Sunday, May 22, 2011

Immortal Legions in Inworldz!

Immortal Legions is a game similar to Bloodlines, but not as intrusive. The Creator Zen Gloom, developed this game for Inworldz, keeping in mind all the things people did not like about Bloodlines. He has gone far beyond what Bloodlines has to offer, IMHO... Immortal Legions is a hud you can purchase at a very reasonal cost.. there are bloods for all kinds of Avatars... Fae, witch, demon, vampire to name but a few. Once you wear the Hud you can hunt other Hud owners, have combat with them, destroy them.. it has so many functions to it. Now where some Residents did not like the idea of Hud owners being able to bite/gain energy from any Resident not wearing a Hud, without their knowledge, others recognised that You just cant have it both ways. A none player being bitten, has no knowledge of it, they dont get a pop up note telling them thay have been bitten, their name does not go into any data base.. it is just a means for Hud owners to recharge their meters, so they can continue play.

We know Bloodlines has given the whole vampire game play a bad name, most Residents you talk to, hate it with a vengeance, but Immortal Legions is different to bloodlines & has removed all the 'bad' things about bloodlines that players did not like. We really do think this Game should be given a chance & the Creator should be Applauded for His efforts.

We met Zen Gloom, the creator on His 1st day in Inworldz, we were building up our Gor Sim & he landed right in the middle of the Market. We offered Him space to sell His creations, as he did them & a Home for him & his girls in the Slaver House, as he then took on the Role of Slaver, but He did so much more than that... He helped us to build up the Regions, he brought new Residents in for Gor & we could soon see He was a very good creator. His 1st project was the Gorean Combat Meter & he developed a way for Residents to have Combat without the need of Physics. He also made the weapons to go with it... all can still be purchased i believe at His store on Pisces. Immortal Legions can be found on Major bay.

We do hope Residents will at least look at this game with an Open mind & not dimiss it out of hand because they think its Bloodlines. These Huds & there are many for any type of Role Play you can imagine, they can really enhance Your role play because they are so much more that what Bloodlines ever was.

See you all Inworldz...
Rosa ;)


  1. Any garlic necklaces available?
    Immortal Legions or Bloodlines under anyname?
    No. No not now.
    No. Not ever.
    I'm not comfortable being even a NPC in anyones "game".
    I don't care if I'm alone in this. I didn't come to this world to be around role play that demeans (Gor) or is combat related. Thats what WoW is for.
    I came to Inz for the friendlyness that has gone away in SL.
    I came to Inz to build and to build a community.
    I'm not dismissing this "game" out of hand.. but with a closed mind? absolutely

  2. As is your right Brinda.. I dont feel it demeans Gor in any way.

    We too found Inworldz in the hopes of finding a better world than SL where a lot of ppl were greedy, money grabbing players with no feeling or emotion for the Person behind the Avatar. There can be & has been very good communities built within R/P. This Hud is not just for vampires & whether You or I, like it or not, this world was built for & welcomes all Residents no matter whom or what they choose to be. Thats the beauty of Inworldz ;)

  3. Oh, sorry for my lack of clarity heh heh.
    I simply find Gorean demeaning to women

  4. Thats because Gor depicts a time & place that was in olden times... some women hanker after those times & lets face it... In this era, its all consentual, even if they live the lifestyle in real life, it would only be demeaning if it was not consentual

    rosa ;)