to buy a regioun for comercial concerns can we still keep the land in the Starter Community till we are ready to move to a larger Residential area?
[17:30] Elenia Llewellyn: But then
[17:30] Elenia Llewellyn: they ahd babies in SL
[17:30] Elenia Llewellyn chuckles
[17:30] Elenia Llewellyn: yes
[17:30] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[17:30] Elenia Llewellyn: we simply won't sell another starter parcel to an owner of one already
[17:30] Legion Hienrichs: You can stay there as long as you want to pay the $10
[17:30] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: The babies are growing :)
[17:30] Rosa Dagostino: yes & we cant bring them here
[17:31] Rosa Dagostino: yet
[17:31] Elenia Llewellyn: yet is keyword ;)
[17:31] Elenia Llewellyn: we're working on it
[17:31] Mortus Eclipse: Good to know.
[17:31] Elenia Llewellyn: which reminds me I just restarted Ruby
[17:31] Elenia Llewellyn: Poppy has this annoying habit of beign on it before I get up in morning
[17:31] Elenia Llewellyn: so I hate kicking him off all the time when I do restarts hehehe
[17:31] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I see the 10.00 as another investment Elenia honestly
[17:31] Legion Hienrichs: Haha
[17:31] Tim Christian: lol
[17:32] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: It just shows how much others see the potential in IW
[17:32] Elenia Llewellyn: every once in a while I see Poppy is on
[17:32] Elenia Llewellyn: and say "ahh we'll let Poppy play for a while"
[17:32] Legion Hienrichs: Just boot her when when she's afk
[17:32] Elenia Llewellyn: Well Ruby is pretty
[17:32] Legion Hienrichs: She'll just think she crashed..
[17:32] Elenia Llewellyn: Poppy and Blad did a beautiful job on it
[17:32] Mortus Eclipse: Oh I think I heard or read some where there is an issue with llSleep? Is this true and can you elaborate?
[17:32] Elenia Llewellyn: I mean for not gettin gpaid and all
[17:32] Legion Hienrichs: Yah.. and someone should buy the land I built on, and return my house
[17:32] Elenia Llewellyn: Ahh it's being worke don Mortus
[17:33] Tim Christian: yes i went by there today,, really looks nice,, they do great work
[17:33] Poppy Levenque: time difference is helpfull sometimes :)
[17:33] Legion Hienrichs: Soon(tm)!
[17:33] Legion Hienrichs: :P
[17:33] Elenia Llewellyn: here's the issue with timers and scripts and soon and excuse me all while I go a bit geeky in tech speak
[17:33] Noxluna Eclipse: rofl
[17:33] Noxluna Eclipse: channeling sakai are you ?
[17:33] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[17:33] Lecktor Hannibal: gotta love soon
[17:33] Legion Hienrichs: Hehe
[17:33] Elenia Llewellyn: Timers and scripts an objects
[17:33] Legion Hienrichs: That evil name!
[17:33] Elenia Llewellyn: nasty nasty bit of code they had in OS
[17:33] Elenia Llewellyn: for example
[17:33] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Soon meaning never more likely when Sakai is concerned
[17:33] Noxluna Eclipse: yeah..i even found his avi in sl search btw
[17:33] Elenia Llewellyn: every time a state changes in a script
[17:34] Elenia Llewellyn: it would tell the other scripts in teh object that it changed state
[17:34] Elenia Llewellyn: now guess what happens if a script changes it state to default?
[17:34] Noxluna Eclipse: i know i know
[17:34] Elenia Llewellyn: all the other scripts in the object would change to default as well
[17:34] Elenia Llewellyn: soooo we get to timers
[17:34] Elenia Llewellyn: they had a minimal resolution on timers of .5 seconds
[17:34] Elenia Llewellyn: so if you put in a timer at .1
[17:34] Elenia Llewellyn: it would run once in a .5 time frame
[17:35] Elenia Llewellyn: which with the new script engine code, meant it would get dropped 4 times
[17:35] Elenia Llewellyn: taht has been fixed
[17:35] Elenia Llewellyn: it's now set to a .1 resolution
[17:35] Elenia Llewellyn: if you need timers faster than that, use another script
[17:35] Elenia Llewellyn: llSleep
[17:35] Elenia Llewellyn: is the other little baddie in this puzzle
[17:35] Elenia Llewellyn: when llSleep hits, nothing works on the script
[17:35] Elenia Llewellyn: no events are passed to it
[17:36] Elenia Llewellyn: but neither does it release the thread it's on
[17:36] Elenia Llewellyn: to allow other scripts to use that thread
[17:36] Elenia Llewellyn: so Tranq is tinking with that this weekend as well, and thinks he has a solution for it
[17:36] Noxluna Eclipse: goes off for wine cuz this is greek
[17:36] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[17:36] Rosa Dagostino: lol
[17:36] Elenia Llewellyn: HEY at least I speak geek!
[17:36] Poppy Levenque: lol nox
[17:36] Rosa Dagostino: bring me one :P
[17:36] Lecktor Hannibal: /fixed geek
[17:36] Kip Restless: mee too im off for more teat
[17:36] Kip Restless: lol
[17:36] Elenia Llewellyn: LMAO Kip!
[17:37] Poppy Levenque: lol
[17:37] Lecktor Hannibal: LOL
[17:37] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[17:37] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Too funny
[17:37] Elenia Llewellyn: So this week we should have a fix in for the LLSleep issue
[17:37] Elenia Llewellyn: and timers resolution will be released as well
[17:37] Elenia Llewellyn: in same patch
[17:38] Mortus Eclipse: Cool, but in the mean time llSleep does not cause terible harm?
[17:38] Elenia Llewellyn: and I think every time Tranq asks me "who wrote this god awful code" I'm going to start putting a nickel in my coin jar
[17:38] Elenia Llewellyn: I will be rich
[17:38] Elenia Llewellyn: the worst it can do now Mortus is get dropped
[17:38] Elenia Llewellyn: there is no more server meltdown from ANYTHINg you bring in here
[17:38] Elenia Llewellyn: even vehicles will just sit there and do nothing
[17:38] Mortus Eclipse: Yay!
