Sunday, December 19, 2010

Inworldz vs Secondlife...

We dont go in SL very often any more, mainly only to collect things from our huge inventories that we have forgotten, thats if its still there in our inventories of course, as SL are always losing things :P

However when we do go in ... I am finding it to be more & more frustrating & so glad we found IW which we can now call home ;) Firstly in SL now... I dont know wtf is going on, but whenever we log in, my collar is either on my shoulder or my ass... it is never on my neck/spine where I have always had it & where it is supposedly locked into place, just as it is in IW. I have actually given up re-attaching it now as it always ends up somewhere else :(

Another frustrating thing with attachments that i have discovered in SL is .... I am finding things attaching as huds when they should attach to my feet or pelvis or something, so then i have to bloody re-attach everything & in SL now with its lag, that can be a nightmare :(

New Residents in IW often complain about some of the known bugs we still have in Inworldz, but ya know... we are finding SL to be far more laggy & buggy then IW has ever been... As for Inventory loss, well if we lose it in IW its no big deal as it only cost us time to upload it, but if we have lost things in SL & I have lost loads of my own textures in SL from the clothing I have created..... textures that cost me a damn fortune to upload over the years, i might add.... I cant even begin to imagine that cost *rolls eyes

Yesterday I was adding up the cost of IW compared to SL, cost to us personnally for what we now own in IW..... I tell ya we almost died when we saw what the tiers in SL would be costing us for the amount of sims we now own in IW, & that was without the cost of purcahse & set up.... it would be an impossibility for us to achieve our dreams over there... I am so glad we are no longer lining SL's greedy pockets

All in all, when you look everything over & compare.... Inworldz comes out on top for us ;) Yes our community is still small in comparison, but hey we have something inworldz that we have never known in SL... we have a community that cares.... that along with Founders who listen & go out of their way to help in any way they can do... well what more could we need?

and on that note I leave you all with our Blessings for a Wonderful Christmas & new years.... we know ours is going to be a great one with all we have planned ;)

Big hugs to yas
Rosa ;)


  1. Cant agree more! Inwordz make my dreams come tru, to be able to have my own sim! And a LOT Of prims! I never think about prims anymore... what a relief!

    Hugs and happy holidays!

  2. I have to agree with everything you say....Merry Christmas.

  3. Very well said My rosa. InWorldz is indeed far better in for us. There's just so much more we and anyone wanting can achieve in the over all scheme of things. That will only improve as things like physics arrive. IW is what SL should have been. Might had been if the Lindens would have been like our Founders. Of course that's a rare thing and we're all lucky to have them as we are to have IW and each other.

  4. yes me too I agree :-) whish, whish IW will keep the same spirit for 2011 !
    Merry Christmas :-)

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  6. It's great to find a place to live out your virtual dreams. Wishing you both all the best for the coming year.-bebe

  7. I completely agree with what you said.
    Merry Christmas :)

  8. great comparison and premium membership for sl expires on the 4th of jan,i was gonna renew,but now im not..inworldz is alot more fun and people are more friendly.
    happy holidays