Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Growing Pains!

This has been a week of growth & conflict as the population increases, so do the issues & conflicts that come with many people all coming together in one world. The difference in Inworldz is that we all came here for change... we dont want a clone of SecondLife... we want/need to learn from those mistakes & build a better world for everyone.

We believe in Inworldz we can have a better world, because the founders want a better world too.. they really do listen to their residents. We do have a real sense of a community spirit here... New Residents are met & welcomed into our World from the moment they 1st log in & if, for some reason, no one happens to be in our Welcome area then they have access to a list of Mentors who are online & can contact them directly.

The main conflict for the moment is arising from the welcome area being too close to the coffee shop were Residents like to hang out to relax & socialise. It can be hard for any Mentor working the Welcome area because there is so much chatter going on & although no one would wish to stop people hanging out at the coffee shop.. it is becoming a major headache for all. especially with the amount of new Residents we are getting on a daily basis.. we are almost at 6000 as I write this.

The welcome area has also seen an increase of Spammers who are spamming new residents as they log in.. this goes against the Tos for the welcome area. There is simply no need for this... IDI ~ Inworldz Desert Island aka the Welcome area... also has a Shop full of freebies that have been donated by Residents & Merchants to help our New residents get started in this world. each resident/ merchant can pop a notecard & landmark into those freebies.

The founders are busily working almost 24/7 to get this grid stable, we have some issues but knowing that if we report them, they are either dealt with & sorted or at least they are aknowledged & you get some sort of answer.. that in itself is a Major plus for this grid. The founders are active around the grid & in the forums & are easlily accessable..

So the growth goes on & Life is really beginning in this Lovely World that Inworldz brings to us...

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