[17:38] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: They just don't work then?
[17:38] Noxluna Eclipse: back
[17:38] Elenia Llewellyn: Right Gaius
[17:38] Legion Hienrichs: wb
[17:38] Rosa Dagostino: -o)|(o-↘✰☻⌘*:::* WELCOME BACK *:::*⌘☻✰↙-o)|(o-
[17:38] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: GOod
[17:38] Mortus Eclipse: Proper sanity checks on scripts I asume.
[17:38] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Good even lol
[17:38] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: -o)|(o-↘✰☻⌘*:::* WELCOME BACK *:::*⌘☻✰↙-o)|(o-
[17:39] Elenia Llewellyn: Yes Mort, very much so
[17:39] Elenia Llewellyn: actually
[17:39] Elenia Llewellyn: the BIGGEST issue
[17:39] Elenia Llewellyn: was how the events were beign managed
[17:39] Elenia Llewellyn: which is the 3 patches Tranq did last week
[17:39] Elenia Llewellyn: he rewrote teh entire module for it
[17:39] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: So does it just stop the script from working?
[17:39] Elenia Llewellyn: what happens Gaius
[17:39] Noxluna Eclipse: and ty all was reading back
[17:39] Elenia Llewellyn: let's say you have two scripts running in two diff objects
[17:39] Elenia Llewellyn: each object sends it's script into an event queu
[17:40] Elenia Llewellyn: to say HEY I need to be run!
[17:40] Elenia Llewellyn: obviously scripts usually loop
[17:40] Elenia Llewellyn: not all, but most
[17:40] Kip Restless: back
[17:40] Elenia Llewellyn: so if you had a timer at .1
[17:40] Noxluna Eclipse: wb
[17:40] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Just asking as we know physics don't work so just shouldn't run at all
[17:40] Elenia Llewellyn: and the min resolution was .5
[17:40] Elenia Llewellyn: it woudl fill the queu 5 times
[17:40] Elenia Llewellyn: and only run one of them
[17:40] Elenia Llewellyn: while the other 4 remained
[17:40] Elenia Llewellyn: now
[17:40] Elenia Llewellyn: in our current version
[17:40] Elenia Llewellyn: ti will drop the other 4
[17:41] Elenia Llewellyn: freeing up those queu's
[17:41] Elenia Llewellyn: and it let's me know on backend
[17:41] Elenia Llewellyn: what's being dropped
[17:41] Elenia Llewellyn: so I can find it
[17:41] Elenia Llewellyn: and yank it out o the region
[17:41] Lecktor Hannibal: /brb
[17:41] Elenia Llewellyn: or I can let you know what it is
[17:41] Elenia Llewellyn: and you can yank it
[17:41] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Then you inform the owner it was yanked? lol
[17:41] Elenia Llewellyn: don't I usually?
[17:41] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Yes of course
[17:41] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: That's why I laughed
[17:41] Elenia Llewellyn: The other thing he did
[17:42] Rosa Dagostino: yes loudly usually :P
[17:42] Elenia Llewellyn: was remove the every drop item event log
[17:42] Elenia Llewellyn: omg it would stress the regions out
[17:42] Elenia Llewellyn: now it reports every 10 seconds
[17:42] Legion Hienrichs: But you are saying, it won't crashe the region, it just won't have the desired effect
[17:43] Rosa Dagostino: ele you killed my fish!
[17:43] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[17:43] Legion Hienrichs: Haha.. she shut off script engine
[17:43] Elenia Llewellyn: I did not!
[17:43] Elliott Eldrich: They're not dead. They're just pining for the fjords....
[17:43] Elenia Llewellyn: eyah
[17:43] Elenia Llewellyn: exactly
[17:43] Rosa Dagostino: but i thought she owned it now
[17:43] Elenia Llewellyn: they are moving to me
[17:43] Elenia Llewellyn: I see them
[17:44] Rosa Dagostino: they dead as do does to me
[17:44] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: No I still see things here owned by rosa lol
[17:44] Legion Hienrichs: You stil do.
[17:44] Elenia Llewellyn: well you're special :)
[17:44] Legion Hienrichs: She never took them..
[17:44] Rosa Dagostino: thats why then
[17:44] Rosa Dagostino: and ele you see everything work your the goddess
[17:44] Elenia Llewellyn: well yeah
[17:44] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Fish are not moving lol
[17:44] Elenia Llewellyn: I am
[17:45] Elenia Llewellyn: but besides the fact
[17:45] Elenia Llewellyn: probably teh high mem we're running at right now
[17:45] Legion Hienrichs needs a stick to poke them with
[17:45] Elenia Llewellyn: I'd let you use my rolling pin but you'd take it
[17:45] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus looks for the fishing line
[17:45] Legion Hienrichs: Hehe
[17:45] Rosa Dagostino: I put some in our pool hehehe
[17:45] Elenia Llewellyn: Ok any other concerns or questoins before I go get my kiddo?
[17:46] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Glad I won't be swimming in it with the fish lol
[17:46] Legion Hienrichs: llsleepwiththefishes
[17:46] Rosa Dagostino: rofl
[17:46] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I'll just catch them and cook them up ;)
[17:46] Noxluna Eclipse: thanks ele and legion and the never seen tranq
[17:46] Kip Restless: lol
[17:46] Legion Hienrichs: Thank you all
[17:47] Elenia Llewellyn: well
[17:47] Mortus Eclipse: He crawled out of the code once.
