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Phlox Rox!

InWorldz is now running on the Brand New, made for InWorldz, Phlox Script Engine & so far we personaly havent found any problems with it, but are aware tranq & the team are running about doing any fixes needed ;) Here is the list, by Jim of what has been fixed on this roll out...

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I'm getting asked if this fix or that fix is in this update, and since the previous list wasn't final and a few more changes have been made since the beta list, and since the other was lost in the middle of that Phlox thread, here is the final list of changes in the R1070 "Phlox" rollout upgrade that has been applied grid-wide in the last 24 hours:

Reliability and Performance
- The latest and greatest Phlox implementation, many performance, functional and compatibility changes applied, including a few final ones beyond the most recent beta run.
- Inbound HTTP is now supported.
- Attachments are now supported in group notices.
- Fixed the incorrect filtering of newline characters that was rearranging profile comments, notice text and other multi-line text fields.
- Avatar jitter/bounce while standing should be greatly reduced and in most cases eliminated.
- Small changes to position no longer affect avatar velocity so that the avatar won't drift.
- Disabled accidental movement of prims caused by applying grab events to non-physical objects. Should fix some unexpected "cracks" between prims.
- Fixed timestamps on object "Inspect" operations. (e.g. Fixes "1969" dates on Inspect lists.)
- Reliability fixes (concurrency issues between threads) for some cases of region crossings and inventory transfers.
- Fixed an exception that would always occur if an unlink was a partial unlink (i.e. one that required a link of the remaining prims). This fixed Mantis #702 where unlinking one prim from a link set would result in the full unlinking of the all prims in the link set.
- On an owner transfer, the default click action is now set to to Touch if it was set to Buy Object and it was not for sale (for all child prims as well as the root prim).
- Problems with objects being "partly" locked should be fixed. This problem caused a user with mod permissions to be unable to clear the "Locked" status in some cases.
- An object's "Locked" status is now cleared on an owner transfer.
- Fixed a bug introduced in rev 852 which was a bit overzealous in fixing the fake "locked" bits for Next Owner permissions as well as the current owner. The "locked" bits should not apply to next owner. The result was that a Take and a rez would result in modify being enabled for next owner even if it was disabled in the Inventory item. This bug did not make it to the main grid except on the birthday test regions.
- Fixes camera and also other cases of strange positioning on region crossings.
- Fixed a crash that could occur when there is a timeout authorizing an incoming agent, and increased that timeout.
- Negative responses for sim information queries are now cached to prevent lag when riding along a sim edge.
- New debit requests now correctly always pop up the permissions dialog regardless of if it's granted or not already.
- Fixed edit mode selection for singles, groups and coalesced objects.
- Fixed region crossings to avoid being recognized as attachment adds.
- Improved the error handling for communications between the messaging and user servers.
- Buy operations on objects that you own, or someone else owns, have been improved both in terms of usability (error messages) and security fixes.
- Fixes to the criteria used to send object properties to a viewer.
- Users missing an inventory skeleton no longer cause an exception.
- Fixed an issue where changing the shape of a prim incorrectly removes the prim from the physics actor dictionaries. (Also Mantis #825 and at least 1 other bug report.)
- Many inventory operations and other packets are now asynchronous.
- Added a second class of fire and forget pool for long IO operations.
- UUID name requests and attachment rezzing are now asynchronous.
- Control events are filtered to avoid spew caused by the client sometimes sending excessive control packets to the server.

- Fixed llEdgeOfWorld() to avoid requiring DNS lookups.
- Fixed llEdgeOfWorld() to correctly determine which of the four region edges a direction points to, returning whether or not there is a neighboring region across that edge, or end of world, regardless of the position and direction specified.
- Fixed llGetAgentInfo() to include AGENT_WALKING when an agent is moving and AGENT_ALWAYS_RUN is set (i.e. when an avatar is running).
- Fixed llAvatarOnSitTarget() to return the agent sitting on the prim that the script is running in, if that prim has a sit target set and an agent sitting on it. (Previously it returned the root prim's status if it also had a sit target, even if there was no longer a script there and no agent sitting.)
- Fixed a breakage in llGetTime()
- Fixed llRequestAgentData() to return 0 for DATA_ONLINE if the user does not exist
- Added full support for touch() events.
- Fixed the return values for llDetectedTouchUV/llDetectedTouchST() in touch_end events (Mantis 771).

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