Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Content Creators of Inworldz!

I have been reading some of the 'Review' blogs that have popped up recently & all I seem to be reading is about the content of so called 'Big Names' who may or may not be bringing their content to inworldz.

We have always seen Inworldz as a place where anyone can create, if they wanted to, where ppl can learn things that perhaps they never could in other grids because no one was ever forthcoming with the information needed or it wasnt readily available, ppl had to go hunt it down.

I do believe the dreams of the founders were to build a grid were every Resident would be able to realise their dreams & not just a selected few that could afford it. There is so much talent in Inworldz from Residents who had perhaps never even tried to build in other grids because everything was so readily available at a price. Here, not everything is readily available so Residents have been learning new skills & I must say we have some wonderful New creators here. There are a number of creators who maybe didnt quite 'make the grade' in other grids, but their creations are wonderful. There are quite a few big names coming to inworldz now, not all are staying, because we still have bugs to sort out & for whatever reason they decide that its just not ready for them yet.. but thats fine, they will come back eventually. In the mean time we have creators in Inworldz that need our support... Merchants seem to be setting up on a daily basis, we have bought a lot of their products for our regions so I am going to start doing a review on what we have purchased, so everyone can see just how good the creators of Inworldz are.... These will not just be fashion reviews, these will be reviews on just about everything that can now be purchased in Inworldz.

Content Creators of Inworldz!  please take a look & follow if you can & lets start showing off our own Creators!

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