Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan Earthquake Relief Funds

As the World comes to terms with the full horror & realisation of the Japan Earthquake  our thoughts go out to those who have lost everything. I cannot even begin to imagine such devastation. I watch the newsreels in complete & utter disbelief. To see so much devastation, complete towns obliterated. So many lives lost & my heart just goes out to each & everyone of them.... There but for the grace of God, go I.

As if they havent suffered enough, they now have the added threat of Radiation from 3 Nuclear Reactors & another Tsunami is expected in 3 days time.... All we can do is Hope & pray that one does not cause as much Devastation as this one did.

If you are looking to help via donations please ensure you choose official sources... I have added some links here

Japan Earthquake Live

Save the Children

Global Giving


Red Cross America

British Red Cross

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  1. Thoughtful post, and thank you so much for researching the donation avenues for us. All of this really makes me thankful that I have not faced this type of natural disaster in my own life... I can't even imagine the devastation.