Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Its coming.....

Its finally about to Land... The New Website personaly I liked the very 1st one, basic yet it worked for me, though I realise we had to progress at some point I just dont like shinies when were still waiting for stability... the latest website would have sufficed, for now IMHO. Unless of course Ele has some little suprises in the new one.. oohhh maybe an Online Market, now that would be good! Or perhaps the riddance of Ruth again.... I still think that was a backwards move, that was completely unnecessary, wouldnt have taken me but a second to remove the offending logo, but there you go & it certainly showed us who are friends were & werent ;)

Moving on.... The grid is quiet at the moment with it being Holiday season, so its time to reflect a bit & perhaps enhance on what you do have. We have some plans in mind for our store... it needs to grow as it houses so much now.. our own creative talents having improved so much in so many areas... scripting is the one we both fail at though, He is better than i with it lol, which is why he does all the scripting for our products :P We are really getting into the building at the moment... I mainly use my standalone as I have absolutely no lag at all on it, no interuptions, not that I have that many as most ppl IM Him 1stly... unless of course its someone spamming me with bloody New store openings! Grrrsss I really hate that! Having someone I do not know, have never heard of, just drop a flippin notecard on me telling me their store is opening.... so what? If I want to know about places, events or new stores opening up I will go look at the Forum or classifieds. I would never presume to do something like that to anyone & then to have the said person argue with me over it when I tell her i dont like being spammed... to the point of her telling me she doesnt believe in my lifestyle choice.... do I care? Not in the least, its my choice & it was she who invaded my space when she spammed me... so that is one store we will never visit or buy from...

Sometimes I worry about the future of Inworldz, will it turn into another SL which most of us really do not want. The Founders are, I believe, taking the grid in another direction, with this new script engine... I just hope, we the Residents can keep the community spirit live & kicking as we grow... It shouldnt be too hard... if the most of us dont accept certain behaviours inherited from another place & keep on the path we are on... then hopefully Inworldz will breed a new & refreshing kind of Resident... hmm that doesnt sound right... what I mean is.... well I think you all know what i mean ;)

Thats all from me for now... see you Inworldz..

oh btw incase you are not aware of it... the fair has been extended to run till July 22nd.... so if you havent paid a visit yet, please do... not only is it for a worthy cause, but they did such a splendid job on the build, its a must see.... smiles

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