Tuesday, April 12, 2011

2 Year rez day!

Wow 2yrs already!

Yes today I am 2yrs old in InWorldz... I think I might be the oldest resident now too... oh apart from Ele & legion of course who are both just ancient in here

Thought I might share a little bit of History with you ;)

Well I came at the Invitation of one of the now retired Founders... Lecktor. I had just left the disastrous OLG & was seeking another 'new World' I had already joined LCO & was enjoying that but.... then I came to IW & I have never looked back since!


Thats me a few days in after fixing myself up a wee bit ;)

There were no Mentors then, infact i came in to an empty grid as i am in UK & they were all sleeping haha I suppose I am fortunate being a creator myself I was soon able to upload my stuff & make myself look halfway decent. Back then the Mainland was on a free to build for all & i well took advantage of that! I fell in love with the middle Region Cactus Flats, mainly because it was the only Flat region on the mainland, all the others had mountains back then. They didnt last long though, ele didnt like the mountains ;) I soon began building...
It took me all of 14 days to build up that store & come to the decision to purchase that piece of land on April 26th I proudly took possession of cactus Flats & my store was born...

Back then I spent every waking moment being mostly in IW, but I also still had my business to run in SL, I had already sold my land there & was only renting, but I still needed to spend sometime there, didnt I? Well that time became less & less as I came to Love IW more & more.... loving all the work being done to make things good, all the features & the glitches of which there were many lol
Like the day my sim looked sick on the map?
or the 1st time I logged in to this....

Up till then I had slowly been building up my 'stock' from scratch as i didnt have SI, but then someone posted about a new viewer that could copy your rezzed items in sl ? What! well this i did with abandon!
I had never seen anything like this before & meerkat became my new toy! I loved it! sadly it died, but it was fun while it lasted!

A lot of us from the OLG came here with great expectations, but also sadly feeling a little deflated & obviously Cautious! I began to see old friends here... Onyx (Gaius) came April 22nd, also Mouser, Blad, Mortus, the smarts & a few others who have since left. Onyx had SI & began bringing in some things for me that you just couldnt get with meerkat, animations, sounds to make the chairs & birds come to life... oohhh I could model too now. I already had an AO, leck had given me one, but now with my animations i could make my own ;)

Each day that passed seem to bring us something new, Ele fixing the classifieds, bringing us a currency, all done without any pre warning i might add... when ele gets a bee in her bonnet... well just look out haha

A few of us Residents were working on the welcome area at IDI, it was a Roman theme back then... more & more new Residents were coming in, being on IDI we could catch them. Then Ele created the Mentors Group & I was very proud to have been asked to become a Mentor...
back then we had an alert... Ele would see them coming... 'quick everyone to IDI' and we would bundle over & do what we could to help. I loved being a Mentor, but time began to run away with me as my life here took a turn for the better & I partnered with Gaius, my dear friend, who, as Onyx, the Gorean warrior had, had me running for the hills! haha but thats another story ;)

All in all its been an incredible 2 years! I wouldnt give IW up for anything! I am placing some links here to slideshows on
I do hope you will go & view & just see how far we have come...


Now I would like to say a Big Thank you to every Resident here for helping to keep this Community... thriving & a Big thanks to The Founders, without whom this world would not exist!
& a Very Big thank You & much Love to Gaius, who has made these 2yrs Wonderfully Happy for me.


  1. Happy Rez day Rosa! What a great post and a wonderful time-capsule look back through the past two years. I've only been around less than a year but already I've seen InWorldz growing by leaps and bounds, with improvements at every turn. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Happy rezz day! My first year will be in a few weeks. There were just under 4000 ppl there then.
    I will always remember that Elenia personaly was there greeting new ppl and walked me to the freebie shop to deRuth.