Friday, December 17, 2010

Busy times

Havent posted here in a couple of weeks, we have just been so busy with things so today while he is away I am doing a catchup ;)

Been reading some blogs, Ele did an Inworldz History which we both found very interesting, sometimes we miss those early days when we were very few & our world was very peaceful... last xmas the founders created Christmas Island & the snow tranq did was awesome!

Christmas Island ~ Inworldz 2009

This is a time I suppose when most of us think back & reflect.... our thoughts are with those we have loved & lost... Christmas from long ago in our past that just seem to come right back to us as we pull out the tree & tinsel & those memories come flooding back, sometimes they make us smile, sometimes they make us cry & sometimes they make us laugh out loud, but without them where would we be?

Inworldz we have been so busy that i have hardly had time to get any xmas stock done, but its no big deal because in this world we can take it easy, there is no mad rush to sell, sell, sell... if ppl buy then thats great, if they dont, then thats ok too, we cant all produce what the average Avatar would like to wear ;)

Most of our time these days is taken up with our rental business, we enjoy creating new enviroments where ppl may want to live or conduct their business... sometimes we get it right, sometimes we dont, but we get to do what we want to do & we enjoy doing it.

We mostly have a laid back attitude to most things & try not to worry too much overall... I think we compliment each other in being that way.

Thats all from me this time
See you Inworldz
Rosa ;)


  1. Yes inWorldz is so relaxed because we can afford it. In SL you have the whip after you all the time to get the economy to not show red...

    And wow what nice snow you had last christmas!! Is it possible to buy it somewhere??


  2. yes indeed, things go on, it is a 'perpetuum mobile', all things evoluate, sometimes in a good sense, sometimes it doesn't...but for now we have the luxery to do it still at ease at IW :-)

  3. @ Kranfel... No i dont think tranq actually sells his products, too busy with the grid i suppose lol, but yes it was fantastic snow he made & it felt so real being in it ;)

    @ Mira.... hopefully that luxery of doing things at ease will never leave us in IW ;)

    Thank you both for your comments
    rosa ;)