[17:47] Elenia Llewellyn: you will
[17:47] Elenia Llewellyn: one of these days
[17:47] Elenia Llewellyn: LOL Mortus
[17:47] Elenia Llewellyn: he does that once in a while ;)
[17:47] Elenia Llewellyn: btw, little note
[17:47] Elenia Llewellyn: I do ask you guys
[17:47] Elenia Llewellyn: please do NOT pester him for dev stuff
[17:47] Elenia Llewellyn: he volunteers for us
[17:47] Noxluna Eclipse: sigh
[17:47] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I don't only you lol
[17:47] Elenia Llewellyn: he's a GREAT guy to get to know
[17:47] Elenia Llewellyn: great friend to have
[17:47] Noxluna Eclipse: scratches out bloodline killing dev stuff
[17:47] Elenia Llewellyn: but please don't ask him about dev stuff
[17:47] Legion Hienrichs: But.. Ele directs his work.. Hehe
[17:47] Rosa Dagostino: lol nox
[17:48] Elenia Llewellyn: Yes, for most part I do
[17:48] Kip Restless: thats cool i wouldnt havea clue what to say lol
[17:48] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Won't kill Me I'll just never come too close Nox ;)
[17:48] Rosa Dagostino: whispers to Master.... find nox in SL & get her
[17:48] Elenia Llewellyn: LOL
[17:48] Elenia Llewellyn: Okies on that note
[17:48] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[17:48] Noxluna Eclipse: probably smart..i do bite harder than any vamp
[17:48] Elenia Llewellyn: I'm gonna go get my kiddo
[17:48] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Now that is an idea
[17:48] Noxluna Eclipse: ni ni ele
[17:48] Kip Restless: Bye bye x
[17:48] Elenia Llewellyn: It was GREAT to see you all
[17:48] Elenia Llewellyn: Lek I'll be back in a bit
[17:48] Legion Hienrichs: Thanks Ele
[17:48] Rosa Dagostino: yes glad we came
[17:48] Elenia Llewellyn: gonna go hide in my hidey hole now
[17:49] Elenia Llewellyn: Rosa you really need to update your store
[17:49] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Good we need you sometime for the ATM's Elenia lol
[17:49] Mortus Eclipse: And I do have some VERY big antimaterial rifles.
[17:49] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I wish you well
[17:49] Elenia Llewellyn: I'm tired of wearing same stuff
[17:49] Tim Christian: was nice meeting you all , have a great evening
[17:49] Rosa Dagostino: i know im waiting for Him to bring it all in :P
[17:49] Noxluna Eclipse: nice meeting you tim
[17:49] Elenia Llewellyn: Gaius
[17:49] Elenia Llewellyn: stop playing with the babies and being a vamp
[17:49] Elenia Llewellyn: and get her stuff over here
[17:49] Legion Hienrichs: Bring it on!
[17:49] Mortus Eclipse: Not to mention VTALs, Atack hellicopters, and an Abrams Tank. LOL
[17:49] Lecktor Hannibal: hahahah
[17:49] Noxluna Eclipse: smiles at mortus
[17:49] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I have it already just need it moved with SI
[17:49] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I'll do it when I'm ready!
[17:49] Elenia Llewellyn: well hop to it
[17:49] Elenia Llewellyn: I need new clothes!
[17:50] Legion Hienrichs: Just want my cycle
[17:50] Elenia Llewellyn: jeeze
[17:50] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: When you move our ATMs
[17:50] Rosa Dagostino: hehehe
[17:50] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[17:50] Elenia Llewellyn: huh?
[17:50] Rosa Dagostino: oh yes the ATM
[17:50] Elenia Llewellyn: what atm move do I have to do now?!?!
[17:50] Rosa Dagostino: ele
[17:50] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: huh hell
[17:50] Rosa Dagostino: grant one of us rights in sl 7 we can move it
[17:50] Legion Hienrichs: She forgot something.
[17:50] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: The one in SL and the one by the shop here needs placed
[17:50] Poppy Levenque will toodle off
[17:50] Noxluna Eclipse: see you poppy
[17:50] Legion Hienrichs: See you Poppy
[17:50] Rosa Dagostino: byeee ppoppy
[17:50] Elenia Llewellyn: bye Poppy
[17:50] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I wish you well
[17:50] Kip Restless: bye poppy x
[17:50] Elenia Llewellyn: I will pop by over in SL then to move it
[17:50] Mortus Eclipse: Later Poppy.
[17:51] Elenia Llewellyn: okies ot my hidey hole I gotta go get gas and get her
[17:51] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Only needs moved up I believe
[17:51] Legion Hienrichs: So.. we officially have a furry now?
[17:51] Noxluna Eclipse: bye
[17:51] Noxluna Eclipse: yes we do
[17:51] Lecktor Hannibal: I see that
[17:51] Noxluna Eclipse: :)
[17:51] Lecktor Hannibal: lol
[17:51] Elliott Eldrich: Yes, yes you do
[17:51] Rosa Dagostino: twho
[17:51] Legion Hienrichs: Good
[17:51] Noxluna Eclipse: everyone meet elliot
[17:51] Rosa Dagostino: who even
[17:51] Noxluna Eclipse: elliot everyone
[17:51] Poppy Levenque: good to see you all
[17:51] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I'm looking to get one of those creator s here too Legion
[17:51] Elliott Eldrich: And if you're not nice I'm going to shed on your furniture.
[17:51] Legion Hienrichs: Good that too
[17:51] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: :)
[17:51] Noxluna Eclipse: hehehe elliot
[17:51] Rosa Dagostino: oohh I didnt see you before
[17:51] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I won't mind Elliott
[17:51] Legion Hienrichs: Primbackup should move most of the parts..
[17:51] Rosa Dagostino: hiyas elliot
[17:51] Elliott Eldrich: Hello everyone
[17:51] Legion Hienrichs: Glad to have you Elliot
[17:52] Rosa Dagostino: anyone seen mouser is she still around
[17:52] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: We have some furry avi's ourselves would be nice to have them here lol
[17:52] Kip Restless: Hi elliott
[17:52] Legion Hienrichs: she was on 7 hours early
[17:52] Legion Hienrichs: for this meeting
[17:52] Noxluna Eclipse: everyone if you could see what elliot can do with a sculptie it would make you cry
[17:52] Elliott Eldrich: So, am I the first full-time furry here in Inworldz?
[17:52] Rosa Dagostino: lol nutter
[17:52] Legion Hienrichs: Yes.. Yes she is
[17:52] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: 2nd I believe since Mang
[17:52] Rosa Dagostino: Mang was a furry of sorts :P
[17:52] Legion Hienrichs: Good.. he shoudl try here.
