Friday, May 6, 2011

Creators V Players V Merchants?

Players = Residents who do not create & prefer to purchase goods in a VW

Creators = Residents who love to create & mainly Create for their own needs
Merchants = Residents who create & sell their wares to the VW

Presently we seem to have more Merchants & Creators InWorldz than we do Players, that has nearly always been the case Inworldz... However Merchants & Creators can be Players too & InWorldz, amongst the majority of residents, you do seem to find Creators & Merchants supporting each other. I think that is what makes Inworldz Unique!

However there are the exceptions.... A Merchant who thinks they are being copied just because another Merchant produces something similar, or has the same idea & produces something very disimilar, but along the same lines, so Merchant One goes out of their way to make cruel jibes against Merchant two. Fortunitly it doesnt happen often, but it does happen, as we can vouch for having been targeted by such a Merchant.

Merchants & Creators are in the Many in InWorldz, you are bound to get similar looking items, same as You do in SL... We each put our own personal stamp to our products, at least I hope we do. Not long ago when we were still new some newer Merchants were using Template productions, so there did seem to be a lot of the same fashions around at that time, but we have grown since then & so too I would hope have the talents of the Creators who used templates, in the beginning. We all have to start somewhere...

The Beauty of InWorldz  is that its a Creators Paradise... No upload fees, so no real overheads except your own space, which is so cheap... it can be as minimal as you can afford, even free in some Regions. New Residents come to InWorldz & suddenly find themselves Creating, perhaps for the very 1st time, even if they have been in SL for many years beforehand.

I believe as we grow we will find more & more of the Player Residents coming to InWorldz especially when Phlox & Physics are added to the grid, which isnt that far away now.... We have come a long way & InWorldz is such a Nice friendly grid that we simply cannot fail...

It is great to be an Inworldz Resident!
Rosa ;)

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  1. It is great to be an IW resident. I've never been so inspired on SL