Sunday, June 5, 2011

Alchemy County Fair!

An entire month long event of fun, community, and the spirit of giving at the Alchemy County Fair! Located on the recently renovated Isle of Alchemy. Train rides, live shows, djs, carny rides, games, funhouse, photo ops, events, and LOADS of items generously donated by the Inworldz community! Explore by yourself, meet some friends, bring your own, or bring a date!

Is this legit?
We've been very fortunate to have Virtual Helping Hands take part in this event. They're a cross grid charity for helping people with disabilities in virtual worlds and a worthy charity in their own right. They have submitted both paperwork and a charity avatar to Inworldz LLC. All donations will go through this avatar and proper documentation will be provided.

How can we help?
Glad you asked! We need you! We need performers, djs, bloggers, tweeters, merchants, builders, scripters, every friggin body! Have an odd object that doesn't fit in your store? Consider selling it for a month for charity! Want to throw a party? Consider throwing it for charity! Write blogs, tell your friends, tweet it. We're open for a month starting June 1st and ending July 1st (maybe longer). Contact us, let us know. 100% of all tips, sales, proceeds are to go to charity. It's for a very good cause, please consider helping.

Second Harvest Japan
Second Harvest Japan: Emergency Response Portal
Second Harvest Japan Disaster Relief Report
Virtual Helping Hands

Johnny Night
Cryptic Quandry
Saxet Uralia
Charles Mountain

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A very worthwhile Cause & the Region has been done so well, with a working Fair, market stalls with lots of merchants selling their wares (all proceeds going direct to a Registered charitable Organisation, located within InWorldz, who will then pass it on to Second Harvest Japan )