Friday, May 14, 2010

April 26th 2009 ~ Purchased Sim

Well I have done it!

I have finally Hit that pay button & bought me a Mainland Region in Inworldz, so my Lovely new Building will have a Home after all.

As for LCO well, I did like their set up & I do still have my store in their Main building... I think, but after the Simone affair I think it sort of killed them off a bit, as not many ppl go there........... I only had 1 sale in almost a Month from that grid, yet in OLG where my Store is still in Newstead I am getting sales every week, not much good to me as I can't get out my money, last lot I gave to a friend, the lot i had before that another friend cashed for me.... My region there expires on May 8th & I wont be renewing it, so I doubt I will ever have access to my money!

So I own a sim again, an affordable sim in a world where ppl know what they are doing & if you do report a bug they welcome it so they can fix it & that is how customers should be treated! Whether we pay or not we are all entitled to some customer service, in OLG you have none even if you own Land. In SL now I am not a landowner anymore, I have to wait it out & can only ask certain questions, which kinder sucks but that is SL for you............. its all about the Money with them.

Inworldz has a different 'Feel' to it... I like being in there & I am going to love building on my sim ( flat gound so much easier to play with ) so watch this space coz i intend to journal my pioneering days in there..... :P

Smiles & waves

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