Saturday, August 28, 2010

Update: Servers Compromised

[quote="Elenia"]There are only a few more regions down at this point, 90% of the grid is up and operational, while Tranq and Legion finish off their parts they are working on. I've replaced the loginscreen to reflect that the grid is up and operational.

At this point, I see our support has been bombarded, heh, and will tackle that for a while here, then call it a night. SL transactions, will be processed in the morning, then I will tackle the last remaining regions that were on the fully compromised server and get them up and running again. During that time, I will start processing orders as well, as I know I'm over 48 hours behind on those, my sincere apologies everyone.

Hopefully, by tomorrow night, we'll be completely caught up in support, orders and regions. That's the goal anyways![/quote]

Well 5 out of 9 of our Regions were back online last night & all looking good ;) The community really rallied here to show support to each other & most especially to the founders.. I am sure a lot has been learnt from this, security has been made more secure so it all helps along the way. Inworldz has survived this latest attack & will come out a lot safer because of it... big round of applause to our Founders for acting so quickly!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Servers Compromised

[quote="Elenia"]Ok, so some information, or at least what we know at this point. InWorldz was targeted by a botnet which successfully compromised 1 server completely, and all the regions on it (I will list those out here). 5 other servers were accessed, but unsuccessful, as we got ahold of our provider and they shut down those servers and worked with us to block out the intruders.

No data was compromised for assets, inworld items, inventories or anything else, that is the good news. We have taken a backup already of those, in case something more happens, all passwords have been changed to the site, grid, our accounts and so on. We do highly recommend changing your passwords, as although we do not have any evidence they got to the database, and the passwords in there are encrypted, we'd rather our residents not take any chances.

We are evaluating the information and logs we have of what was done already, and will continue to do so, security precautions that are even tighter will be enforced tonight before we bring the grid back up.

That's as much as we know without boring you guys or compromising more information, and we'll give you a heads up when we're close to bringing the grid back up.[/quote]

Again Griefers have struck our lovely grid & tried to bring it to its knees... well I have a message for them.... It wont work! Instead of griefing IW why not just get on with improving your own god damn grid!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

What IW has done for me...

What IW has done for me...

Oh wow what it has done for me... us...

I came here alone, even though I already knew Him from OLG, we were dear friends for a long time...

Even had my own sim for a while ~ Cactus Flats

We would talk for hours here.. you couldnt do that in SL with all its 'noise' We were only a few then, but we kept close, had lots of meet ups with the founders as being few we could do that without crashing a sim lol. I remember the day we had 20 on IDI at once & thought wow this is good!

my 1st day here I made a palm tree & called it Ele, that tree is now planted at our office.. its a reminder of just how at Home I had felt on my 1st days here..

I have learnt so much from so many great ppl, such as mouser, & blad & Him of course ;)

Inworldz has given us back our dreams & right now we are living them out & very Happy to be here, we love the sense of a community here... we have some fantastic creators & even more fantastic residents ... Oh & of course we would have none of this had it not been for the dream that Ele, Legion & co 1st had, long ago on that soon (tm) grid.... they vowed to make it a better place & they have done exactly that!


:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!

We have been so busy with our own projects recently that I havent had much time to blog here... A lot has gone on over the last Month.... Our numbers are increasing... our community is growing... and thriving well. We now have a working MLP, thanks to Revision McCallan so we are also busy sorting that out to go with our furniture, that has been the only thing that has prevented us from selling our furniture up till now... We again had a griefer on the grid this week who did manage to do a lot of damage before the Founders discovered it.. so there was a hasty shut down to repair all that & now everything is back online again.

There is still a lot of work to be done to make this grid stable, but with the community spirit that is well present in most of our residents then I am sure the future of Inworldz is still looking very bright indeed!