[17:52] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: May as well now be the 1st
[17:52] Elliott Eldrich: Ah, is Mang still here?
[17:53] Poppy Levenque is Offline
[17:53] Legion Hienrichs: No. RL
[17:53] Rosa Dagostino: nope he left
[17:53] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: No gone
[17:53] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: you're the furry man now Elliott
[17:53] Elliott Eldrich: Really? Wow. Bummer... I've known him a long time, then he pretty much disappeared from SL
[17:53] Legion Hienrichs: Yes.. and now here.. He had a baby in RL
[17:54] Noxluna Eclipse: awww
[17:54] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Life happens lol
[17:54] Elliott Eldrich: Ah. That'll do it.
[17:54] Legion Hienrichs: So.. his time there became more demanding
[17:54] Noxluna Eclipse: yeah that takes up a lot of time
[17:54] Legion Hienrichs: Wow
[17:54] Noxluna Eclipse: smiles
[17:54] Elliott Eldrich: First test with a new sculpty program
[17:54] Legion Hienrichs: SHould try to make some houses..
[17:54] Legion Hienrichs: Hehe
[17:54] Noxluna Eclipse: you should see the ones he has in SL
[17:54] Poppy Levenque is Online
[17:54] Noxluna Eclipse: :))
[17:55] Noxluna Eclipse: i have the montana
[17:55] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: What program you use?
[17:55] Elliott Eldrich: Hmm... not as LOD stable as I would have expected
[17:55] Legion Hienrichs: Mouser likes the prims here.. you can go inside them
[17:55] Elliott Eldrich: I use several actually
[17:55] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haah
[17:55] Elliott Eldrich: My primary program is Sculpt Studio
[17:55] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Better question then
[17:55] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: The lest espensive one you use? lol
[17:55] Elliott Eldrich: Blender with Domino's scripts
[17:55] Elliott Eldrich: but keep a suppy of Xanax handy
[17:56] Noxluna Eclipse: has plenty
[17:56] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[17:56] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I have something for the anxiety ;)
[17:56] Elliott Eldrich: Blender through v2.49 is a freaking UI nightmare
[17:56] Mortus Eclipse: Nox can hook you up if you need it Elliott.
[17:56] Elliott Eldrich: Blender v2.5 alpha looks very promising
[17:56] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Then the next question
[17:56] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Which is the easier of the programs you use?
[17:56] Noxluna Eclipse: you'll have to let me know when you approve of it elliot
[17:57] Elliott Eldrich: Sculpt Studio, for overall capability and robustness, is the best sculpt program I know of
[17:57] Mortus Eclipse: Elliot. What size are you sculpt maps?
[17:57] Elliott Eldrich: Depends on what I'm trying to accomplish
[17:57] Elliott Eldrich: But generally oblong nowadays
[17:57] Elliott Eldrich: I very rarely do a 32x32 sculpty any longer
[17:58] Noxluna Eclipse: i could use a pretty little tufted headboard for my "animated" bedroom furniture i'll be coming out with
[17:58] Noxluna Eclipse: i believe you used the expression "pixel boomboom"
[17:58] Elliott Eldrich: Ah yes.. file under "pixel boom-boom"
[17:58] Noxluna Eclipse: lol
[17:58] Elliott Eldrich: Yep - very popular
[17:58] Mortus Eclipse: I think InWorldz has some plroblems with scuplt maps over 64 x 64.
[17:58] Elliott Eldrich: This seems to rez fine, but is not terribly LOD stable
[17:58] Rosa Dagostino: yes they do
[17:58] Rosa Dagostino: ele says its best 64x64
[17:58] Elliott Eldrich: LOD stability is a REAL issue
[17:58] Elliott Eldrich: and a real challenge
[17:58] Noxluna Eclipse: so no worse than the ones in SL that are not made by you lol
[17:59] Elliott Eldrich: OH man.... lemme tell ya
[17:59] Elliott Eldrich: I cannot believe how many builds, how many HIGH END builds.. that sell for 15k and more lindens...
[17:59] Noxluna Eclipse: i can cam ALL the way away from my house
[17:59] Noxluna Eclipse: until it disappears
[17:59] Elliott Eldrich: have unstable LOD sculpties in window frames and such
[17:59] Noxluna Eclipse: and NOT ONE sculpti goes distored
[17:59] Noxluna Eclipse: distorted
[17:59] Elliott Eldrich: I mean.. you get 30m away, maybe 50m..
[17:59] Elliott Eldrich: and all the window frames implode
[17:59] Elliott Eldrich: WTH
[18:00] Elliott Eldrich: They call that "good enough"?
[18:00] Noxluna Eclipse: hehe
[18:00] Elliott Eldrich: If it's a HOUSE, and you're placing it on a SIM... then by God it had BETTER look good to at LEAST 100m

Residents Meeting ~ Sept 20th 09

[8:50] InWorldz: Hello Rosa Dagostino, welcome to InWorldz!
[8:53] InWorldz: Hello Elenia Llewellyn, welcome to InWorldz!
[8:53] InWorldz: Hello Tranquillity Dexler, welcome to InWorldz!
[8:53] Rosa Dagostino: hiyas ele
[8:53] Elenia Llewellyn: Heya Rosa
[8:53] Rosa Dagostino: hiyas tranq
[8:53] Elenia Llewellyn: shirt is good
[8:53] Elenia Llewellyn: pants still white
[8:53] Tranquillity Dexler: Hi Rosa
[8:54] Tranquillity Dexler: Fun
[8:54] Elenia Llewellyn: Morning Jim
[8:54] Rosa Dagostino: hiyas jim
[8:54] Jim Smart: Hi Ya's, Ele, Rosa Trans
[8:54] Tranquillity Dexler: Hi Jim
[8:54] Elenia Llewellyn: try wearing a diff pair Tran
[8:54] Elenia Llewellyn: let's see if that helps
[8:55] Rosa Dagostino: now you know why im wearin jeans :P
[8:55] Elenia Llewellyn: Now the hair trick Tranq, is you gotta attach, align, then detach, copy it in inventory, paste it in inventory... wear teh copy
[8:56] Elenia Llewellyn: THERE now you have jeans :)
[8:56] InWorldz: Hello Legion Hienrichs, welcome to InWorldz!
