Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Update to grid

The new update is really good Patch R639

one of our unused regions was used in the beta test Twisted Isle so we went over there to test out the new perms & i have to say i am impressed!

I can now change the perms on all the stuff he is bringing in for me on SI without having to rez the darn attachments out & re attach them which really slows you down, as we sell all our items now at copy/mod & not mod/trans as we used to in SL.

As far as we know it has been updated over the whole grid now though I believe there are a few minor hiccups

We havent been Inworldz yet today so we dont know if any of our Regions are affected, hopefully not as we had 3 down for hours yesterday, one of them being our very popular Shopping district Pisces

But we have to expect these hiccups & at least in IW we know they will be sorted ASAP!

So hats off to the Founders for this latest update.... very well done!

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