Saturday, May 15, 2010

A growing & Thriving World!

Inworldz has grown tremendously over the past month, this is what we have waited & held on for, our world to grow. We always had faith in our founders & have all done our best to support them in any way we could do... now its beginning to pay off... smiles

In the beginnings mostly there would be only 1 or 2 of us online at once, sometimes no one at all, that would put off any new residents who ventured within , now when you go to log in there is a minimum of at least 16 online at once & that grows daily. A few weeks ago I did a double take when i noticed 49 online at once.. of course there are a lot more members now, we reached 2000 yesterday & were well on the way to 3000.

We have a lot of creators joining our world & that will all help us to grow even more. We know the future is looking bright, we have always felt that within Inworldz... never doubted or lost faith or had any cause for complaint against our Founders, they build this world for us.. the residents!

We know of all they have in mind for the features that will come once the grid is more stable... some mind blowing stuff is on its way & that is what W/we both work towards now, as well as creating for our residents we are looking towards the future & beyond

Its great to be a part of this world.. INWORLDZ!! Come join us, you wont be dissapointed, believe me ;)


  1. yay!! good idea to move to Blogger... have heard of spam problems with some of the other free sites and blogger has served me well over the last three years....

    ...still making trees Inworldz...:))


  2. oh goody come & place some at our place, as someone was asking about them