Monday, August 1, 2011

ICR Moved to Wordpress...

I think i have found my way around wordpress now... well enough to safely move ICR there anyway

So here is the new Home of ICR ... 

See you there...
Rosa ;)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Should we stay or should we go?... oh what to do, what to do???

Greetings all..

I have read a few blogs recently, Lalo's most especially very detailed & informative blog, which made me think that maybe it was time to move our blogs over to wordpress too as I know many others have already done.. but I dont like too much change it throws me out of sequence completely! I have backed up our blogs to my HD & do advise everyone of you to at least do that... I have also uploaded 2 of them to wordpress now here is my Dilema, although you can backup & then import your Blog to wordress... you then have to go through sorting out all the posts coz it doesnt save them exactly as they are here.. it doesnt save the seperate pages or widgets etc & that all takes time to sort out, thats if you can even find the same sort of widget you were using here, which as yet I havent. Though I am beginning to like the set up over at wordpress, you can have more pages for one thing, here you can only have 10. I still have to find templates that i like & that give me what I need for each blog..... sighs... I suppose its just making that final step... I have already had to move this blog once from ning when they stopped all free sites.... Oh I hate changes! gggrrsssss

I will probably end up making the move & when I do I will post it here, till then see you all InWorldz ;)
Rosa ;)

Monday, July 11, 2011

New Website? Really???

Well after all that I have to wonder was it worth it... I really dont see much of any changes, but the new looking website has certainly caused some problems! 3 pages worth of problems infact, im still not sure if all was fixed. Then there was the Big Error made by the website developer that could have been a lot worse. Had that been any other grid, we Residents would not have been alerted to it, as it was InWorldz, we residents were kept fully Informed.

 This screenshot is from inside on my Account... dont see much of any changes there apart from it now looks like the forums :/
 This is the main website view & apart from some new pics & a rolling background... I dont see any real changes here either... oh yes the new login... whoopidoo!
Oh Transactions!

yes i see they now have lines between each transaction... hmmmm.. still doesnt add up though & i still dont have 0 transactions, suppose I will still have to charge 1 izzy for things i need to track :(

When I look at the new website though & I am not seeing anything really new... I mean, no market, no avatars for New residents, same old ruthie... I have to say to myself WTF! For the problems it caused, was it worth it... not in my book. It just made delays in other things as the Founders had to spend their time fixing all of this up... I really do hope the Contractor they hired wasnt paid yet!

Some Residents scream out for shinies, but I am of the mindset... if it aint broke dont fix it, at least for the time being.. at least until all the other little bugs & fixes are sorted, at least until we do have a stable grid, at least until we do have physics on board... shinies like this are just not needed.

See you InWorldz
Rosa ;)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Its coming.....

Its finally about to Land... The New Website personaly I liked the very 1st one, basic yet it worked for me, though I realise we had to progress at some point I just dont like shinies when were still waiting for stability... the latest website would have sufficed, for now IMHO. Unless of course Ele has some little suprises in the new one.. oohhh maybe an Online Market, now that would be good! Or perhaps the riddance of Ruth again.... I still think that was a backwards move, that was completely unnecessary, wouldnt have taken me but a second to remove the offending logo, but there you go & it certainly showed us who are friends were & werent ;)

Moving on.... The grid is quiet at the moment with it being Holiday season, so its time to reflect a bit & perhaps enhance on what you do have. We have some plans in mind for our store... it needs to grow as it houses so much now.. our own creative talents having improved so much in so many areas... scripting is the one we both fail at though, He is better than i with it lol, which is why he does all the scripting for our products :P We are really getting into the building at the moment... I mainly use my standalone as I have absolutely no lag at all on it, no interuptions, not that I have that many as most ppl IM Him 1stly... unless of course its someone spamming me with bloody New store openings! Grrrsss I really hate that! Having someone I do not know, have never heard of, just drop a flippin notecard on me telling me their store is opening.... so what? If I want to know about places, events or new stores opening up I will go look at the Forum or classifieds. I would never presume to do something like that to anyone & then to have the said person argue with me over it when I tell her i dont like being spammed... to the point of her telling me she doesnt believe in my lifestyle choice.... do I care? Not in the least, its my choice & it was she who invaded my space when she spammed me... so that is one store we will never visit or buy from...

Sometimes I worry about the future of Inworldz, will it turn into another SL which most of us really do not want. The Founders are, I believe, taking the grid in another direction, with this new script engine... I just hope, we the Residents can keep the community spirit live & kicking as we grow... It shouldnt be too hard... if the most of us dont accept certain behaviours inherited from another place & keep on the path we are on... then hopefully Inworldz will breed a new & refreshing kind of Resident... hmm that doesnt sound right... what I mean is.... well I think you all know what i mean ;)

Thats all from me for now... see you Inworldz..

oh btw incase you are not aware of it... the fair has been extended to run till July 22nd.... so if you havent paid a visit yet, please do... not only is it for a worthy cause, but they did such a splendid job on the build, its a must see.... smiles

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Alchemy County Fair!

An entire month long event of fun, community, and the spirit of giving at the Alchemy County Fair! Located on the recently renovated Isle of Alchemy. Train rides, live shows, djs, carny rides, games, funhouse, photo ops, events, and LOADS of items generously donated by the Inworldz community! Explore by yourself, meet some friends, bring your own, or bring a date!

Is this legit?
We've been very fortunate to have Virtual Helping Hands take part in this event. They're a cross grid charity for helping people with disabilities in virtual worlds and a worthy charity in their own right. They have submitted both paperwork and a charity avatar to Inworldz LLC. All donations will go through this avatar and proper documentation will be provided.

