Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Full Circle!

Things seem to have turned a full circle for us at the moment, having been able to offload the 27 Regions, we had with our Tenents kept safely with the new owners, we now find ourselves renting a 1/4 sim on Genesis, right where we began... We had that region renamed a long while ago, but it is probably one of the 1st private regions there ever was in IW, its where we had our home when we 1st got together & where we built our store... that is now on our Home Region, Scorpio, but we wanted the 1/4 region for the Prefabs he has done, he built a lot for our R/P regions, so now he will place those out for sale at our prefab store on Genesis. Also keeping Divine Intuition going on Pisces, which was another old region of ours we had renamed. so yes it feels like we have come full circle... smiles.

We thank each of the new owners for being able to take the regions & tenents over... We know it must have been a headache for Ele to sort out, but hopefully we made that process a little less of a headache with Him being so organised with it all...

It has been nice to not have the stress that running a rental business can bring & just being able to do what we wish to do & start enjoying our Home, catching up with friends & being able to chill out lol

I do miss some parts of it though I am sure before long with all the things we are now able to do, those parts wont be missed at all. We really have been surprised by the community & in a lot of ways it has made us realise that we have been missing out on a lot... that will no longer be the case as we begin to get involved more with what is happening around the grid & be able to attend events, health permitting, as & when they occur.

So you may see us around the grid more... please say hello if you do ;)
Rosa ;)


  1. Good job! It says a lot about you two that you were able to take care of your residents.
    Our residents trust us to provide for them honestly.
    While I only have three sims in SL, I too have made arrangements to see that my residents will be taken care of in the event something happens to me.

  2. Thanks Brinda, that means a lot! We did a have a couple of the new tenents, not knowing us of course, who demanded refunds & took off, even though they were free to remain till May 4th. All of our Older tenents though remained & trusted we would get them all sorted & we have done. Believe me that is a load off of our minds, knowing they are all safe & will be able to remain on the Regions they have come to see as Home.