[8:56] Elenia Llewellyn: Morning Legion
[8:56] Legion Hienrichs is Online
[8:56] Rosa Dagostino: hiyas legion
[8:56] InWorldz: Hello Legion Hienrichs, welcome to InWorldz!
[8:56] Jim Smart: Hi Legion
[8:56] Legion Hienrichs: Morning
[8:56] InWorldz: Hello GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus, welcome to InWorldz!
[8:56] Elenia Llewellyn: Morning Gaius
[8:56] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus is Online
[8:56] Rosa Dagostino: Greetings Gaius
[8:57] Legion Hienrichs: Morning Gaius
[8:57] Jim Smart: Helo Gaius
[8:57] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Greetings :)
[8:57] Scotsgraymouser Janus: ○○♥○○
[8:57] Rosa Dagostino: hey Mouser
[8:57] Jim Smart: Hi Scots
[8:57] Scotsgraymouser Janus: good morning everyone :))
[8:57] Rosa Dagostino: your here & its not 9am yet hehe
[8:57] Jim Smart: oops, Mouser..ha
[8:57] Scotsgraymouser Janus: greetings Giaus :))
[8:57] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I hope the day finds everyone well :)
[8:58] Scotsgraymouser Janus: Ele, Legion, Jim and Rosa ;))
[8:58] Scotsgraymouser Janus: hello over there Tranq :))
[8:58] Legion Hienrichs: Heya Scots
[8:58] Tranquillity Dexler: Hey scots
[8:59] Scotsgraymouser Janus: i am well and happy and glad to see all of you :))
[8:59] Rosa Dagostino: Hopes we see more of us as i sent reminders to all the members if ICR
[8:59] Legion Hienrichs: Never late in RL, but I seem to be adopting a late arrival RP character here..
[8:59] Rosa Dagostino: hehe
[8:59] Scotsgraymouser Janus: sigh
[9:00] Scotsgraymouser Janus: that's my role
[9:00] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Indeed that was how I remembered the time even before I was so reminded personally rosa :)
[9:00] Scotsgraymouser Janus: if not for Rosa's taxi service... lol
[9:00] Scotsgraymouser Janus: ok..like the boots Rosa
[9:00] Scotsgraymouser Janus: gonna kick someone?
[9:00] Rosa Dagostino: hehe these are the mens boots ive been working on
[9:01] Scotsgraymouser Janus: lol..in RL that is all i wear
[9:01] Scotsgraymouser Janus: made better actually
[9:01] Elenia Llewellyn: Ok I am here finally
[9:01] Scotsgraymouser Janus: ➩-o)|(o-↘✰☻⌘*:::* WELCOME BACK *:::*⌘☻✰↙-o)|(o-
[9:01] Scotsgraymouser Janus: Ele
[9:01] Elenia Llewellyn: So morning everyone!
[9:01] Scotsgraymouser Janus: *lifts a morning bagel*
[9:01] Jim Smart: hello hello
[9:01] Elenia Llewellyn: ok so I'm a minute late in starting the meeting, but hey it works :)
[9:02] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Better a minute late then a dollar short ;)
[9:02] Elenia Llewellyn: Ok, so let's start with any resident complaints first :) I like getting the meeting started on that note
[9:03] Scotsgraymouser Janus: ahhh masochism..way to start
[9:03] Jo Smart is Online
[9:03] Elenia Llewellyn: Gotta love it!
[9:03] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[9:03] Elenia Llewellyn: I'm a glutton for punishment
[9:03] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I have a complaint
[9:03] Elenia Llewellyn: ok
[9:03] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: It I never have anything to complain about! lol
[9:03] Legion Hienrichs: We don't have a complaint dept yet
[9:03] Scotsgraymouser Janus: lol
[9:03] Elenia Llewellyn: You guys are way too easy ;)
[9:04] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha No you just do your jobs well
[9:04] Scotsgraymouser Janus: actually..no complaints..just a few what ifs???
[9:04] Elenia Llewellyn: ok, shoot Scots
[9:04] Scotsgraymouser Janus: like my scripts have run funny
[9:04] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: When your customers are pleased it makes your job easy
[9:04] Rosa Dagostino: there is nothing to complain about honestly
[9:04] Rosa Dagostino: were aLL HAPPY
[9:04] Elenia Llewellyn: not shoot as in let's shoot you... shoot as in what are your what if's
[9:04] Scotsgraymouser Janus: yes we are happy
[9:04] Rosa Dagostino: HIYAS JO
[9:04] Scotsgraymouser Janus: ok
[9:04] Rosa Dagostino: OOPS
[9:04] Elenia Llewellyn: Morning Jo :)
[9:04] Legion Hienrichs: Hi Jo
[9:04] Jim Smart: Hi Hun
[9:04] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Greetings Jo
[9:04] Jo Smart: morning
[9:04] Scotsgraymouser Janus: lol
[9:04] Rosa Dagostino: heheh
[9:05] Scotsgraymouser Janus: see this firescript?
[9:05] Jo Smart: hi hun
[9:05] Elenia Llewellyn: yes
[9:05] Scotsgraymouser Janus: hello Jo!!
[9:05] Scotsgraymouser Janus: it putters
[9:05] Scotsgraymouser Janus: lol
[9:05] Scotsgraymouser Janus: is that a bug or just me?
[9:05] Rosa Dagostino: putputput
[9:05] Jim Smart: wet wood maybe ?
[9:05] Elenia Llewellyn: dunno I'd have to see the actual script for it
[9:05] Rosa Dagostino: rofl
[9:05] Scotsgraymouser Janus: *rolls eyes*
[9:05] Scotsgraymouser Janus: ok
[9:05] Legion Hienrichs: Hehe
[9:05] Scotsgraymouser Janus: it was working last weeks so
[9:06] Scotsgraymouser Janus: *tosses over a perfectly reasonable script*
[9:06] Rosa Dagostino: hiyas lynne
[9:06] Tranquillity Dexler: I noticed a few other particle emitters doing the same thing
[9:06] Scotsgraymouser Janus: Hello lynn
[9:06] Lynne Lundquist: Hiii
[9:06] Scotsgraymouser Janus: lynne*
[9:06] Tranquillity Dexler: Scots, do it do that in any region you've rezzed it in so far?
