Saturday, April 16, 2011

Back to Creating!

Well as some of you may have read on the Forums GJCR Rentals is having to close its doors! :(

So what does that really mean for our Future?

It means that due to ill Health, and for the present time, Gaius will no longer be able to spend a lot of Hours on the grid as he used too & when he is able to we would be better served spending that precious time together doing what we like to do & just enjoying all IW has to offer, without the added stress that came with running a rental business. As much as we both enjoyed it, it was very stressful at times & always time consuming which didnt leave us a lot of time for much of anything else.

We both love to create & that sort of went on the back boiler a bit as our Business grew, so now we can spend some time getting back to creating. You will always see us both on the grid together, but mostly early mornings it is just I with both avatars logged in, I try to get most of my work done while he is sleeping so when he wakes up we can have time together & just enjoy that time, for however long we can do.

In the past we have had our work, pulled apart, disected & sometimes cruely ridiculed because some residents felt a resentment towards us for whatever their reasoning. It never stopped us from creating though & never will do because its what we both enjoy doing, myself especially so... I do so because i need to feel productive in a way i cannot any longer in the real world.

We may no longer 'fit in' with the world that is emerging in IW, but it will never stop us from being there or supporting it all we can do, as we have always done... no one can ever say we did not fully support IW or its Founders. Nor will it stop me from telling it like it is, thats just me ;)

At the moment I am trying to catch up on designs i had done but never had time to get out because of all the work we had to do to keep up with the rentals. We have so many things incomplete, which we will now have time to complete & get out there. At the moment I am enjoying doing more landscaping & hope to bring you a lot more new & Hopefully inventive creations.

We will still have our Divine Intuition space over on Pisces & we hope to do a lot more with that & the blog that goes with it... also the fashion blog, were always out shopping & he is always buying me new outfits... he spoils me... smiles. I hope to get some work done on that soon & make it what i intended... a review of all IW Creations & Creators.

So hopefully too I will be posting more here ;)

See you all Inworldz

Rosa ;)


  1. Things change, not much we can do about it. I hope you will continue to have a good life in inWorldz! Hugsss

  2. huggles to you both, I will pray for healing for Gaius.even though we never hung out you and Gaius were two of the first residents of IWz I met when I first explore and made me feel welcome. I. consider you and all the residents my family. love ta both!

  3. Thank you both thats much appreciate & yes Kranfel things do change & sometimes for the better so who knows ;)

  4. The cause of old age, sickness, and death is birth.
    We all suffer from that common fate.

    It's not how long one lives as much as it's how well one lives.
    You two have done well, it's never easy to be a pioneer.

  5. Don't be a stranger and retreat completely. You're always welcome to drop by and say hello. You mentioned about doing some building. Sometimes the best things you can make are for yourself primarily. That is your main and most important audience for what you build. In other words, have fun! That is the most important thing you can do.

    take care.