Thursday, November 25, 2010

Beta Testers

This week we saw the Residents rally to the call for testers on the beta grid, this is where Tranq & co do all the testing for any code changes they have made before uploading them onto the main grid. This was a test for Networking & there was also a new beta viewer to test with it.

We downloaded the New Beta viewer & went into the beta grid but couldnt remain because He couldnt remain inworldz, He kept crashing & I was presumably techno swiss cheese, even though I saw myself ok :P So we could only report our findings of the Viewer, which were not very good.

Lots are still testing it on the Main grid I believe & helping to iron out the bugs, which is all good. We or rather I, wont be testing the new Beta viewer on the Grid simply because it doesnt have an RLV option & I like to use RLV, as do lots of our Residents now, if our collar sales are anything to go by, perhaps it will be something they will think about in future, being that they like to support All Residents & not having RLV as an Option in the Official viewer is sort of locking out a good percentage of the Residents who might want to use it... IMHO

The testing has been good for Tranq to iron out a few things, I am not sure when this latest update will be released on the Main grid, yet, but you can view its progress here

Hopes the day is finding you all well
Well Wishes
Rosa ;)


  1. awesome! And exciting. I hold my thumbs for it to work out =)

    I couldnt participate because it was in the middle of the night for us in Europe...

  2. I got there early and had no issues the whole time (besides seeing rosa as rainbow swiss cheese lol). It was fun testing and just hanging out with everyone. I love the new viewer and can't wait for them to put it out. I agree that RLV will be needed with it and hope that gets implemented in future releases. I'm looking forward to the next beta test.
    Great and informative blog! :)

  3. While rosa and I have often asked for RLV. Now is a time when we actually believe there will and is more interest in it as an option on the viewer. It was only ever added once and that was to a very beta release. It never did make it to any final release. At that time Elenia said it was more of a shiny and unnecessary. Now that the Grid does support it we could use it in our own Home grown viewer to support those of us in the community that certainly would make great use.

    The beta test seemed to go well over all and though we weren't there for much of it. I'm pleased to see all the progress. Nothing better then seeing first hand. The one thing we all do know is that our Founders certainly are there for us as a community as much as we are there for them and each other.

    I and rosa are always pleased to be a part of such a special place!