How can we help?
Glad you asked! We need you! We need performers, djs, bloggers, tweeters, merchants, builders, scripters, every friggin body! Have an odd object that doesn't fit in your store? Consider selling it for a month for charity! Want to throw a party? Consider throwing it for charity! Write blogs, tell your friends, tweet it. We're open for a month starting June 1st and ending July 1st (maybe longer). Contact us, let us know. 100% of all tips, sales, proceeds are to go to charity. It's for a very good cause, please consider helping.

Second Harvest Japan
Second Harvest Japan: Emergency Response Portal
Second Harvest Japan Disaster Relief Report
Virtual Helping Hands

Johnny Night
Cryptic Quandry
Saxet Uralia
Charles Mountain

See Post

A very worthwhile Cause & the Region has been done so well, with a working Fair, market stalls with lots of merchants selling their wares (all proceeds going direct to a Registered charitable Organisation, located within InWorldz, who will then pass it on to Second Harvest Japan )

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Forum gets a New Look...

Seen the New Look of the Forum yet?

Here is a screen shot... looks good to me ;)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Phlox Rox!

InWorldz is now running on the Brand New, made for InWorldz, Phlox Script Engine & so far we personaly havent found any problems with it, but are aware tranq & the team are running about doing any fixes needed ;) Here is the list, by Jim of what has been fixed on this roll out...

New postPosted: Wed May 25, 2011 8:27 pm 
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I'm getting asked if this fix or that fix is in this update, and since the previous list wasn't final and a few more changes have been made since the beta list, and since the other was lost in the middle of that Phlox thread, here is the final list of changes in the R1070 "Phlox" rollout upgrade that has been applied grid-wide in the last 24 hours:

Reliability and Performance
- The latest and greatest Phlox implementation, many performance, functional and compatibility changes applied, including a few final ones beyond the most recent beta run.
- Inbound HTTP is now supported.
- Attachments are now supported in group notices.
- Fixed the incorrect filtering of newline characters that was rearranging profile comments, notice text and other multi-line text fields.
- Avatar jitter/bounce while standing should be greatly reduced and in most cases eliminated.
- Small changes to position no longer affect avatar velocity so that the avatar won't drift.
- Disabled accidental movement of prims caused by applying grab events to non-physical objects. Should fix some unexpected "cracks" between prims.
- Fixed timestamps on object "Inspect" operations. (e.g. Fixes "1969" dates on Inspect lists.)
- Reliability fixes (concurrency issues between threads) for some cases of region crossings and inventory transfers.
- Fixed an exception that would always occur if an unlink was a partial unlink (i.e. one that required a link of the remaining prims). This fixed Mantis #702 where unlinking one prim from a link set would result in the full unlinking of the all prims in the link set.
- On an owner transfer, the default click action is now set to to Touch if it was set to Buy Object and it was not for sale (for all child prims as well as the root prim).
- Problems with objects being "partly" locked should be fixed. This problem caused a user with mod permissions to be unable to clear the "Locked" status in some cases.
- An object's "Locked" status is now cleared on an owner transfer.
- Fixed a bug introduced in rev 852 which was a bit overzealous in fixing the fake "locked" bits for Next Owner permissions as well as the current owner. The "locked" bits should not apply to next owner. The result was that a Take and a rez would result in modify being enabled for next owner even if it was disabled in the Inventory item. This bug did not make it to the main grid except on the birthday test regions.
- Fixes camera and also other cases of strange positioning on region crossings.
- Fixed a crash that could occur when there is a timeout authorizing an incoming agent, and increased that timeout.
- Negative responses for sim information queries are now cached to prevent lag when riding along a sim edge.
- New debit requests now correctly always pop up the permissions dialog regardless of if it's granted or not already.
- Fixed edit mode selection for singles, groups and coalesced objects.
- Fixed region crossings to avoid being recognized as attachment adds.
- Improved the error handling for communications between the messaging and user servers.
- Buy operations on objects that you own, or someone else owns, have been improved both in terms of usability (error messages) and security fixes.
- Fixes to the criteria used to send object properties to a viewer.
- Users missing an inventory skeleton no longer cause an exception.
- Fixed an issue where changing the shape of a prim incorrectly removes the prim from the physics actor dictionaries. (Also Mantis #825 and at least 1 other bug report.)
- Many inventory operations and other packets are now asynchronous.
- Added a second class of fire and forget pool for long IO operations.
- UUID name requests and attachment rezzing are now asynchronous.
- Control events are filtered to avoid spew caused by the client sometimes sending excessive control packets to the server.

- Fixed llEdgeOfWorld() to avoid requiring DNS lookups.
- Fixed llEdgeOfWorld() to correctly determine which of the four region edges a direction points to, returning whether or not there is a neighboring region across that edge, or end of world, regardless of the position and direction specified.
- Fixed llGetAgentInfo() to include AGENT_WALKING when an agent is moving and AGENT_ALWAYS_RUN is set (i.e. when an avatar is running).
- Fixed llAvatarOnSitTarget() to return the agent sitting on the prim that the script is running in, if that prim has a sit target set and an agent sitting on it. (Previously it returned the root prim's status if it also had a sit target, even if there was no longer a script there and no agent sitting.)
- Fixed a breakage in llGetTime()
- Fixed llRequestAgentData() to return 0 for DATA_ONLINE if the user does not exist
- Added full support for touch() events.
- Fixed the return values for llDetectedTouchUV/llDetectedTouchST() in touch_end events (Mantis 771).