Saturday, May 15, 2010

July 14th 09 ~ Inworldz Website

I have said a lot about the Inworldz grid, being stable, having currency et etc... yeah i know I go on about it, but I can't help it, this World just amazes me & in so short a time & after the bad experience I had in OL, well its simply the Best IMHO & that needs to be said!

Anyway it isnt just the grid thats fab, the website may not look much at the moment, but inside on my account I can access....

Check Transactions - from here I can check all transactions on my account.... its simple right now, but is being worked on ;)
Account Settings - Here I change password, join the Beta grid
Inventory - This is Brand new this week... I can access my inventory, move things about etc... without even being on the flippin grid! How fantastic is that???
Region Support - this gives me info on my region & allows me to pay for tier with 3 choices... pay month by month, pay 3 monthly, pay by subscription & it all updates automatic
Buy Currency - well obviously I can buy currency of course hehe... as far as i am aware we can only do this via our accounts for now, but I am sure this will be available by hitting the buy button on the viewer at some point in the future ;)
Partners - Yes you can partner here too ;)
View Support Tickets - You can view any support tickets you have sent in, but none of us really need to send in support tickets much as we rarely have anything to report :P
Bug Reports - this takes you to the Mantris, this is where we report any little findings, on the grid, on the website, in beta w/e... again not much to report :P
Download Viewer - from here you download the viewer obviously :P

You can also get to the forum via the website & if you do happen to report anything in there it is dealt with ASAP.... not Ignored :P

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