Monday, January 24, 2011


Dont you just hate Cliques? I do with a vengance!

We have been watching Cliques form within IW for a long time now, we have seen some join the clique then for some reason they leave or no longer log in so much. Cliques will form wherever you are, at work, at school, in the office & most definitely in VW's. People in Cliques can be downright nasty, although they give the impression of being so nice. Cliques thrive on Drama & being the cause of drama, even though they will be adament they hate drama! They also post in code... leaving little inuendos that only someone else in the clique will understand... This has been bothering me for quite some time now, most especially since we discovered ruth was returning until Ele had the time to implement the Multi choice, which i might add had always been the intent anyway, but some Residents objected to it being Our Starter Avatars that were used, spouting Favoritism. etc etc.. Objecting to our logo on the jeans, what creator doesnt put their logo on their clothing? FFS.... So the founders, fed up of the complaints from 'some' decided to bring ruth back until we had the Multi choice... I mean, as if they dont have enough to do! So let me set the record straight on a few things here.... Firstly Ele put the call out for the starter avatars the moment she fixed it & wanted to see it run, thats how Ele works... she was on IDI at the time & a lot of Residents were present... We just happened to be the 1st Merchants to get her the package she needed complete with the licence which she already had from us anyway. There was no Favoritism because of the amount of Land we hold, Ele doesnt work that way. Oh & lets set the record straight on that too... Most of our Regions were taken over from Residents who approached us because they needed to offload them & they knew we wouldnt just clear the damn things & leave any residents there without a home. There are very few that we have actually just gone & bought from the Land mass.

We have recently been referred to as Walmart! Well you know... I would much rather sell Affordable quality Items than be seen as some sort of rip off merchant! We try to keep our prices fair for everything we sell & our rents fair too, so every Resident can afford to have their own little 'Dream'.

So now I have got that off my chest I will end with saying... I dont have a mean bone in my body & we will both do all we can to help a person in need. I can spot a faker a mile off, infact we both can. First impressions are rarely wrong, and once we both that get feeling we avoid these people like the plaque. We have each other & we have those we consider true Friends, they know who they are.... as for the Cliques... all I have to say to those who redicule others for their work..... What goes around comes around & one day soon it will all come back on You!

Have a great day in Inworldz
We always do ;)


  1. I find it outrageous that you've been treated this way. As for cliques, I've never been invited so I dunno what they do. I DO know when individuals are sincere, decent, good people and you both meet those standards and then some. As for others who believe otherwise..fuck'em


  2. Thank you ELQ. This is one of the main reasons we stay to ourselves. It just makes our own lives that much easier. While we do enjoy time with friends. Usually we just stick to where we live and visit them or vice versa. While we do often get out to shop even then most of the time it seems it's during times when few are out and about. Or perhaps it's just luck and we're not bothering anyone that way. It's still nice however when we can meet a new Resident and lend a hand or even do the same to an oldbie as there are still some that are just as long in IW as we are that we have helped. It's what makes the world enjoyable for us just being ourselves and doing what we do. Thank you again for your words they are much appreciated and certainly mean a lot! :)

  3. Sorry you guys were treated this way, it seems that no matter where a person goes drama seems to find a way to follow, some seem to thrive on it. I can personally attest to the fairness of your business dealings and practices. Some people are going to complain no matter what, just have to be able to cull the ones that don't matter from the ones that do. Good luck with everything, hope to see the Teals back soon, I'm sure Elenia will make the decision with the entire grid in mind, not a few complainers.

  4. Thanks rosie we know you know first hand. As for the cliquey ones. Not a worry honestly. It's the way of life when others are unhappy with something they must find reason to attempt to make others feel the same. Only thing is we have no problem speaking up about such things and here we're free to do so. While we may not give the names they're easily found without our help. Your comment is much appreciated we wish you the same! :)

    The teals however we too plan to replace with a new set of avatars. They served the purpose they were intended to and we'll still offer them free at our store. The new avi's we have in mind will make it to the Grid along with all the other options that others too provide.

  5. Ooo im sorry =( I have missed the new starter avatars a lot (as a mentor). Ruth gives us a lot more work but the worst part is when no mentor is around. Ppl dont know ruth is no mody shape and get frustrated "born" as an ugly woman with sticky legs. For a spoiled XSL this may be the worst start ever...

    I dont know any "clique" and i might end up on someones black list now, so be it. Im not the kind of person who joins cliques anyhoo ;)

    U did a good work on those start avatars and im sorry it ended like this.

  6. Hmmm... For what it's worth. When I created an account in June (I think)there were just under 4,000 ppl, honestly my primary purpose was to assure myself and my residents in SL of a lifeboat just in case. The last I heard Inworldz was over 30,000... now that kind of growth causes growing pains for sure.
    I entered the world as a ruth and the first person I saw was Elenia who personally escorted me to the freebie shop... Talk about impressing someone!
    As was mentioned above... I refuse to be part of a clique... Since I'm 68yrs old, I still remember a line from Groucho Marx many years ago, {"I wouldn't want to be a member of any group that would have me".

  7. Obviously I'm not a clique-joiner, and nobody has tried to get me into one. I don't believe in them.

    You two are two of the nicest people I've known since entering Inworldz last March. Don't let naysayers get you down.


  8. Thanks Marie that means a lot to us

    Rosa ;)