Sunday, August 22, 2010

What IW has done for me...

What IW has done for me...

Oh wow what it has done for me... us...

I came here alone, even though I already knew Him from OLG, we were dear friends for a long time...

Even had my own sim for a while ~ Cactus Flats

We would talk for hours here.. you couldnt do that in SL with all its 'noise' We were only a few then, but we kept close, had lots of meet ups with the founders as being few we could do that without crashing a sim lol. I remember the day we had 20 on IDI at once & thought wow this is good!

my 1st day here I made a palm tree & called it Ele, that tree is now planted at our office.. its a reminder of just how at Home I had felt on my 1st days here..

I have learnt so much from so many great ppl, such as mouser, & blad & Him of course ;)

Inworldz has given us back our dreams & right now we are living them out & very Happy to be here, we love the sense of a community here... we have some fantastic creators & even more fantastic residents ... Oh & of course we would have none of this had it not been for the dream that Ele, Legion & co 1st had, long ago on that soon (tm) grid.... they vowed to make it a better place & they have done exactly that!


:hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:


  1. I was impressed at my first loggin....
    Are there bugs? some.
    Do things work perfect? no.
    Is there a caring attitude? YES!
    And that makes up for the pains that come with growing.
    I will end up having a larger presence at some point I know.