[9:06] Scotsgraymouser Janus: yes
[9:06] Scotsgraymouser Janus: all of them now
[9:06] Legion Hienrichs: Hi Lynne
[9:06] Scotsgraymouser Janus: i checked
[9:07] Lynne Lundquist: Hi Legion
[9:07] Lynne Lundquist: Hi Mouser
[9:07] Jo Smart: hi Lynne
[9:07] Scotsgraymouser Janus: woot
[9:07] Scotsgraymouser Janus: Great to have a crowd
[9:07] Lynne Lundquist: Hi Jo
[9:07] Elenia Llewellyn: Hiya Lynne :)
[9:07] Lynne Lundquist: Hi Ele
[9:07] Lynne Lundquist: Ronson will be right here
[9:07] Jim Smart: Hello Lynne
[9:08] Scotsgraymouser Janus: oh, i've redone a dance machine..has everyone got one? i can't give full perm cause the animations guy asked me not to, but :)))
[9:08] Scotsgraymouser Janus: they are cute
[9:08] Lynne Lundquist: Hi Jim
[9:08] Jo Smart: no i'd like one
[9:08] Jo Smart: ty Mouser
[9:08] Scotsgraymouser Janus: (`'·.¸(`'·.¸ * ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)
[9:08] Scotsgraymouser Janus: « Welcome to Inworldz!!! »
[9:08] Scotsgraymouser Janus: (¸.·'´(¸.·'´ * `'·.¸)`'·.¸)
[9:08] Scotsgraymouser Janus: yer
[9:08] Lynne Lundquist: Thanks
[9:09] Scotsgraymouser Janus: my butterflies go like gangbusters
[9:09] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I'd like one as well and I haven't gotten one :)
[9:09] Scotsgraymouser Janus: but my fire
[9:09] Jim Smart: TY Mouser
[9:09] Scotsgraymouser Janus: *sniff*
[9:09] Scotsgraymouser Janus: :))
[9:09] Scotsgraymouser Janus: yw..
[9:09] Lynne Lundquist: Thank you Mouser
[9:09] Scotsgraymouser Janus: Gaius, did You receive one?
[9:09] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: No lol
[9:10] Tranquillity Dexler: Well something isnt right because my prim is set to a .1 rate and it's not coming out that fast for sure
[9:10] Scotsgraymouser Janus: smiles..
[9:10] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Yes :)
[9:10] Scotsgraymouser Janus: yes..it worked just recently
[9:10] Scotsgraymouser Janus: i've been toying with the script
[9:10] Scotsgraymouser Janus: but still
[9:10] Scotsgraymouser Janus: put, put put
[9:10] Scotsgraymouser Janus: (`'·.¸(`'·.¸ * ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)
[9:10] Scotsgraymouser Janus: « Welcome to Inworldz!!! »
[9:10] Scotsgraymouser Janus: (¸.·'´(¸.·'´ * `'·.¸)`'·.¸)
[9:10] Scotsgraymouser Janus: Ron :)))
[9:10] Rosa Dagostino: hi ronson
[9:10] Jim Smart: Welcome Ronson
[9:10] Elenia Llewellyn: Hiya Ronson
[9:10] Jo Smart: hi ronson
[9:10] Scotsgraymouser Janus: (getting new dance machine out)
[9:10] Elenia Llewellyn: now it really putters
[9:11] Ronson Handrick: Hello all
[9:11] Scotsgraymouser Janus: hello...
[9:11] Legion Hienrichs: (`'·.¸(`'·.¸ * ¸.·'´)¸.·'´)
[9:11] Legion Hienrichs: « Welcome to Inworldz!!! »
[9:11] Legion Hienrichs: (¸.·'´(¸.·'´ * `'·.¸)`'·.¸)
[9:11] Legion Hienrichs: Hi Ronson,
[9:11] Elenia Llewellyn: I'll dink with this tonight for you Scots
[9:11] Scotsgraymouser Janus: That is a new dance machine it is ok..but has some cool dances in it
[9:11] Scotsgraymouser Janus: thanks Ele :))
[9:11] Scotsgraymouser Janus: other then that
[9:11] Scotsgraymouser Janus: no problems at all, lol
[9:11] Legion Hienrichs: Hehe
[9:11] Elenia Llewellyn: Ok let's not get sidetracked on dance balls and so on
[9:12] Rosa Dagostino: I dont have a complaint as such
[9:12] Scotsgraymouser Janus: and i have pixie flies
[9:12] Jo Smart: anyone working on couples dances? lol
[9:12] Elenia Llewellyn: Not I :)
[9:12] Rosa Dagostino: but would like to know if my shoe bug is being worked on
[9:12] Elenia Llewellyn: Aight gonna let Legion discuss viewer with you all
[9:12] Scotsgraymouser Janus: cool
[9:12] Scotsgraymouser Janus: ;))
[9:13] Scotsgraymouser Janus: *listens*
[9:13] Elenia Llewellyn: I haven't even figured out exactly what your shoe bug is yet Rosa ;)
[9:13] Elenia Llewellyn: we'll sit down this week and take a look at it
[9:13] Rosa Dagostino: I showed legion
[9:13] Primitive: Script running
[9:13] Rosa Dagostino: okey dokes
[9:13] Primitive: 1.000000
[9:14] Elenia Llewellyn: ok Legion... viewer
[9:14] Elenia Llewellyn: take it away
[9:14] Tommy Parrott is Online
[9:14] Jim Smart: The floor is all yours Legion....ha
[9:14] Legion Hienrichs: I have a 'fixed' version, but am still getting the debug window.. I think because I'm compiling in debug mode..
[9:14] Legion Hienrichs: Am setting it up to run now, and should know in a bit.
