Saturday, August 28, 2010

Update: Servers Compromised

[quote="Elenia"]There are only a few more regions down at this point, 90% of the grid is up and operational, while Tranq and Legion finish off their parts they are working on. I've replaced the loginscreen to reflect that the grid is up and operational.

At this point, I see our support has been bombarded, heh, and will tackle that for a while here, then call it a night. SL transactions, will be processed in the morning, then I will tackle the last remaining regions that were on the fully compromised server and get them up and running again. During that time, I will start processing orders as well, as I know I'm over 48 hours behind on those, my sincere apologies everyone.

Hopefully, by tomorrow night, we'll be completely caught up in support, orders and regions. That's the goal anyways![/quote]

Well 5 out of 9 of our Regions were back online last night & all looking good ;) The community really rallied here to show support to each other & most especially to the founders.. I am sure a lot has been learnt from this, security has been made more secure so it all helps along the way. Inworldz has survived this latest attack & will come out a lot safer because of it... big round of applause to our Founders for acting so quickly!


  1. Congratulations to Elenia and all at the InWorldz team for swiftly resolving the attack !!

  2. I saw a recent post from soror Nishi that said a lot, quote:
    "The biggest piece of news this week was the attack on InWorldz by some fool who thinks it's clever to break stuff. Miso has voiced my opinions on the saga here.. saying."... hey botnet feebs: attacking Inworldz is like running over a kitten in a Cadillac; no skillz need apply. You want me to admire yer dastardly ch0pz? Hack or something really hard. Until then, yer small potatos. Any monkey or toddler can break a thing." "

    Darn well stated.