Friday, April 22, 2011

Phlox Test at Welcome center!

Tonight we tested Phlox on our 11k+ prim welcome center with everyone wearing AOs, their favorite tiny avatars, even a unicycle. The results were awesome. We were all able to move around, chat, dance and have an awful lot of fun for over 40 minutes while other avatars were coming and going. We got to 67 avatars having fun on our welcome center with much overhead available to have even more people stop by. It should also be noted that this is an unoptimized build for debugging.
Eventually we hit a network timeout calling into a grid service that took down the region. We’re taking a look at the stack trace and determining how to mitigate the problem.

Thousands of scripts running and the only lag we had on the region was when we had a couple avatars teleporting into the region, and on the client. This demonstrates the reason we took on this project and why it was so important. Being together is so important and we want to make sure everyone can gather with their friends and enjoy their world.  No clouds required.

as posted by Tranq on IWT 

They have asked for Residents to  volunteer their regions for further testing 

See more Pix from this great event!


  1. This is fantastic news! While I haven't been getting to Inz often (still trying to stay above water @ papa grid) I'm still a proud member. My gosh, I've got to log-in this eve and take a look around.