Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sept 4th 09 ~ Mentors

This week, along with other Residents of Inworldz, I took on the job of Mentor. Greeting & meeting new Residents coming into the Grid. We help them to get from Ruth to ruthless hehe. Give them information, like how to use SI etc & basically Welcome them to Inworldz! I have met some really lovely new people this week & we have had quite a few Register with us this week too. Inworldz is growing! Yayyyyy

As I have mainly been building around the Welcome island it has been quite easy for me to meet any new Residents coming in, as i am in the area & inworld for a lot of hours too.

I look forward to continuing on with this role in the coming weeks, giving as much time as I am able to, welcoming our New Residents.... its quite fulfilling.

Thank you Inworldz
Smiles & waves

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