Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Funny how when one is asked for truth and provides it it's still thought of as a lie. This is why I often say a person honestly makes their own truth to almost all things. It's common that if an accident is eye witnessed by any number of people all of them seeing the exact same thing. Each and everyone of them will have a totally unique story as to the occurring events.

So when I was asked just today actually about the truth of how some in the words of one person were, "Butthurt" because the Starter Avatars that were made by I and my partner rosa has our "brand" on them and supplied this information. We were still accussed of lying. Then too we were told that we were totally wrong about cliques too. Though the two aren't connected to each other all together.

In fact the fact that rosa mentioned cliques and the starter avatars together certainly made it seem I suppose they were mutually about the same people and/or events. Let me be the first to say that too was a lie. Though others may have you believe otherwise. Anyone that truly knows me and rosa knows. We'll give you the truth no matter how much it may hurt even ourselves. We're not one to sugar coat our feelings or beliefs just to make anyone else happy.

If you like being in a clique good for you! I personally have no real objections. After all what is a clique? Lets review that a little. A clique by it's very definition is: an inclusive group of people who share interests, views, purposes, patterns of behavior, or ethnicity. A clique as a reference group can be either normative or comparative. Given this definition it certainly sounds to me like it can be a nice group of "friends" doesn't it? At least when it was spoken out against that's what we were told it was and NOT a clique. Not that it matters to me just stating the obvious here.

So you have your opinions and I have mine. I will forever and always stand my ground and not hide what I say or know to be the truth. When asked for the truth I will give it to the absolute best of my ability. If that too offends you and you don't wish to speak to me knowing I might just remember it being said and happen to mention that fact at some point when asked to recollect it. Then by all means please refrain from speaking what you feel and believe too to be truth. I don't mind either way.

At the end of the day when I lay my head down to sleep. The only ones whose actions I have to be happy with in the dealings of the day are mine and my girl rosa's. No one elses matter. Though of course the friends I keep may play some part. They too are responsible for themselves. After all we're all supposed to be adults. So do what you like and live your life your way. Enjoy it thats what life is for to enjoy. I'd love to get along with everyone fact is as much as anyone can attempt to do that not everyone always will.

While I still believe IW to be a great Family of people. Truth is even families don't always agree on everything. Hell I argue with my real life family a lot. Does that make us hate each other? No just means we each understand we won't always agree though we damn sure do respect the other persons right to not have to. When we're asked a question we give an answer that is the best one we can give or we just refrain and decide it's just not worth it. Either is a choice. Which one we choose when is totally up to us. Today I chose to use my voice and say what I feel like saying loud and clear. So here it is for all to read and enjoy where it won't be deleted or erased. And if what may had been needs to be resaid. By all means state such I'll put it right here so you can see it again.

Till we see you InWorldz. Wish you all the best and much success!

~Onyx aka Gaius

Monday, January 24, 2011


Dont you just hate Cliques? I do with a vengance!

We have been watching Cliques form within IW for a long time now, we have seen some join the clique then for some reason they leave or no longer log in so much. Cliques will form wherever you are, at work, at school, in the office & most definitely in VW's. People in Cliques can be downright nasty, although they give the impression of being so nice. Cliques thrive on Drama & being the cause of drama, even though they will be adament they hate drama! They also post in code... leaving little inuendos that only someone else in the clique will understand... This has been bothering me for quite some time now, most especially since we discovered ruth was returning until Ele had the time to implement the Multi choice, which i might add had always been the intent anyway, but some Residents objected to it being Our Starter Avatars that were used, spouting Favoritism. etc etc.. Objecting to our logo on the jeans, what creator doesnt put their logo on their clothing? FFS.... So the founders, fed up of the complaints from 'some' decided to bring ruth back until we had the Multi choice... I mean, as if they dont have enough to do! So let me set the record straight on a few things here.... Firstly Ele put the call out for the starter avatars the moment she fixed it & wanted to see it run, thats how Ele works... she was on IDI at the time & a lot of Residents were present... We just happened to be the 1st Merchants to get her the package she needed complete with the licence which she already had from us anyway. There was no Favoritism because of the amount of Land we hold, Ele doesnt work that way. Oh & lets set the record straight on that too... Most of our Regions were taken over from Residents who approached us because they needed to offload them & they knew we wouldnt just clear the damn things & leave any residents there without a home. There are very few that we have actually just gone & bought from the Land mass.

We have recently been referred to as Walmart! Well you know... I would much rather sell Affordable quality Items than be seen as some sort of rip off merchant! We try to keep our prices fair for everything we sell & our rents fair too, so every Resident can afford to have their own little 'Dream'.

So now I have got that off my chest I will end with saying... I dont have a mean bone in my body & we will both do all we can to help a person in need. I can spot a faker a mile off, infact we both can. First impressions are rarely wrong, and once we both that get feeling we avoid these people like the plaque. We have each other & we have those we consider true Friends, they know who they are.... as for the Cliques... all I have to say to those who redicule others for their work..... What goes around comes around & one day soon it will all come back on You!

Have a great day in Inworldz
We always do ;)