[9:15] Legion Hienrichs: At this point it's just a fixed
[9:15] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: :)
[9:15] Elenia Llewellyn: Someone send Tommy a TP please :)
[9:15] Legion Hienrichs: though I ticked it up to .9 as it's easier to keep track for me.
[9:15] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Done
[9:16] Legion Hienrichs: Until we have some grid fixes, it won't make a lot of sense to keep updating the viewer.. I got stuck on updating to the LL 1.23.. but that might be good
[9:16] Legion Hienrichs: As it has all the teen/adult stuff built in
[9:16] Scotsgraymouser Janus: hello tommy :)
[9:16] Rosa Dagostino: hi Tommy
[9:16] Elenia Llewellyn: Morning Tommy
[9:16] Tommy Parrott: Hello all ;)
[9:16] Jim Smart: Hi Tommy
[9:16] Jo Smart: hi Tommy
[9:16] Legion Hienrichs: which means, if you use 1.23 here you are always wearing the ruth clothing, unless the grid says you are adult verified..
[9:16] Ronson Handrick: Hi Tommy
[9:17] Lynne Lundquist: Hi Tommy
[9:17] Scotsgraymouser Janus: ah....
[9:17] Legion Hienrichs: hello Tommy..
[9:17] Tommy Parrott: Dont mind me; I am a wallflower listening ;)
[9:17] Legion Hienrichs: So.. I think we wait for a viewer dev to take this on.. and they can work with the grid people to remove what we don't need.
[9:18] Scotsgraymouser Janus: *raises hand when Legion finishes*
[9:18] Legion Hienrichs: Well.. that's about where we are.. If you have a question about the viewer, shoot..
[9:18] Elenia Llewellyn: *coughs* new features *coughs*
[9:18] Scotsgraymouser Janus: Well..on the adult verification procedure
[9:19] Legion Hienrichs: Right now no new features from
[9:19] Legion Hienrichs: I stuck with the 1.22 code base
[9:19] Scotsgraymouser Janus: ok...
[9:19] Legion Hienrichs: So.. no verifcation needed.. :)
[9:19] Legion Hienrichs: I don't know if the grid code can handle it..
[9:19] Primitive: Script running
[9:19] Legion Hienrichs: haha.. ok.. Thanks Ele.
[9:19] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: It's needed though if we use another viewer that's based on .23 correct?
[9:19] Elenia Llewellyn: Yvw :)
[9:19] Legion Hienrichs: Link limits.. that IS new
[9:19] Scotsgraymouser Janus: cool..as it is a major issue for europeans and asians communities
[9:19] Elenia Llewellyn: talk about being out of it this morning
[9:20] Legion Hienrichs: On Hell.. I have a link.. 305 prims.. across my whole region
[9:20] Legion Hienrichs: So.. no more limits on the amount of prims you can link.
[9:20] Legion Hienrichs: if you want ot link 30,000 prims.. have at it
[9:20] Scotsgraymouser Janus: OH WOW!!
[9:20] Legion Hienrichs: But!
[9:20] Ronson Handrick: woooooo hoooooooo
[9:20] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Nice
[9:20] Legion Hienrichs: Do it in small steps
[9:20] Scotsgraymouser Janus: do you realize, i will be SPOILED!!
[9:20] Legion Hienrichs: our you will time out your viewer and crash.. :)
[9:20] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: We all are mouse lol
[9:20] Jim Smart: how will this effect INVY ?
[9:20] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: haha
[9:20] Elenia Llewellyn: Please remember though, if you do that many prims, that you're basically insane
[9:20] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: I've done that without so many prims lol
[9:20] Scotsgraymouser Janus: i will never be able be able to build anywhere again
[9:21] Scotsgraymouser Janus: lol
[9:21] Tranquillity Dexler: Yeah and a call to llMessageLinked will probably be a lot of fun too
[9:21] Jim Smart: With the possbility of a LARGE object
[9:21] Elenia Llewellyn: and yes, you can crash yourself in doing that with teh viewer as it has to read from the DB
[9:21] Scotsgraymouser Janus: lol
[9:21] Elenia Llewellyn: so be judicious in it
[9:21] Scotsgraymouser Janus: *promises*
[9:21] Legion Hienrichs: Well.. keep in mind
[9:21] Scotsgraymouser Janus: *shuffles foot*
[9:21] Legion Hienrichs: When you build here, if you are going to move things to SL..
[9:21] Legion Hienrichs: You have to respect their limits
[9:21] Scotsgraymouser Janus: lol
[9:22] Legion Hienrichs: Because they won't respect your build sizes.. :)
[9:22] Scotsgraymouser Janus: it would be like teleporting in the Fly
[9:22] Scotsgraymouser Janus: ONE BIG MESS
[9:22] Elenia Llewellyn: And if you send me an IM saying, Ele, I can't unlink my mess
[9:22] Lynne Lundquist: <
[9:22] Elenia Llewellyn: I'm going to tell you upfront the build has to be removed
[9:22] Legion Hienrichs: Oh.. you can unlink easy
[9:22] Legion Hienrichs: Just a few hundred prims at a time
[9:22] Elenia Llewellyn: Not if it has to read through the DB to unlink 20k prims
[9:22] Elenia Llewellyn: it will crash
[9:22] Scotsgraymouser Janus: lol
[9:22] Scotsgraymouser Janus: i'd never do that
[9:22] Legion Hienrichs: Well. don't unlink OR link all at once
[9:23] Elenia Llewellyn: That was my point ;)
[9:23] Scotsgraymouser Janus: kk.
[9:23] Legion Hienrichs: Hehe
[9:23] Jim Smart: ie, use common sense then
[9:23] Elenia Llewellyn: Yes
[9:23] Rosa Dagostino: so say my fountain Legion
[9:23] Rosa Dagostino: is linked in 4 pieces
[9:23] Ronson Handrick: hahahaha
[9:23] Rosa Dagostino: i could link that all in 1?
[9:23] Legion Hienrichs: yes
[9:23] Elenia Llewellyn: you jus tmay never be able to unlink it Rosa :)
[9:23] Legion Hienrichs: We can actually link the whole of this island as one build.
