Saturday, November 13, 2010

Whiskeys Blog Challenge

I have been looking at the blogs that have joined this challenge & I got to thinking well what can I add to that?

Since my 1st day in Inworldz I have been singing its praises, back then I was alone inworldz, just me & my store... working all hours & not really thinking too far ahead. I was also in SL then too, thats where most of my business was. Inworldz was peaceful, a place where I could go to chill out & just enjoy creating... we were few then, so it was rare you got an IM but lovely when you did lol. My 1st feeling of the community came just a few days in, although we were few, everyone was very helpful, nothing was too much trouble. As time has gone on our little world has grown, but that sense of community has grown with it... I have to put that down to Elenia, she wanted every Resident who came into Inworldz to be met by someone & welcomed into the community... that still goes on today with the Mentors Group. Although we are no longer Mentors ourselves, due to us having just too much to do Inworldz ourselves now, it doesnt stop of us from helping anyone that needs our help.

Inworldz is unlike any grid we have ever been in, I believe thats because most of us who have made that crossing from SL have done so because we needed something more...

For me personally now the best thing about Inworldz has to be my partner. He is the reason I look forward to living everyday... Inworldz is where we have built our Home & our Business; & where we will reside, come what may.... Inworldz is our future. We enjoy meeting every Resident who comes our way, exploring other Regions, seeing what other creators are doing & generally just being in a world of friendly people...

We wish you well
Rosa ;)


  1. Those pics are awesome Rosa!! How fun!!! thank you for taking time to participate. :) I'm glad you did. xo

  2. Thanks! if you go to the flicr there are a whole lot more of older ones ;) Its nice to look back & see how far we have come

  3. Great post! And I have said it before but say it again, your jump and hug attachment are awesome!! Ty a lot =)

  4. awww thanks Hun, though I cannot take credit for that, He does all the toys, animations etc... I just design clothes