[9:23] Legion Hienrichs: Now, taking that in inventory..
[9:23] Legion Hienrichs: I haven't tested that.. :)
[9:24] Scotsgraymouser Janus: what is the max for unlinking that is safe
[9:24] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: lmao
[9:24] Scotsgraymouser Janus: mmmm
[9:24] Elenia Llewellyn: Untested as Legion is only one who's had the access to teh viewer
[9:24] Legion Hienrichs: Yes.
[9:24] Tommy Parrott: Is there a coalesed limit like SL here?
[9:24] Elenia Llewellyn: so I have no idea what or how fast the DB reads to find out
[9:24] Legion Hienrichs: I'm selfish..
[9:24] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Wisely selfish if I may say so
[9:24] Scotsgraymouser Janus: *tries to bribe legion out with brownies*
[9:24] Legion Hienrichs: last week was sick.. so.. didn't do much.
[9:24] Legion Hienrichs: I played Spider Solitair a lot.. :)
[9:25] Elenia Llewellyn: ahhh I'm a FreeCell freak ;)
[9:25] Rosa Dagostino: haha
[9:25] Legion Hienrichs: that's my relax game.
[9:25] Ronson Handrick: ,e too ele
[9:25] Scotsgraymouser Janus: lol Majong
[9:25] Scotsgraymouser Janus: *strangles her typist*
[9:25] Legion Hienrichs: hehe
[9:25] Tommy Parrott: Is there a coalesed limit like SL here?
[9:26] Elenia Llewellyn: majong here too, love it
[9:26] Scotsgraymouser Janus: eeeb brb
[9:26] Elenia Llewellyn: no Tommy, he's basically made it a free for all
[9:26] Tommy Parrott: Great ;)
[9:26] Elenia Llewellyn: until I crash myself on finding a limit ;)
[9:26] Legion Hienrichs: Oh yes
[9:26] Legion Hienrichs: and don't forget, we have 50 groups
[9:26] Tommy Parrott: the 1000 limit in SL really made things tough....
[9:26] Legion Hienrichs: But.. that's alead in there..
[9:27] Elenia Llewellyn: alead?
[9:27] Elenia Llewellyn: I'm cornfused now
[9:27] Tranquillity Dexler: already
[9:27] Legion Hienrichs: already
[9:27] Elenia Llewellyn: thankies :)
[9:27] Legion Hienrichs: Thanks Tranq.. :)
[9:27] Elenia Llewellyn: heheheh
[9:27] Legion Hienrichs: I used to be able to type.
[9:27] Legion Hienrichs: Honest
[9:27] Tranquillity Dexler: No prob.
[9:27] Elenia Llewellyn: Ok so when are you releasing for a test to mentors?
[9:28] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Are we going to end at 50? lol
[9:28] GaiusJulius CaesarAugustus: Why not keep it growing
[9:28] Legion Hienrichs: Well. I will after meeting, even if I can't remember how to kill the Console window
[9:28] Legion Hienrichs: 50 will be the top most likely..
[9:29] Legion Hienrichs: Group creation will need to help make up for lost upload fees..
[9:29] Rosa Dagostino: dont mind that
[9:29] Legion Hienrichs: Hmmm.. Lets make that more business sounding. Group Fees will help offset the cost of allowing Free Uploads?
[9:29] Legion Hienrichs: :)
[9:30] Tommy Parrott: 100 would be an enourmous weight on the DB ;)
[9:30] Tommy Parrott: (groups)
[9:30] Legion Hienrichs: Ele said no, at one point.
[9:30] Elenia Llewellyn: Yup for reason Tommy stated above
[9:31] Tranquillity Dexler: It's getting dark and scary out.
[9:31] Elenia Llewellyn: the group chat is already buggy beyond belief, and until things like that are fixed, I can't sanction having more groups to make things more buggier
[9:31] Tommy Parrott: ;)
[9:31] Rosa Dagostino: is ok tranq we have lights :P
[9:31] Elenia Llewellyn: hahahah
[9:32] Tommy Parrott: Just imagine if SL had 50 groups; NO ONE could do anything!
[9:32] Elenia Llewellyn: Ok, so grid stuffies
[9:32] Tommy Parrott: LOL
[9:32] Elenia Llewellyn: omg
[9:32] Elenia Llewellyn: I try to avoid joining groups there now
[9:32] Elenia Llewellyn: every time I log in, group chat is going on... gah
[9:32] Scotsgraymouser Janus: yep...can't turn off chat
[9:32] Tommy Parrott: I try to avoid going there now at all! ;)
[9:32] Tommy Parrott: lol
[9:32] Elenia Llewellyn: LOL!
[9:32] Rosa Dagostino: so do i
[9:32] Tommy Parrott: Only for CS ;)
[9:33] Scotsgraymouser Janus: i'm so rarely there..but i have all my artist buddies there
[9:33] Elenia Llewellyn: Ok, so grid stuffies
[9:33] Scotsgraymouser Janus: who i'm trying to seduce to here
[9:33] Tommy Parrott: :)
[9:33] Scotsgraymouser Janus: *prims make great addicts*
[9:33] Lynne Lundquist: Indeed
[9:33] Tommy Parrott: Indeed!
[9:33] Tommy Parrott: LOL
[9:33] Elenia Llewellyn: As alot of you are aware, we have a grid dev, some of you even know who that is
[9:34] Scotsgraymouser Janus: *hides under the covers*
[9:34] Elenia Llewellyn: I'm going to let them introduce themselves when they are ready, otherwise *hands Scots a brownie*
[9:34] Elenia Llewellyn: right now, they are getting used to the OS code, and have done a ton of group fixing already, although it's untested at this point
[9:35] Jo Smart: any word on vehicle scripts?
[9:35] Elenia Llewellyn: we gave them a lengthy list already of things to fix, physics being one of them, before someone asks ;)
[9:35] Elenia Llewellyn: damn, too late!
[9:35] Elenia Llewellyn: =P
[9:35] Rosa Dagostino: hehe
[9:36] Legion Hienrichs: Haha
[9:36] Lynne Lundquist: Yeah!!